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Tell Your Senators: Denounce the Seizure of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge!

Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley will be hosting a number of town halls in the coming days. It is inevitable that the issue of the armed take-over of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) will come up at these meetings, and it is important that those who care about our national public lands stand up.

Did Clearcutting Contribute to Highway 42 Landslide?

Satellite images from Google Earth and footage released this week from the Oregon Department of Transportation suggest that a recent clearcut on a slope above Highway 42 may have contributed to its instability. According to the satellite imagery, the slope was logged between May 2013 and May 2015 (full images below). 

Oregon Wild Works Statewide

No matter where this holiday season may take you, rest assured that Oregon Wild will be safeguarding the special places and wildlife that make Oregon the best place to be this season (and really, any season). You see, with new threats to our wildlands and wildlife popping up constantly, we've doubled down on our field staff to ensure that these harebrained ideas don't end up destroying our forests, watersheds, or wildlife populations.

Sea Otters: A Keystone Musical

By Seth Heller

We've discussed the daily life of a sea otter, and their near extinction in previous installments. But sea otters are also incredibly important to coastal ecosystems. Here's why:

What does it take to get a few good otters around here?

Introducing Vik Anantha - Oregon Wild board president

Vik Anantha doing what he loves - summitting an Oregon peak.

My name is Vik Anantha and I am the new Board President of Oregon Wild. It’s an honor and privilege to serve Oregon Wild. In my day job, I am a health care IT executive, but volunteering with Oregon Wild lets me care about the health of the planet.

When I spoke at our 2015 Call of the Wild benefit celebration I asked how many of the attendees were born in Oregon.

Dozens of hands shot up as evidence that many of us have moved from somewhere else and made Oregon, our home. It could be from a neighboring state, like my wife Anne-Marie, or somewhere much further away like me.

The Sea Otters See Change

By Seth Heller

In our previous installment, we examined the basics of life as a sea otter. Now we explore the history of the species, including their brush with extinction at the hands of the international fur trade and slow recovery.

Welcome Back, Otter

By Seth Heller

The Day After Delisting

As you’ve heard by now, Oregon wildlife officials voted last night to strip state Endangered Species Act protections from Oregon's wolves. If you have read previous Wolf Pack emails on this process, you know that this decision was coming and exactly what we were expecting.

The Myth of Replanting: 5 Ways Oregon’s Laws Destroy Forests

Here in Oregon, a little less than half of the land is forested. Almost all of that forestland is owned either by private timber companies, the State of Oregon, or a federal agency such as the U.S. Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management. In Western Oregon, there are two very different sets of rules that these forestland owners follow. Most federal lands are governed by the Northwest Forest Plan; State and private lands, however, are governed by the Oregon Forest Practices Act, or the OFPA.

Love the Forest? Save the Fisher.

By Seth Heller

Fisher cat – polecat – pekan – martes pennanti – woolang. The pacific fisher’s abundance of monikers contrasts their slim existence in Oregon. Despite an alarmingly low presence in the Oregon wild, the pacific fisher remains stubbornly labeled a species of ‘least concern’. Given the incredible rate of poisoning due to illegal marijuana growers, it’s a title that should give pause to conservationists throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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