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From herbicide drift stories to Oregon Wild summer adventures

Hello! My name is Marla Waters and I’m Oregon Wild’s Conservation and Outreach Intern at the Eugene Office. I’m going into my senior year at the University of Oregon and double majoring in Political Science and Environmental Science with a minor in Business Administration. When I am not in the office I am either exploring Oregon’s beauty with friends or working with fellow classmates to fight environmental justice issues relating to aerial herbicide spraying.

Throwback Thursday: The Salt Caves Dam

By Teresa Connolly

Before 1980, the stretch of the Klamath River between the John Boyle and Copco Dam flowed freely for seventeen miles. The remote beauty of the Klamath River Canyon formed a tranquil environment that supported many species of wildlife. Not only was the area surrounding the river home to a diverse selection of plants, it provided fisherman with access to the native wild trout and locals with the opportunity of exploring the Klamath River through whitewater rafting.

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bats

By Teresa Connolly

Using only the most scientific of terms, bats are super cool. As we glide steadily into the summer, you might just be lucky enough to glimpse one of the many species of bats in Oregon darting about in the night sky. If you’ve ever wondered how bats manage to catch their prey in the pitch black, or if all bats really do eat blood, then here are seven interesting things you probably didn’t know about Bats!


  1. An adult bat eats about 1,000 insects every hour.

5 Reasons to Take Action for Your Backyard Forests

Everyone loves a good "Top 5" list, and this one couldn't be more important! As you know, a lot is at stake with the draft Resource Management Plan for the 2.6 million acres of BLM-managed forests: Here are 5 good reasons (and ways) to get involved!

Throwback Thursday: The Middle Santiam

By Teresa Connolly

Sometimes It's the Destination, Not the Journey

By Phillip Brown

Here at Oregon Wild, we love to share and talk about all things wild. One way we do this is by providing reviews for some of the hikes our members and staff take in various parts of the state.

Let Me Introduce Myself

By Phillip Brown

Hi there!

My name is Phillip Brown and I am Oregon Wild’s legal intern for the summer of 2015. I’m currently a law student at New York University School of Law, and I am originally from the tiny farming town of Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Olallie Mountain

By Cheryl Hill

A Reflection on my Internship at Oregon Wild

By Francesca Varela


When I first felt the spray of Tamanawas Falls rush over me, over the mossy cliff sides, the forests above, I looked up and thought—this, this is what I’m helping protect.


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