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Oregon Wild Intern Taylor Rudow

By Taylor Rudow

I’d like to start with a quick introduction: My name is Taylor Rudow, and I am the new Wilderness Outreach Intern here at Oregon Wild. I am currently a senior Environmental Policy major at the University of Portland, and I hope to use my time at Oregon Wild and my time in college to create a career in environmental conservation.

Daring Adventure or Nothing

Guest blog by Naseem Rakha

Oregon's first winter storm was predicted to hit yesterday, and oh-boy, you'd think the sky was falling. Portland metro newscasters pulled out all their doomsday-ware: "Up to the minute Doppler Radar," webcams of soon-to-be-snow covered streets, lists of school closures and delays, and a scroll of Tweets about the storm. Their overall message: Don't panic, just stay home, make some tea. Everything will be all right.

Why Polystyrene is Bad for Medford

By Sam Becker

It destroys our environment, gives us cancer, kills wildlife, and takes jobs away from our local economy. What is it? It is polystyrene foam (PSF), which is commonly known as Styrofoam™.

Discovering Big Marsh

The high altitude wetland, Big Marsh near Crater Lake

By Taylor Rudow.

Big Marsh is a must-reach destination for those wanderlust individuals looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of humanity and step into one of the pristine wonderlands that Oregon so flawlessly delivers.  Located in the backlands of the Deschutes National Forest, not far from Crater Lake, Big Marsh is one of the largest high elevation wetlands in the continental United States. At 4,700+ ft. elevation, this 2,000-acre wetland is a must-see and must-explore location, and an easy side trip for those visiting Crater Lake nearby.

The Steens Mountain Wilderness: 14th Anniversary

Hiking along the Donner und Blitzen River.

Fourteen years ago today, the Steens Mountain Wilderness was signed into law by President Clinton.

We celebrate today’s anniversary because this historic act permanently protected 170,000 acres of pristine wildlands around the crown jewel of southeast Oregon, Steens Mountain. And while the designation of Oregon’s fourth largest Wilderness area was a feat unto itself, it’s especially noteworthy that grazing is banned on 100,000 of the wilderness - making it the first congressionally designated cow-free Wilderness in the country!

Top 5 Places to Check Out Oregon’s Fall Foliage

Fall is here, and while most people are thinking about cider, pumpkin pie, and Halloween costumes, now is a great time to bundle up in layers, fill up a thermos, and check out Oregon's foliage.


Oregon, Washington, and California are all considering proposals to share wolf location data with the livestock industry. Is it a good idea or dangerous precedent?

Top 5 Things You’ll Say Out Loud at “Call of the Wild”

Oregon Wild is pulling out all the stops for a party 40 years in the making. Here’s a countdown of the top 5 things you’ll say out loud at Call of the Wild!

Oregon Wild Goes to Washington

I recently had the honor to travel to our nation’s capital and advocate on behalf of Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife and water. I had not been to Washington D.C. in over 10 years, and never in this capacity. After a turbulent plane ride (that did not help my nerves!) I was soon greeted by the familiar faces of my colleagues. We were scheduled to meet with various offices of Oregon’s delegation, the Department of Agriculture, Department of Interior, even an office directly next to the White House. I was still nervous.


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