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NW Forest Plan: Warfare rages out of the spotlight - Apr 15, 2014 -
Part 2 of CrossCut's take on the 20th Anniversary of the Northwest Forest Plan
The Northwest Forest Plan: 20 Years of Fighting - Apr 13, 2014 -
The first part in CrossCut's series on the 20th Anniversary of the Northwest Forest Plan.
Twenty years of the Northwest Forest Plan: Guest Opinion - Apr 11, 2014 - The Oregonian
Jim Furnish, formerly with the U.S. Forest Service, and Dan Chu of the Sierra Club, weigh in on the successes of the historic Northwest Forest Plan.
Tracking collar on Oregon wolf OR-7 about to expire, guaranteeing more lore, mystery - Mar 27, 2014 - The Oregonian
As the collar on Oregon's most famous wolf seems set to fail conservationists and wildlife managers reflect on the story.
Rough and ready Oregon logging mill revives 67 jobs, controversy - Mar 27, 2014 - Sustainable Business Oregon
Change proves to be slow - and subsidized - in the Oregon logging industry.
Would Oregon Forestry Rules Have Stopped Logging Above The Oso Landslide? - Mar 27, 2014 - OPB News
Recent Washington landslide has Oregonians wondering about their own forest laws.
Rocky Barker: How low can Idaho go on wolf numbers? - Mar 24, 2014 - Idaho Statesman
As Idaho's wolf killing becomes more aggressive and populations drop the state finds itself under growing scrutiny.
Where's the science? Fish and Wildlife Service must rewrite proposal to strip endangered species protections from gray wolves - Mar 21, 2014 - San Jose Mercury News
Will the Obama administration and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell let politics trump science?
Reaching the next outdoor generation - Mar 20, 2014 - Salem Statesman Journal
Is the next generation disconnected or just enjoying the outdoors in a different way?
U.S. Fish and Wildlife May Stop Tracking Wandering Wolf OR-7 - Mar 19, 2014 - OPB EarthFix
Officials may soon lose track of the first wolf known in Western Oregon since 1947.
Group retracing trek of wandering Oregon wolf OR-7 - Mar 19, 2014 - SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle)
Native Oregonian leads a group of explorers following the thousand-mile plus journey of OR-7 - perhaps the world's most famous wolf.
Q & A with an Oregon Wolf Expert - Mar 18, 2014 - OSU Press Blog
OSU Press interviews Aimee Lynn Eaton - author of "Collared - Politics and Personalities in Oregon's Wolf Country" - and gets her take on the latest developments in the story.
Keeping Wolves On Track To Recovery - Mar 17, 2014 - Jefferson Exchange
A discussion with a wildlife advocate highlights the highs and lows of wolf recovery in Oregon and the West.
Fish and Wildlife Department foresees a budget crunch - Mar 15, 2014 - Salem Statesman Journal
The agency charged with managing wildlife for all Oregonians faces a major budget shortfall as revenue from hunting and fishing continues a decades long decline.
Gray wolves deserve continued protection: Guest opinion - Mar 15, 2014 - Oregonian
Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio argues for continued protections for America's wolves.
Dead wood, remaining upright as snags or fallen to the ground, provides valuable habitat for wildlife - Mar 14, 2014 - The Oregonian
To a timber industry executive a snag may look like waste. To a woodpecker, it's an all you can eat buffet!
Second Collared Oregon wolf shot, killed by Idaho hunter - Mar 13, 2014 - SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle)
As Oregon's fragile wolf recovery continues, another wolf is killed as part of Idaho's sport hunt.
How to Kill a Wolf - Mar 13, 2014 - Vice
Wildlife activists infiltrate a wolf/coyote killing contest and share an insiders view. (Warning, may be upsetting)
Oregon Wild's 'bracket' seeks to suss out favorite state rec areas - Mar 12, 2014 - Sustainable Business Oregon
Voting in March Madness style tournament runs through April 9.
National parks visitor spending tops $43 M - Mar 08, 2014 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Recreation on public lands is a major and growing contributor to Oregon's economy.
Report: A Mixed Bag for Wolf Recovery in OR - Mar 07, 2014 - Public News Service
Oregon gets an update on wolf recovery
Wolf tracks in Mt. Hood NF show a hunter’s gradual return - Feb 28, 2014 - Hood River News
Oregon is striving to balance conservation of native wildlife with concerns from some interests. At the moment it seems to be working.
OSP investigating wolf poaching in Umatilla County - Feb 28, 2014 - Capital Press
Poaching incident is a sign of tenuous nature of Oregon's wolf recovery. Conservationists argue those who whip up fear, spread misinformation, and manufacture conflict shoulder responsibility.
Sage grouse proposal a privacy issue - Feb 27, 2014 - La Grande Observer
Proponents of secrecy for the livestock industry oppose federal protections for threatened bird. Opponents fear lack of public oversight and accountability.
For the First Time Since 1947, a Wolf on Mount Hood - Feb 26, 2014 - Willamette Week
The fate of the history-making wolf is unknown, but conservationists hope it won't be the last.
$7,500 offered in Stevens County wolf poaching case - Feb 21, 2014 - Spokesman Review
Poaching continues to threaten wolf recovery in the Northwest. Conservation group hopes reward may help bring more poachers to justice in Washington.
How Northwest’s Natural Resource Policy-Making Could Change - Feb 19, 2014 - OPB EarthFix
The Northwest is in for a shakeup when it comes to natural resources policy.
Loss of Lillebo leaves a void in environmental movement - Feb 16, 2014 - Bend Bulletin
Bend Bulletin story on Tim Lillebo's work and upcoming memorial.
Wolverines elude researchers - Feb 13, 2014 - Bend Bulletin
Wolverines were photographed in Oregon for the first time in 2011. A similar effort to document the elusive weasel is now underway in Central Oregon.
Oregon Wild Loses Longtime Forest Advocate - Feb 13, 2014 - Eugene Weekly
Eugene Weekly on the passing of Tim Lillebo
Sisters mourns passing of a forest diplomat - Feb 11, 2014 - The Nugget Newspaper
The Nugget Newspaper of Sisters, Oregon reflects on the passing of Tim Lillebo
Tim Lillebo, Eastern Oregon forests advocate, dies at 61 - Feb 10, 2014 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian on the life of Tim Lillebo
Panel says federal wolf plan used unproven science - Feb 07, 2014 - Columbian
After scientists call results of a peer review "unequivocal", conservationists remind Obama Administration to live up to its promise to ""do what the science says".
Possible New Wolf Pack Discovered In Eastern Oregon - Feb 06, 2014 - OPB EarthFix
Wolves are the first confirmed south of the Eagle Cap Wilderness since 2009.
Sen. Ron Wyden vow: This is year to pass O&C timber legislation - Feb 06, 2014 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild testimony heavily featured in Oregonian article on Senate logging hearing.
Should Gray Wolves Be Declared Endangered in California? Agency Says 'No,' But That Might Mean 'Yes' - Feb 06, 2014 - KCET
In a move that frustrated many, California wildlife agency recommends against wolf protections. But were their hands tied by archaic laws? Are protections on the way?
Forest planning needs to look ahead, not behind - Feb 05, 2014 - Eugene Register-Guard
Opinion piece in Eugene Register-Guard by Bob Doppelt, arguing for a different way forward than current legislative proposals to address climate change.
Oregon Minnow Is The First Fish Recovered From Endangered Species List - Feb 03, 2014 - OPB EarthFix
A small fish makes a big comeback
Timber changes reflect inequality - Feb 02, 2014 - Eugene Register-Guard
Guest opinion by economist Ernie Niemi on the economics of the timber industry and the future of Oregon.
Forest plan backers hopeful - Feb 02, 2014 - Eugene Register-Guard
Rep. DeFazio and Senator Wyden explain the process for their logging bills moving forward. Oregon Wild's Steve Pedery counters the need for the legislation.
Getting Ranchers to Tolerate Wolves—Before It's Too Late - Jan 31, 2014 - TakePart
Picking up a gun is the old - and easy - way to deal with wolves. In the 21st century, will the livestock industry try something new?
Oregon Ranchers Get the OK to Shoot Problem Wolves Without Permit - Jan 28, 2014 - Outdoor Life
New rules come with conditions.
Conservation Groups File Suit to Halt High-Profile Timber Harvest - Jan 24, 2014 - Roseburg News-Review
"It's interesting that we're returning to clearcutting and talking about that as a compromise."
Conservation Groups Challenge Roseburg BLM Timber "Experiment" - Jan 23, 2014 - Oregon News Service
With 100-year old trees on the chopping block, conservationists go to court to stop the clearcutting of old-growth in the White Castle timber sale.
White Castle Timber Sale Challenged In Federal Court - Jan 22, 2014 - Associated Press
With 100-year old trees on the chopping block, conservationists go to court to stop the clearcutting of old-growth in the White Castle timber sale.
"Kinder, Gentler" Clearcuts Still Deadly for Oregon Forests - Jan 19, 2014 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Two decades after the adoption of the landmark Northwest Forest Plan, why are we still arguing over whether clearcutting our public lands is a good idea?
12 Months of Outdoor Adventures Begin With Oregon Snowshoeing - Jan 17, 2014 - CNN
Easing into a year of fitness with snowshoeing is an option for residents of any sufficiently snowy locale.
The Lone Wolf: OR-7 Continues His Search for A Mate - Jan 11, 2014 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
As mating season begins, wildlife watchers wonder anew if Journey, the world's most famous wolf, will perhaps find a mate this year.
Shine A Light On Forest Sprays - Jan 11, 2014 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon state law simply provides too little access to too little information on the practice of herbicide spraying on timberland.
Feds to Review Oregon Timberland Herbicide Spraying Probe - Jan 10, 2014 - Associatd Press
Federal scientists will review data collected following the sickening of Gold Beach residents in October, after nearby herbicide spraying drifted onto their homes.
The Case for Carnivore Conservation - Jan 09, 2014 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
The world's largest predators, including wolves and cougars here in Oregon, are declining at just the moment researchers are beginning to pinpoint their key ecological effects.
DeFazio Questions Costs, Mission and Culture of Federal Wildlife Agency - Jan 08, 2014 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Eugene Register-Guard weighs in on the lack of transparency and rogue attitude of Wildlife Services, and DeFazio's call for by the Inspector General's office.
Non-Timber Products Offer Brighter Future for Federal Forests and Economy - Jan 08, 2014 - Special to the Roseburg News-Review
If Oregon had a harvest tax similar to those in Washington and California, it would have provided about $40 million statewide in 2011.
Wyden Plan Would Sacrifice Forest for the Trees - Jan 07, 2014 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
In an attempt to double timber extraction levels on the O&C lands, Sen. Wyden's legislation would codify the Norm and Jerry "gentle" clearcut template on about one million acres of the BLM-managed land.
Sen. Ron Wyden's O&C Plan Goes Too Far - Jan 04, 2014 - Special to The Oregonian
Pablo Martos argues that after decades of old-growth liquidation, doubling the timber harvest on BLM lands fails to offer any kind of balance.
Congressmen Question Costs, Mission of Wildlife Services Agency - Jan 04, 2014 - Los Angeles Times
Congressman Peter DeFazio is one of a handful of legislators investigating the rogue U.S. Wildlife Services agency, which gasses coyote dens and kills bears and mountain lions in the name of "preemptive lethal control."
Citizens Protest Logging Viewed as New Model for BLM-Managed Forests - Jan 02, 2014 - Earthfix
here is 20-plus years of young stand thinning to do and significant new reasons NOT to conduct (regeneration) harvest in mature forests."
Post-Douglas Complex Fire Salvage Logging Continues On Private Timberland - Jan 02, 2014 - Associated Press
Doug Heiken comments on the difference in salvage logging management in Oregon on private timberlands vs. federal public lands.
Rob Klavins On Why Wolves May Eventually Return to the 503 Area Code - Dec 31, 2013 - Willamette Week
Rob Klavins talks about how much of wild Oregon is ripe wolf country, and why it's not a stretch wolves may eventually reclaim their former habitat on the west side of the Cascade range.
Port to Allow Oregon Wild's Portland Airport Anti-Clearcutting Ad - Dec 20, 2013 - Associated Press
Travelers passing through PDX Airport may soon be greeted by a revised Oregon Wild "Welcome to Oregon, Home of the Clearcut" billboard ad.
Portland Airport Will Accept Anti-Clearcutting Ad After Losing Another Round In Free-Speech Case - Dec 20, 2013 - The Oregonian
After losing a second round in court, the Port of Portland will have to run Oregon Wild's anti-clearcutting billboard ad while the case is on appeal.
Environmental Groups Abandon Wyden's Eastside Plan Following Changes - Dec 20, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Trees up to 200 years old could now be logged under new changes made to the once-landmark Eastside Forests bill.
Last-Minute Changes "Gut" Wyden's Eastside Forest Bill - Dec 19, 2013 - Public News Service
What was touted as a compromise for forest management now contains language enabling logging of trees more than 200 years of age and cutting out some stream and watershed protections.
Wyden Unveils Eastern Oregon Logging Bill - Dec 19, 2013 - Associated Press
Aides to Sen. Wyden admit compromises, like logging some trees 150 to 200 years old, were made to win the support of Republicans on Wyden's Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Bill to Revamp Eastern Oregon Forest Management Passes Senate Committee at Ron Wyden's Behest - Dec 19, 2013 - The Oregonian
Four year after it as unveiled to the public as a win for the conservation community and timber industry, Sen. Wyden revamps the Eastside Bill by jettisoning almost all of the carefully-crafted environmental provisions.
Oregon, Home of Free Speech - Dec 18, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Portland International Airport should have followed Eugene's lead, and abided by the state constitution.
Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections from Wolves - Dec 17, 2013 - EcoNews
Some one million Americans have stated their opposition to the Obama Administration's proposal to strip federal ESA protections from gray wolves.
Opponents Organize Against Proposal to Strip Federal Gray Wolf Protections - Dec 17, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
The Pacific Wolf Coalition, which Oregon Wild is a member of, submitted 101,416 comments in favor of continued federal protections for wolves.
Report Demonstrates Herbicide Spraying Increased Around Triangle Lake - Dec 15, 2013 - Associated Press
A Triangle Lake resident laments "I frankly have no hopes they will ever change," about state herbicide regulators.
Sean Stevens Appears On KOIN-6 to Talk About Court Ruling, Billboard - Dec 13, 2013 - KOIN-TV News
Sean talks with Carla Castaño from KOIN News about our recent court victory and the Home of the Clearcut ad campaign.
Court Says Port of Portland Cannot Reject Anti-Clearcutting Ad - Dec 13, 2013 - Portland Tribune
Executive Director Sean Stevens said, "We are pleased with this ruling, and with the opportunity to draw attention to Oregon's weak logging rules. The Port of Portland must honor the constitution just like any other government agency."
Judge Says PDX Must Run Anti-Clearcutting Advertisement - Dec 13, 2013 - Associated Press
A Multnomah County Circuit Court judge has ruled Portland International Airport has to accept an anti-logging ad from an environmental organization.
The Debate Over Opening New Logging Areas In Oregon - Dec 13, 2013 - 1859 Oregon Magazine
Rep. Peter DeFazio and Oregon Wild Executive Director Sean Stevens face off over the merits of the DeFazio-Walden-Schrader O&C bill.
Judge Rules Port of Portland Can't Reject Anti-Clearcutting Advertisement at Airport - Dec 12, 2013 - The Oregonian
The verdict is in, and we won our case with the Port of Portland over our ad at the Portland International Airport. Big thanks to the Oregon chapter of the ACLU for all of their help.
Court Rules Portland International Airport Must Accept Clearcutting Ad - Dec 12, 2013 - Willamette Week
The Willamette Week broke the story of the decision in Oregon Wild's case against the Port of Portland, and includes text of the court's ruling in full.
Plan to Sell Portion of Elliott State Forest Evokes Skepticism - Dec 11, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
While Gov. Kitzhaber calls the process "difficult," a timber industry representative praises the qualities of the forest's "live, functioning ecosystem" they want to extinguish by logging it.
OR-7 Skips Into California for a Day, Now Back In Oregon - Dec 10, 2013 - Associated Press
Likely following migrating deer and elk, the world's most famous wolf made a brief daytrip into California's Siskiyou County over the weekend before returning to Oregon.
Kitzhaber, Oregon Officials Approve Exploring Elliott State Forest Sale - Dec 10, 2013 - The Oregonian
With an intimidating police presence keeping 50 peaceful protesters at bay, the state moves to set a value and explore sale options for the Elliott State Forest.
Suit Filed Over Logging Near Crater Lake - Dec 04, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
State-based conservation groups claim the Forest Service should re-examine the potential harm to protected species in the Crater Lake-area Loafer timber sale.
Crater Lake Area Logging Plan Challenged In Lawsuit - Dec 03, 2013 - Associated Press
The Loafer timber sale in the Umpqua National Forest includes roadless areas in the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal, particularly the Dread and Terror roadless area.
Oregon Wolf Pack Approaches Limit for Kill Order - Dec 02, 2013 - Associated Press
The Snake River Wolf Pack has been blamed for three depredations on livestock. If the pack gets to four in six months, the state can consider issuing a kill order.
Plans for O&C Lands Worry Conservation Supporters - Nov 27, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Conservationists and wilderness fans wants to see the Devil's Staircase Wilderness finally established, and the Wild Rogue at last expanded - but not at the expense of undoing environmental laws in order to log more of the O&C lands.
Sen. Wyden Proposes O&C Lands Legislation and Plan - Nov 27, 2013 - Bend Bulletin
Only by ignoring decades of ecosystem science and excluding the public from involvement by slamming the courthouse door shut can Sen. Wyden claim he has arrived at a "balanced" solution.
Wyden O&C Plan Would Change Environmental Protections - Nov 27, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
While baited with wilderness and conservation carrots, the Wyden bill also reduces no-­logging buffers along fish-­producing streams from the current width of 300 feet to 150 feet.
Register-Guard Editorial Board Says Reconcile O&C Plans - Nov 27, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Register-Guard's editorial board misses the point altogether on O&C legislation. Combining the bad Senate bill with a worse House bill still leaves, at the very least, a bad O&C bill, unsolving a problem the Northwest Forest Plan solved 20 years ago.
Ron Wyden Releases O&C Forest Management Plan to Praise, Criticism - Nov 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
Sen. Wyden claims to have found "a way to create good-paying jobs in rural Oregon and protect our natural resources" - and was able to do so by ignoring decades' worth of forestry science while undoing the Northwest Forest Plan.
Sen. Wyden Says His Plan for Managing O&C Forests Increases Logging, Protects Old Growth - Nov 26, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Sen. Wyden's new O&C legislation would erode the two-decade old Northwest Forest Plan, now successfully restoring balance to Oregon's forests and watersheds. Unfortunately, the senator claims he's the one rejecting "radical ideas," as though the two-decade old Clinton-era compromise was somehow as radical as what he is proposing.
Oregonian Editorial Board Calls Wyden Plan "The Right Path" - Nov 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
Even though Sen. Wyden's O&C legislation eliminates the old-growth reserve system of the Northwest Forest Plan, weakens ESA rules for logging, and limits the ability of citizens to have a say in how their public lands are managed, The Oregonian backs it and calls it "the right path." The right path to what?
Wyden Says O&C Forest Bill Attempts to Balance Logging And Conservation - Nov 26, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Only by ignoring decades of ecosystem science and excluding the public from involvement by slamming the courthouse door shut can Sen. Wyden claim he has arrived at a "balanced" solution.
Senator Wyden Releases His Plan for Oregon's Timber Counties - Nov 26, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Regrettably, this appearance on Think Out Loud was marred by too much discussion on why conservation organizations aren't all in agreement one way or the other on the Wyden O&C legislation, instead of the nuts and bolts of the legislation itself.
Wyden O&C Bill Would Double Timber Harvest - Nov 26, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
As Sen. Wyden says "forest policy should be dictated by science, not lawyers," his bill opts to ignore decades' worth of forest science.
Wyden Bill Would Boost Logging On O&C Lands - Nov 26, 2013 - Associated Press
Sen. Wyden's bill would split the O&C lands in two, with one half managed for timber production, while the other half "managed" at the status quo level, with some "conservation emphasis" areas of old growth forests and fish and wildlife habitat.
Wyden Unveils O&C Management Bill; Says It Will Create Jobs, Protecting Forest Ecology - Nov 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
Sen. Wyden claims to have found "a way to create good-paying jobs in rural Oregon and protect our natural resources" - by ignoring decades' worth of forestry science and undoing basic tenets of the Northwest Forest Plan.
D-Bug Timber Sale Winds Down, But Not the Passions - Nov 19, 2013 - Roseburg News-Review
Oregon Wild's Doug Heiken questioned plans to build a logging road near Diamond Lake, and Rob Klavins catalogued the immense volume of roadless areas where mature trees were to be logged.
Salem Forum to Discuss Increased Logging On O&C Lands - Nov 19, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Oregon Wild, Sierra Club, and Friends of Marion County host an O&C lands public forum this Wednesday evening at the Salem Public Library.
Complaints Pour In After Helicopter Applies Herbicides On Curry County Commercial Forestland - Nov 15, 2013 - Associated Press
Aerial spraying by Timberlands LLC on commercial forestland near Gold Beach has resulted in 15 health complaints after the herbicide drifted over homes and neighborhoods.
Marbled Murrelets Discovered In Elliott State Forest, Puts Land Sale In Doubt - Nov 11, 2013 - The Oregonian
The discovery of marbled murrelets has cast uncertainty over a plan to sell state-owned land in the Elliott State Forest in Coos County.
O&C Flap Clouds Corvallis Watershed - Nov 10, 2013 - Corvallis Gazette-Times
Municipal watershed managers around the state are going over their maps and finding O&C lands proposed to be cut are within their drainage areas.
Wolf Populations Should Be Assessed By Packs, Not Individuals - Nov 07, 2013 - High Country News
Marybeth Holleman not only points out how the government's decision to delist gray wolves is flawed, but how humans are still unable to comprehend how wolves function as a family unit.
Andy Kerr On DeFazio's Devolution - Nov 07, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Weekly
Along with his O&C plan, Rep. Peter DeFazio voted to allow motorized vehicles in wilderness areas and to prevent the EPA from vetoing water quality-damaging projects.
Curry County Voters Reject Another Public Safety Tax - Nov 06, 2013 - Associated Press
Curry County voters say no to a $3.2 million public safety tax increase that would have restored the county's expected level of law enforcement services.
National Wildlife Refuges Create Two Billion Dollars Annually for Economy - Nov 05, 2013 - Associated Press
Astonishing numbers point to the value of National Wildlife Refuges not only as an attraction for outdoor recreation, but as economic drivers for nearby communities.
Benton County Residents Dismayed to See Hillside Logged - Nov 04, 2013 - KVAL News
Another surprise timber project courtesy of the McDougal Bros., who find it's often easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Bronze Cowboys, Chocolate, and Wolves: Oregon's Little Switzerland - Nov 01, 2013 - Jefferson Monthly (Jefferson Public Radio)
Writer Jennifer Margulis connects with Oregon Wild's Rob Klavins in this piece on the growing tourism business in Eastern Oregon, especially in and around Joseph.
Wolf Haven Class Draws Students from Around the World - Oct 31, 2013 - KOMO-4 News
Rob Klavins attended and participated in Wolf Haven International's 10th annual Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization course.
Wolves Teach Lessons to Animal Experts from Across North America - Oct 31, 2013 - KING-5 News
Watch for Oregon Wild's Rob Klavins (in the green rain jacket) in this news story from Seattle's KING-5 TV on the recent wildlife training course he attended at Wolf Haven International in Tenino, Washington, just outside of Olympia.
Defazio Forest Plan Goes to Video "Ad" - Oct 31, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
The battle over Oregon's federal O&C forestlands isn't just taking place in the backrooms and hallways of Washington D.C., it's playing out on the internet, in e-mails and on video.
Focus On Responsible Solutions That Ensure Oregon's Environment - Oct 30, 2013 - Special to the Wilsonville Spokesman
Sen. Ron Wyden needs to ignore calls from those who would like to take Oregon back to the kind of clearcutting that ravaged our state in the past.
Two Umatilla Wolf Pups Inadvertently Trapped - Oct 29, 2013 - East Oregonian
Wildlife biologists fitted a pair of young wolves from the Umatilla River pack with GPS collars after the animals were inadvertently trapped Oct. 26 near Weston.
Clash of the Green Giants - Oct 24, 2013 - Portland Tribune
The Sierra Club's Jason Grant and other environmentalists say the Portland-based Green Building Initiative is be following the playbook used by the timber industry to blunt the Forest Stewardship Council green label.
Judge Orders Immediate End to Logging Shutdown - Oct 17, 2013 - Associated Press
With the government shutdown over, logging is resuming in National Forests, but not before the American Forest Resource Council files a ridiculous suit for being "locked out" of federal forests during the shutdown.
Decades of Evading Laws Led to Timber Woes - Oct 17, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
We feel the best O&C lands "solution" is to recover species and restore old-growth, but this is a worthwhile, brave piece from a former BLM official.
Panelists Present Case Against More Logging In Douglas County - Oct 16, 2013 - Roseburg News-Review
Attendee says this was the first event they can remember where members of the environmental and timber community were in the same room at the same time.
Timber Industry Sues to Lift Logging Ban During Shutdown - Oct 15, 2013 - Associated Press
Timber companies argue the government has no authority to force loggers to stop working on federal lands during the government shutdown.
Photographing Oregon's Outdoors - Oct 14, 2013 - AM Northwest (KATU-TV)
Communications and Outreach Associate Tommy Hough shares some of the photos from this year's Outdoor Photo Contest with KATU-TV's AM Northwest.
Oregon Forest Practices Act Needs to be Updated - Oct 14, 2013 - Special to The Oregonian
A common component to clearcutting and logging activity regulated under the Oregon Forest Practices Act is the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides.
Forum On Fate of O&C Timberlands Set for Monday - Oct 12, 2013 - Corvallis Gazette Time
Community forum hopes to address what they say are politicians' plans to "ramp up logging on our BLM-managed Backyard Forests to fund county services."
Which Future Will Senator Wyden Choose? - Oct 11, 2013 - Special to Blue Oregon
Oregonians once again take to the streets to speak out against bad forest policy and poor public lands legislation.
Drought Year Led to Bending Rules for Grazing - Oct 06, 2013 - Special to the Klamath Falls Herald and News
Before the memory of this painfully dry summer fades, it's worth taking stock of where irrigators, tribes, wildlife advocates, fishermen and others with a stake in the debate over water are.
Government Shutdown Stops Timber Sales In National Forests - Oct 04, 2013 - Associated Press
Timber companies will have seven days to finish cutting and hauling out logs on sales where they are already working.
A Walk Through the Woods - Oct 03, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
Camilla Mortensen and the Eugene Weekly put the state's O&C forests and the DeFazio 'timber trust" bill under the microscope.
DeFazio Lashes Out At Oregon Environmental Community - Oct 02, 2013 - The Oregonian
Who's the real radical? The ones want to protect our drinking water, wildlife, and old growth as required by the Northwest Forest Plan, or the ones who want to eliminate federal environmental laws and clearcut 1.5 million acres of public land?
Simple O&C Proposal Won't Solve Complex Problem - Oct 02, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Congressman DeFazio calls Oregon's O&C counties "timber-dependent," implying more timber will solve their problems. Except most of these counties are not timber-dependent, and have not been for many years.
Controversial Proposal for Wolf Conservation Gets a Reboot - Sep 30, 2013 - Science Insider
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has extended the public comment period on proposed wolf de-listing to October 28th.
Three Sisters Wilderness Struggles With Summertime Crowds - Sep 30, 2013 - Associated Press
On sunny days in August and September, this classic Oregon wilderness can feel more like the Mall of America than a wild place.
Environmental Groups Plan Rally Against O&C Timber Bill - Sep 27, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Oregon Wild and coalition partners hope to influence Sen. Ron Wyden, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, as he works on writing his own O&C bill for the Senate.
Waterfalls, Lava Flows and Turquoise Pool Await Upper McKenzie Hikers - Sep 27, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
OPB's Dan Sadowsky tags along on one of Chandra LeGue's recent Oregon Wild hikes along the Upper McKenzie River trail to the fabled "Blue Pool."
Portland Airport Sued Over Anti-Logging Ad - Sep 27, 2013 - Associated Press
The lawsuit claims the Port of Portland's refusal to run an anti-clearcutting ad violates free-speech provisions of the U.S. and state constitutions.
Portland Airport Sued by ACLU Over Rejection of Anti-Clearcutting Ad - Sep 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
The ACLU contends says the Port of Portland doesn't have the right under the Oregon Constitution's free-speech provisions to prohibit political and religious advertising.
Federal Payments for Oregon Timber Counties Revived In Congress - Sep 25, 2013 - The Oregonian
Despite being the most aggressively conservative House of Representatives ever, the chamber voted 367-0 to pass a measure to temporarily revive the Secure Rural Schools Act, which expired last year; 65 House members didn't vote.
DeFazio's O&C Plan Still Faces Hurdles - Sep 25, 2013 - Coos Bay World
Even Rep. Peter DeFazio notes "the underlying economic problem is much of Southwestern Oregon is seemingly locked into a timber economy without any way out."
Rep. DeFazio Meets Protestors At Cave Junction Townhall - Sep 24, 2013 - KDRV News
Congressman Peter DeFazio was confronted by a group of supporters, and protesters, at his town hall meeting in Cave Junction.
Rep. DeFazio Defends Timber Bill - Sep 24, 2013 - KOBI News
Congressman Peter DeFazio arrived in Cave Junction for a town hall meeting on Tuesday, only to be greeted by protestors.
Forest Service Okays Logging In Controversial Bybee Timber Sale - Sep 24, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
About 27 million board feet of timber will be logged in the Bybee Timber Sale, compared with 45 million called in the original plan in January.
Poll Shows West Coast Residents Will Co-Exist with Gray Wolves - Sep 24, 2013 - Public News Service
A plurality of voters in Oregon, Washington and California say they believe wolves are "a vital part of America's wilderness and natural heritage" and should be protected.
The Port of Portland's Billboard Brouhaha - Sep 22, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian notes that, at the Eugene Airport, "riots have not ensued, planes have not crashed and children have not burst into tears upon seeing the advertisement, which shows a photo of a clearcut hillside."
Oregon Wild's Chandra LeGue Talks About Clearcuts on KVAL-TV - Sep 20, 2013 - KVAL News
Foresters go on the record and tell Eugene's KVAL-TV clearcutting somehow "mimics the natural cycle of trees," as though forests grow with trees all exactly the same age.
Wolf Packs Spreading Out Throughout Region - Sep 20, 2013 - La Grande Observer
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says wolf sightings and new information show wolves are moving into the Mt. Emily Wildlife Management Unit in Union County near Summerville.
Clear-Cut Ad Decision? Two Airports Disagree - Sep 20, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
The controversial ad went up in the baggage area of the Eugene Airport on August 28th, and will remain there for two months.
ACLU Demands Portland Airport Post Ads Against Logging Bill - Sep 19, 2013 - Associated Press
The ACLU is demanding Portland International Airport accept advertising against legislation to increase logging on Oregon's federal forests.
ACLU Demands Portland Airport Post Anti-Logging Bill Ads - Sep 19, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
The Oregon ACLU chapter is demanding PDX Airport accept advertising that is part of Oregon Wild's campaign against increasing logging in federal forests.
Ad Welcoming Travelers to "Home of the Clearcut" Rejected at PDX - Sep 19, 2013 - KPTV News
An advertisement welcoming travelers to Oregon, "home of the clearcut," will not be greeting people passing through PDX, at least, for the moment.
Why Is This Ad Okay at the Eugene Airport But Not In Portland? - Sep 19, 2013 - KVAL News
According to the ACLU, an ad's political content isn't something a public entity like the Port of Portland can use as criteria.
Obama Threatens to Veto O&C Timber Bill - Sep 19, 2013 - Blue Oregon
Carla Axtman notes O&C counties have had 13 years to come up with new ways to restructure and develop their economies. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that they're willing (or able) to manage it.
Port of Portland Censors Conservationists' O&C Ad at PDX Airport - Sep 19, 2013 - Portland Tribune
Oregon Wild and the Oregon ACLU sent a letter to the Port of Portland on September 19th protesting the censorship.
Portland Airport Wades Into Free-Speech Fight By Rejecting Anti-Clearcut Ad - Sep 19, 2013 - The Oregonian
The ACLU has now taken up the case and is arguing the port's ban on political ads violates free speech protections in the Oregon Constitution.
White House Opposes Western Oregon O&C Timber Bill - Sep 19, 2013 - Roseburg News-Review
Sean Stevens checks in with the Roseburg News-Review on the White House veto threat of H.R. 1526.
Oregon Lands Bill Could Face Veto from White House - Sep 18, 2013 - Associated Press
Steve Pedery tells the Associated Press "I think this letter is a signal the DeFazio bill and the Hastings provisions are dead on arrival in the Senate."
Obama Threatens to Veto Bill to Spur Logging of Oregon's O&C Lands - Sep 18, 2013 - Portland Tribune
The White House statement notes the potential for the bill to "undermine appropriate management and stewardship" of public lands.
White House Threatens Veto of O&C Timber Trust Bill - Sep 18, 2013 - The Oregonian
Conservation Director Steve Pedery tells The Oregonian's Jeff Mapes the veto threat "probably gives Wyden more breathing room" to draft a bill different from the House measure.
Lower Klamath Refuge to Receive Water Early - Sep 18, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
A board member of Cal-Ore Wetlands and the Waterfowl Council who has recreated in the Klamath National Wildlife Refuges since 1968 says "I've never seen Lower Klamath [Lake] this dry."
BLM Considers Logging On McKenzie River Forestland - Sep 15, 2013 - Associated Press
A public meeting on proposed McKenzie River watershed logging will be held at the McKenzie Fire and Rescue Building in Leaburg, Lane County, on Sept. 26th.
Oregon Timber Fight Ahead? - Sep 14, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Executive Director Sean Stevens asks the Salem Statesman-Journal how the public is expected to play a part in management of federal lands in Oregon if it is to be managed like private land in a timber-only trust.
Wyden Can Build A Better County Funding Plan - Sep 11, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Conservation Director Steve Pedery notes Oregon's elected officials need to take into account Oregon's modern economy, and where the greatest opportunities for growth are when it comes to managing Oregon's forests.
O&C Legislation Being Considered By Congress - Sep 09, 2013 - KQEN Radio
Chandra LeGue talks about O&C lands, NEPA, BLM pilot projects, and restoration thinning opportunities on Daniel Robertson's Progressive Perspectives program on 1240 KQEN in Roseburg.
Wandering Wolf "OR-7" Appears to Have Found A Home - Sep 09, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Journey has been relatively still since coming back into Oregon earlier this year, spending his time in Jackson and Klamath counties.
Congress and Clearcuts - Sep 09, 2013 - Jefferson Public Radio
Executive Director Sean Stevens talks O&C lands and clearcuts with Jefferson Public Radio's morning conversation and call-in show The Jefferson Exchange.
Environmental Groups Work to Stop Timber Sale - Sep 09, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild and coalition partners move to stop 5,400-acre proposed timber sale that would harm spotted owl habitat and kill more than a dozen threatened birds.
Applegate Residents Weigh In On O&C Forest Management Goals - Sep 06, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
A petition in opposition to the O&C Trust Act was delivered to Sen. Wyden's Medford office this week from concerned Applegate Valley residents.
Federal Judge Rules In Favor of the Threatened Marbled Murrelet - Sep 05, 2013 - Associated Press
In a defeat for the timber industry, a federal judge has ruled the marbled murrelet will continue to hold endangered-species status.
Environmentalists Want Clear Cut Answers On Clearcutting - Sep 04, 2013 - Sustainable Business Oregon
We're happy for the pun in the title, as we believe we have a clearcut reason for exposing Oregon's addiction to clearcutting.
Washington and Clackamas County Water Agencies Tell Sen. Wyden to Protect Watersheds - Aug 31, 2013 - The Oregonian
Concerns over the health of watersheds in Portland-area water districts which may be logged under the DeFazio timber trust add another fold to the O&C story.
Environmentalists Fight O&C Bill With Advertisement - Aug 30, 2013 - Ashland Daily Tidings
Oregon Wild's "Oregon, Home of the Clearcut" advertising slogan couldn't be any more clearcut with it's message.
Ad Campaign Targets O&C Timber Proposal - Aug 29, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
The ads target a bill sponsored by Congressmen Peter DeFazio, Kurt Schrader and Greg Walden that would increase timber production on the O&C lands.
Forest Debate Packs Public Library - Aug 29, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
About 150 people came to the Downtown Eugene Public Library on August 26th to learn more about the O&C Trust, Conservation and Jobs Act, also known as the "DeFazio Bill."
Drought Promotes Duck Die-Off at Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge - Aug 29, 2013 - Associated Press
Thousands of ducks are dying from avian botulism on the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge due to overcrowded marshes and only a sliver of polluted water remaining on the marsh, exacerbating the spread of disease.
Ad Campaign Lambastes O&C Trust Act Before Congress - Aug 29, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
The "Oregon, Home of the Clearcut" campaign uses billboards and newspaper ads, and is featured at the new website
Klamath National Wildlife Refuges In Water and Bird Health Crisis - Aug 28, 2013 - Public News Service
An annual situation where water to Klamath Basin refuges is driven by massive waterfowl die-offs is terrible public policy.
Conservation Groups Campaign Against Federal Plans to Ramp Up O&C Logging - Aug 28, 2013 - KLCC Radio
Executive Director Sean Stevens checks in with KLCC's Rachel McDonald about the "dirty little secret" of Oregon's clearcutting addiction.
Avian Botulism Killing Thousands of Waterfowl In Klamath Basin - Aug 28, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
As a result of unprecedented drought and being at the end of a lengthy cycle of use aggravated by poor water management, waterfowl in Tule Lake are dying by the thousands from avian botulism.
Oregon Wild Campaigns Against O&C Logging Plan - Aug 27, 2013 - Associated Press
Since the 1930s, 75 percent of the gross revenues from timber sold on O&C lands have gone to 18 western Oregon counties. But it costs the government more to put the timber up for sale than it makes when the timber is sold.
Walden Gets Assurances On O&C Trust Legislation - Aug 27, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
The O&C Trust Act would place roughly 1.5 million acres of Oregon's O&C lands into a "timber trust" to produce wood products and help fund econimically-depressed counties.
Costs of Logging O&C Lands Exceeds Benefits - Aug 27, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Economist Ernie Niemi will speak at upcoming Oregon Wild O&C community forums in Eugene and Cottage Grove, as well as at the Rally for Our Public Lands in Portland.
Future of O&C Lands Packs Community Forum - Aug 26, 2013 - KEZI-TV
Attendees crowded the Eugene Public Library for the first of several public discussions and community forums on the future of the O&C lands.
Environmentalists Press Case to Limit Logging On O&C Forests In Oregon - Aug 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
Making the 2.8 million acres of O&C forest lands the number one most threatened area on our 10 Most Endangered Places In Oregon list was, according to Executive Director Sean Stevens, a "no brainer."
Oregon Wild Lists the Ten Most Imperiled Places In the State - Aug 26, 2013 - Portland Tribune
Drawing attention to the ongoing campaign against intensive logging on the state's O&C Lands, Oregon Wild places these BLM-managed public lands atop its new list of the Ten Most Endangered Places in the state.
Logging Laws On the Line - Aug 25, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
The press frames proposals to cut the O&C lands pit as "cash-strapped counties against environmentalists," but the entirety of the argument counties will go broke without timber revenue is based upon a false premise.
A Deeper Look at the Plan for O&C Counties - Aug 21, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Oregon Wild's Steve Pedery checks in with OPB's midday talk show Think Out Loud about the DeFazio-Schrader-Walden O&C "timber trust" proposal.
Do Oregon's Clearcut and Pesticide Buffers Protect Drinking Water? - Aug 20, 2013 - The Oregonian
When it comes to stream buffers and herbicide applications, Oregon's rules for private forests are far less stringent than in National Forests. After years of complaints, the EPA is studying whether Oregon's regulation is good enough.
Whitebark Pines Threatened By Beetle Infestation at Crater Lake - Aug 17, 2013 - Associated Press
The National Park Service is taking responsible steps to curtail a massive bark beetle infestation killing Crater Lake's signature whitebark pines, but the Park Service is also accepting beetle infestation as a fact of life as climate change progresses.
No More Than 850 Gold-Mining Dredges Allowed In Oregon Rivers - Aug 15, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Gov. Kitzhaber has signed into law a bill limiting the number of small gold-mining dredges in Oregon rivers waterways.
Dam Releases Proposed to Avoid Klamath River Fish Kill - Aug 14, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Whatever water the Klamath Basin's National Wildlife Refuges would ordinarily receive this year is almost certain to instead go into the Klamath River to support threatened coho salmon.
Marbled Murrelet Habitat Removed Without Notice at Campground - Aug 11, 2013 - Associated Press
Under the guise of a "training session," the Forest Service cut down five mature trees at a campground near Port Orford in an area which provides habitat for the marbled murrelet, without getting any permits - or permission - to do so.
O&C Legislation Could Affect Central Oregon Forests and Jobs - Aug 09, 2013 - KTVZ-TV
The antiquated notion that if forests are not being cut they are somehow being "wasted" and left to the elements is a difficult premise to overcome.
Feds Accused of Purging Independent Gray Wolf Panel - Aug 09, 2013 - MSN News
A contractor employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to study removing American wolves from the Endangered Species List fired scientists which felt the move was a bad idea.
Klamath Water Woes Continue as Trinity River Release Planned - Aug 07, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Over the objection of water districts in California's Central Valley, the Bureau of Reclamation plans to release Trinity River water into the Klamath to aid the annual return of salmon.
Reckless Target Shooting Threatens Safety In Mount Hood National Forest - Aug 07, 2013 - The Oregonian
With minimal resources, the Mount Hood National Forest is trying to stop an epidemic of illegal shooting areas and reckless firearms use in the Clackamas Ranger District before someone is shot or killed.
Klamath Task Force Meets Again With No Agreement - Aug 02, 2013 - Associated Press
Tribal members defend the importance of restoring salmon habitat on the Klamath River, but little is discussed about the plight of the Klamath's natural marshes and wetlands.
Target Shooters Illegally Take Aim On Mount Hood - Aug 01, 2013 - KGW News
A huge patch of mature forest with enormous trees chewed to pieces and mowed down by illegal firearms use in the Mount Hood National Forest.
Wyden Blocks Bill That Could Prevent County Payments - Aug 01, 2013 - Gannett News Services
Sen. Wyden puts a parliamentary hold on Louisiana Sen. David Vitter's legislation which prevents the federal government from bailing out Detroit; Wyden says it could be applied to Secure Rural Schools Act payments.
Manage Our Public Forests for More Than Timber - Aug 01, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Why the extreme interest of the private timber industry in acquiring management of our public forests as well as their own lands?
Oregon Legislators "Optimistic" They Can Reach Deal On O&C Logging - Jul 31, 2013 - The Oregonian
Congressman Peter DeFazio says Sen. Ron Wyden has met with the House Natural Resources Chairman, Congressman Doc Hastings of Washington, to begin laying the groundwork for a grand O&C compromise.
Congress Eyes Plan to Ramp Up Oregon's O&C Timber Harvest - Jul 31, 2013 - Northwest News Network
The proposal to move over a million acres of federally-managed O&C lands into a logging industry-only timber trust has, regrettably, moved beyond the committee stage and is another step towards a potential House vote.
Interior Department Extends Chetco River Gold Mining Moratorium - Jul 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
17 miles of the profoundly clear, pristine waters of the Chetco River have been given a further reprieve from suction dredge mining by way of an extension of a two-year moratorium on new mining claims.
Federal Court Ruling Delays Medford BLM Timber sale - Jul 25, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
In an attempt to shut down thinning-based restoration in favor of old-growth logging, the timber industry, having found an amenable federal court on the East Coast, is telling the BLM it can no longer use spotted owl "estimation methodology" to determine the environmental impact of a timber sale.
Fish vs. Farmers In Conflict Over Klamath River - Jul 20, 2013 - San Francisco Chronicle
One of the better pieces we've seen on the ongoing drought in the Klamath, albeit from the out-of-state San Francisco Chronicle. Klamath water flows also have a major impact on Central Valley farming, as well as healthy salmon runs in both states.
Reasonable Rules Protect Rivers - Jul 18, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
A bill to limit suction dredge mining permits to 2009 levels is far less restrictive than it could have been.
Agriculture's Misnamed Agency - Jul 17, 2013 - New York Times
The New York Times editorial board speaks out against the ominous, and still rather unaccountable, "Wildlife Services" component of the Interior Department - and the trail of dead wildlife left in its wake.
New Wolf Agreement Clarifies Depredation Practices - Jul 15, 2013 - Central Oregonian
Rob spoke to the Prineville Central Oregonian about the wolf agreement, newly-endorsed by the ODFW. Apparently the word "take" is a euphemism for the word "kill."
Running On Empty In the Klamath Basin: Time for a New Solution - Jul 13, 2013 - The Oregonian
"In the Klamath it is not possible to farm potatoes and alfalfa, drive thirsty cattle, safeguard threatened fish and protect refuges in a hard drought."
Panel Approves Landmark Wolf Management Agreement - Jul 12, 2013 - Associated Press
ODFW adopts provisions of a settlement that will make Oregon the only state in the West where killing wolves that attack livestock a last resort.
Local Family Farms Urge Logging Restraint - Jul 12, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
Organic farmers from Jackson and Josephine counties stress the need for clean water and healthy watersheds, and the detrimental effect renewed clearcutting would have on their small businesses.
Timber Industry Distorts Information to Exploit Our Forests - Jul 11, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Based on Forest Service data, Oregon may be exporting as much as one third of its annual timber harvest as raw logs rather than finished lumber. A billion board feet of raw logs were exported out of Oregon in 2011 alone.
Rafting Down the Rogue River: Still Wild and Scenic 45 Years Later - Jul 11, 2013 - San Jose Mercury-News
A Bay Area writer reflects on how the Rogue has been successfully preserved as a genuinely Wild and Scenic River, 45 years after her first visit in 1968 when the river was one of the first granted Wild and Scenic status.
Crater Lake National Park to Have Adequate Water - Jul 10, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Thanks to aggressive water austerity measures Crater Lake National Park won't have to truck in water this summer.
State Legislature Approves Handing Out Fewer Suction Dredge Mining Permits - Jul 08, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
SB 838 is on it's way to Gov. John Kitzhaber's desk to be signed. Once enacted, it will scale back the number of suction dredge mining permits issued in the state to 850 annually.
Klamath Basin Task Force Will Be Coordinated By Governor's Office - Jul 08, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Gov. Kitzhaber has announced the creation of a task force to work on long-term water solutions in the Klamath Basin. We hope this includes needed water for the area's natural marshes.
County Rescue Bill Approved By Oregon Legislature - Jul 08, 2013 - The Oregonian
The state comes offers a financial lifeline to counties like Curry and Josephine, even though county residents continue to reject local efforts to raise their property taxes.
Key Wildlife Refuge Hit Hard In Klamath Basin Water Wars - Jul 07, 2013 - The Oregonian
The manager of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Klamath-area National Wildlife Refuges laments the refuge's natural marshes and habitat, dry since April, are "going to be collateral damage" during this summer's drought and water wars.
Klamath Basin: The Promise of Water vs. Demand - Jul 07, 2013 - Special to the Klamath Falls Herald and News
The water crisis facing the Klamath Bain today could have been less severe had Sen. Wyden's 2002 legislation addressing the root cause of too much water promised to too many interests been seriously considered by the House of Representatives.
Water Squeeze In Klamath Basin Pits Ranchers Against Tribes - Jul 06, 2013 - The Oregonian
Excellent piece from Scott Learn on the water conflicts in the Klamath Basin; the first of two pieces on the ongoing drought.
Sweet Home Chosen for $460,000 Livability Initiative Program - Jul 06, 2013 - Albany Democrat-Herald
The Linn County community of Sweet Home has been selected as a test case for a federal study in communities transitioning from timber to eco-tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities.
When Is a Clearcut a Clearcut? - Jul 04, 2013 - Special to Blue Oregon
Chandra LeGue's piece in Blue Oregon about clearcuts on BLM land disguised under new terminology as "variable retention harvests."
Oregon Senate Limits Suction Dredge Mining On Salmon Streams - Jul 03, 2013 - Associated Press
SB 838 now moves on to the Oregon House of Representatives, where Sen. Alan Bates of Medford expects the bill to pass.
Advocates Sue Fish and Wildlife Service Over Oregon Butterfly - Jul 03, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Xerces Society first petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the butterfly under the Endangered Species Act in 2010.
California Closes Suction Dredge Mining Loophole - Jul 02, 2013 - Associated Press
California originally passed legislation restricting suction dredge mining in the Golden State in 2010, and has just closed a lingering loophole in the state's law.
Sen. Ron Wyden Talks O&C Lands at Albany Town Hall - Jul 02, 2013 - Corvallis Gazette-Times and Albany Herald
Oregon's senior senator says the House and Senate must find a "balance" among priorities, including how to handle O&C lands. We hope the senator remembers a balance doesn't include a return to clearcutting.
Crater Lake National Park to Truck In Water During Shut-Off - Jul 02, 2013 - Associated Press
The drought in Oregon is so severe water supplies for Crater Lake National Park are being put on hold. The park, like the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges, is being cut off to maintain water deliveries for agribusiness operations in the high desert.
Oregon Wild's Steve Pedery on OPB's Think Out Loud - Jul 01, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Even with current drought conditions in the Klamath Basin reaching a critical level, the area's natural marshes are already the last to receive any water in the basin's water management scheme.
BLM Drafts New Approach to Logging - Jun 30, 2013 - Associated Press
Doug Heiken notes O&C lands already produce more than a third of all the timber cut on federal lands under the Northwest Forest Plan. Cutting any more would threaten key habitat.
Federal Judge Orders BLM to Sell More Southern Oregon Timber - Jun 27, 2013 - Associated Press
A federal judge has ordered the BLM to sell more timber in Southern Oregon, and discarded a system scientists use to avoid harming the northern spotted owl.
DeFazio's O&C Bill Costs Him Support of His Predecessor, Jim Weaver - Jun 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
"I fought all my political life to save our forests and the O&C [lands] in particular, and DeFazio wants to give it away." - former Oregon Congressman Jim Weaver
State Land Board Rules No Vehicle Activity In the Chetco River - Jun 26, 2013 - Curry Coastal Pilot
Sadly, it takes a law to finally rid the Chetco River of damaging and destructive "wreckreation" activity by trucks and off-road vehicles driving through the river.
Sponsors of Oregon Trapping Initiative Weigh Whether to Go to the Ballot In 2014 or 2016 - Jun 25, 2013 - The Oregonian
A proposed ballot measure would ban commercial and recreational trapping in Oregon, and also limit the use of traps in predator control.
The Devil Is In the Forest of Details - Jun 24, 2013 - Coos Bay World
Laying out a clear on the O&C lands plan agreeable to conservationists as well as the logging industry would show Wyden and Merkley are listening to all Oregonians and finding the best compromise.
Wyden: Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Costs Too Much - Jun 21, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Senator Wyden's pronouncement could be the final straw for the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, or KBRA, an $800 million settlement and restoration plan for the region.
Devil's Staircase Wilderness Bill Passes Senate; House Passage Requires Different Tack - Jun 20, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Senate approves the Devil's Staircase Wilderness Act, which would conserve 30,000 acres in the Siuslaw National Forest and on Coos Bay BLM lands near the southern Oregon coast.
Senate OKs Devil's Staircase Wildnerness - Jun 20, 2013 - Portland Tribune
The Senate has approved creation of the 30,500-acre Devil's Staircase Wilderness in a unanimous consent motion.
Forest Scientists Meet With Treesitters - Jun 20, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
Oregon State forester Norm Johnson to meet with treesitters at the White Castle pilot project, on Roseburg BLM land near Myrtle Creek.
Even In Josephine County There's An Urban-Rural Split - Jun 19, 2013 - The Oregonian
Data from the May 21st ballot levy election in Josephine County reveals a "striking" urban-rural divide within what is otherwise described as a purely rural county.
Senate Panel Puts Timber Payments In Proposed Bill - Jun 19, 2013 - Associated Press
The Secure Rural Schools Act has been extended for another year, though at a five percent lower rate than before. Oregon's share would be about $100 million.
Pesticide Spraying Tops List of Concerns - Jun 18, 2013 - Curry Coastal Pilot
Fascinating piece about the lack of transparency on the part of private timberland owners to reveal what exactly they're spraying into the air, and what winds up on the ground and in the water.
Oregon Treasures Bill for new Wilderness Designation Passes Senate Committee - Jun 18, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Oregon Treasures bill was passed unanimously on June 18th by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Wyden Includes $330 Million Aid to Timber Counties In Helium Bill - Jun 18, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Sen. Wyden utilizes the Helium Stewardship Act of 2013 to secure another year of Secure Rural Schools Act county payments.
Winners and Losers In Pole Creek Fire - Jun 18, 2013 - Sisters Nugget
Conservation and Restoration Coordinator Doug Heiken recently attended a tour of the Pole Creek Fire area, arranged by the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project, the Sisters Ranger District, and Deschutes Fire Learning Network.
Molalla River Gets Two New BLM Recreation Sites, for Group Camping, Picnicking - Jun 18, 2013 - The Oregonian
Campers looking for new group sites in Clackamas County will have two new options for destinations beginning July 4th on the Molalla River.
Natural Gas Pipeine Threatens Landowners, Public Land In Route to the Coast - Jun 15, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
The pipeline would run across portions of the Fremont-Winema National Forest from Klamath Falls to Coos Bay, where backers hope to install a $4.5-billion LNG terminal.
H2 Woes: Klamath Ranchers Told to Shut Off Water - Jun 14, 2013 - Humboldt North Coast Journal
State watermasters in the Klamath are traveling in pairs and notifying the sheriff's office wherever they go.
Klamath Water Rules Have Changed - Jun 14, 2013 - Associated Press
Despite claims on water rights dating to the 1920s, Klamath-area National Wildlife Refuges downstream of Klamath irrigation projects are far short of water to fill marshes for migrating waterfowl.
Ranchers Seek Court Order to Stop Irrigation Shutoffs - Jun 13, 2013 - Associated Press
The only water the lower Klamath refuges will receive is to grow commercial crops on 22,000 acres of agricultural leaselands. None of this water will go toward parched refuge marshes.
Let's Re-Evaluate Suction Dredging On Oregon's Rivers - Jun 11, 2013 - Special to the Medford Mail Tribune
The co-owner of Ashland's Flywater Travel writes about a recent trip down the Rogue River marred by the destructive and noisy practice of suction dredge mining.
Plan Would Lift Most Remaining Wolf Protections In Lower 48 States - Jun 07, 2013
The Obama administration has proposed lifting federal protections for gray wolves across most of the Lower 48 states, which would end four decades of recovery efforts.
Public Forests' Looting Fattens Private Wallets - Jun 06, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon pioneer descendants Susan Applegate and Patty Breuser-Keene write about the toll industrial logging has taken on the state's old-growth forests and public lands.
Banner Protesting Privatization of Federal Timberlands Covers Eugene Billboard - Jun 05, 2013 - KLCC
A plan put forward by Reps. DeFazio and Shrader, along with Sen. Wyden, would hand over 350,000 acres of BLM-managed forests to a trust of private timber trust.
Drought and Disputes Put Water at Premium - Jun 02, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Conservation Director Steve Pedery says the Bureau of Reclamation continues to reduce flows in the Klamath River without consulting relevant fisheries agencies.
Seeking Common Ground In Wolf Settlement - May 30, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Last week's landmark wolf management settlement paves the way for the future of wolf recovery in Oregon.
Wolves, Cougars and Other Animals "Catching Some Breaks" at the Oregon Legislature - May 29, 2013 - The Oregonian
An activist notes every time a cougar hunting bill is introduced in the Oregon legislature, media outlets are suddenly reporting "a school lockdown because of a cougar scare" and cougars running amok.
More Logging Would Be Harmful - May 29, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Conservation and Restoration Coordinator Doug Heiken checks in with the Eugene Register-Guard on the fallout a return to clear-cutting would produce.
Wolf Management Deal Reached By Conservationists and Ranchers - May 24, 2013 - Associated Press
Conservationists, Gov. Kitzhaber, Department of Fish and Wildlife and the livestock Industry reach a historic agreement on wolf management.
Wyden Plan Would Harvest Some O&C Forest Lands, Conserve Others - May 24, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Conservation Director Steve Pedery checks in with OPB's April Baer about the O&C lands management framework proposed by Sen. Wyden.
Wyden's Forest "Framework" - May 24, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
According to the Eugene Register-Guard, Sen. Wyden's O&C management plan is "light on details."
Wyden Offers O&C Legislation to Create Jobs, Provide Revenue to Counties - May 23, 2013 - Albany Tribune
Responsible O&C legislation must protect clean water, old-growth forest and wildlife habitat, but shared responsibility for the fiscal future of timber counties is an equally important component.
Wyden Lays Out "Framework" for Boosting O&C Lands Logging - May 23, 2013 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild urges Senator Wyden to pursue balanced approach to protect clean water, salmon, and Oregon's tourism and recreation economy.
111th Birthday Adventures at Crater Lake National Park and Surrounding Wilderness - May 23, 2013 - KDRV-TV
The Crater Lake Wilderness coalition will be leading hikes into proposed areas of the Crater Lake Wilderness all summer.
Voters In Two Timber Counties Turn Thumbs-Down On Public Safety Levies - May 23, 2013 - Associated Press
Greater levels of logging isn't the solution to bail out counties unwilling to take any responsibility for their own fiscal health.
Rough and Ready Lumber, A Casualty of Southwest Oregon's Enduring Timber Wars - May 20, 2013 - The Oregonian
Endangered Species Act rules on proposed Timber Trust lands would be less stringent, with cuts in potential spotted owl habitat and limited streamside protection.
Oregon Timber Country Ponders Future With Fewer Logs - May 18, 2013 - Associated Press
With nearly two decades since the end of the big timber era, activists in Lane, Josephine and Curry counties now work to convince voters to support proposed tax increases.
Senate Hearing Called for Klamath Water Issues - May 17, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Klamath Basin residents seem to have the ear of Oregon's senior senator, but will Wyden stand up for wild marshes in the Klamath Basin in a catastrophically dry year?
Marbled Murrelet In Steep Decline - May 16, 2013 - Portland Tribune
With less and less old-growth coastal forest available to them, the marbled murrelet, already critically endangered, continues to lose vital habitat.
Oregon Sen. Alan Bates and Protecting Our Rivers - May 14, 2013 - Special to Oregon Business
State Senator Alan Bates makes the case for using the State Scenic Waterways Act to protect Oregon's rivers and waterways from destructive suction dredge mining.
Bike Trails Benefit Local People, Visitors and Economy - May 14, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
It's positive to see some in Klamath Falls want to promote their "wealth of wetlands and birds," but unless the Bureau of Reclamation quickly comes to terms with the need to sustain natural wetlands, this year's project low-water will be disastrous.
Waldo Lake Gas Engine Ban Sent to Governor - May 14, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Oregon House votes 37 to 20 in favor of Senate Bill 602, which bans all gas-powered engines on boats and seaplanes from Waldo Lake.
Sen. Wyden Discusses Water Issues at Klamath Town Hall - May 12, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
The Klamath Basin is heading into a particularly dry year of disastrous proportions, yet there is little if any mention from Sen. Wyden of the need to preserve the integrity of the region's natural marshes.
Rob Klavins Talks Wolf Recovery With Carl Wolfson - May 11, 2013 - Carl In the Morning
Rob Klavins catches up once again with former KPOJ morning host Carl Wolfson on his new Carl In the Morning venture, and talks about wolves and this year's Wolf Rendezvous.
Wyden Says He Will "Lay Out Strategy" This Month for Successful O&C Forestlands Bill - May 10, 2013 - The Oregonian
Whether Sen. Wyden honors old growth and federal environmental standards on our BLM Backyard Forests to be seen. If cutting is to be increased, as the senator says, emphasis must be on restoration and thinning, not clear-cuts.
Klamath County Commissioners, Siskiyou Board Oppose Dam Removal - May 10, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Klamath County, Oregon and Siskiyou County, California send a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell urging her to abandon the Klamath River agreements and the proposed dam removal.
Southern Oregon Hiking Tips from Erik Fernandez of Oregon Wild - May 09, 2013 - The Oregonian
Wilderness Coordinator Erik Fernandez offers some Crater Lake-area hiking options to The Oregonian's Terry Richard.
Klamath Project Irrigators Waiting On Federal Biological Opinions - May 09, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Klamath Basin farmers and irrigators are beginning to realize they too will have to prepare for the worst this year.
As Drought Looms, Upper Klamath Basin Prepares for Irrigation Shutoffs - May 07, 2013 - Associated Press
With drought looming, the state is preparing for the likelihood some ranchers and hay farmers in the upper Klamath Basin will lose access to rivers and wells for irrigation as the Klamath Tribes take control of senior water rights.
Upper Basin Water Shutoffs Likely - May 07, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Extremely low water flows a troubling sign as state directors from Salem visit Klamath County.
Water Allotments Differ Between Klamath River Farmers and Tribes - May 07, 2013 - Los Angeles Times
New water rights have given tribes an upper hand over farmers, just as the Klamath River basin plunges into a severe drought.
Environmental Activists Up In Arms Over Protest Bills - May 06, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
A pair of bills before the Oregon State Senate are designed to hinder on-site protests over logging practices on state forests.
Oregon Wolf Legislation Remains In Limbo - May 02, 2013 - La Grande Observer
Rob Klavins reminds the La Grande Observer HB 3452 is an attempt to "bypass the legal process."
Sawmills Must Adapt to Stay Relevant - May 01, 2013 - Special to the Grants Pass Daily Courier
Former Oregon Wild Executive Director Andy Kerr adds some perspective and notes unreported details behind the closure of the Rough and Ready Lumber Co. in Josephine County.
A New Future for Oregon Forests - May 01, 2013 - Portland Monthly
Oregon Wild's Western Oregon Field Coordinator Chandra LeGue talks with Portland Monthly magazine about the future of sustainable forestry.
Federal Court Tosses Agreement Over Rare Forest Species - Apr 26, 2013 - Associated Press
Rare species are again given short thrift by an increasingly conservation-hostile 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
U.S. Plans to Drop Gray Wolves from Endangered Species List - Apr 25, 2013 - Los Angeles Times
The planned ruling will eliminate protection for the top predators, but scientists and conservationists say the proposal is flawed.
Wolf Meanders Between Jackson County and Northern California - Apr 25, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
The world's most famous wolf just can't stay put.
Oregon Water Fight Revives - Apr 19, 2013 - Wall Street Journal
The landmark 2008 pact to aid the Klamath Basin region remains in limbo as a new drought hits.
Rough and Ready: The Other Story - Apr 19, 2013 - KOBI News
Cave Junction-area residents says Rough and Ready Lumber and the Phillippi family haven't always been good neighbors.
Bill to Place Moratorium On Suction-Dredge Gold Mining Heads to Senate Committee - Apr 18, 2013 - Associated Press
A bill to put a five-year moratorium on suction dredge mining on key Oregon salmon-bearing waterways is moving through the Oregon Legislature.
Bill Would Expedite Dead-Tree Removal In Bid to Reduce Wildfire Risks - Apr 18, 2013 - Greenwire
Four Senate Democrats, including Sen. Ron Wyden, propose a massive salvage-logging project to clear out bark beetle-affected trees.
Killing Suspect Wolves Could Become Easier Under New Bill - Apr 16, 2013 - The Oregonian
House Bill 3452 bill could encourage the poaching of wolves, especially since evidence isn't needed to "catch" wolves in the act.
Suction Dredge Mining Moratorium Bill Creating Waves - Apr 16, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
Views differ sharply in the debate over mining moratorium bill.
Wolf Numbers Up In Oregon and Washington; Down In Idaho - Apr 15, 2013 - Northwest News Network
Rob Klavins argues non-lethal measures in controlling wolves keeps wolf populations stable and reduces conflict.
Timber Split: Oregon's East Side and West Side Timber Politics - Apr 11, 2013 - Oregon Business
Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery and former Executive Director Andy Kerr talk to Portland writer Dan Cook about the future of the timber industry in Oregon, especially in light of the state's east / west split.
Wildlife Commission or Good Ol' Boys Club? - Apr 03, 2013 - Blue Oregon
A bill in the state legislature would exclude the vast majority of Oregonians from participating in major decisions about how wildlife are managed.
Oregon Senate Resolution Urges Congress to Transfer Federal Forest Lands to New Trust - Apr 01, 2013 - The Oregonian
A proposal in the Oregon Senate is asking for Congress to turn over 2.7 million acres of federal timberlands to be put into a state-managed "timber trust."
Plan's Eventual Effectiveness Gets Mixed Reviews from Participants - Mar 31, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
Oregon Wild's former Executive Director Andy Kerr, and others, comment on the legacy of the Northwest Forest Plan.
Forest Plan Seen as a Split Decision - Mar 31, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The 1993 Northwest Forest Conference was the first and only time in Oregon history the nation's president, vice president and five Cabinet members gathered in the state.
Feds Want $18 Million Back from Timber Counties - Mar 29, 2013 - Associated Press
With sequester cuts, the Forest Service demands rural timber counties pay back millions of dollars in federal subsidies.
Judge Halts Timber Sale East of Eugene - Mar 27, 2013 - KLCC
A federal court says the Forest Service must draw up an EIS before logging in the McKenzie Bridge area.
Oregon Representative Proposes Tax Measure to Discourage Log Exports - Mar 27, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
The suggestion to at last tax raw log exports has finally been voiced in the Oregon legislature.
Lone Wolf On the Prowl In Jackson County - Mar 27, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
Journey - the world's most famous wolf - has crossed the Cascades, but remains alone in his home state of Oregon.
Federal Judge Puts McKenzie Bridge Timber Sale On Hold - Mar 27, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
A federal judge has ruled the Forest Service can't go forward with a logging project near McKenzie Bridge until an environmental impact statement is prepared.
Western Oregon BLM Lands Get New Website Extolling Their Virtues - Mar 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Backyard Forests project seeks to bring a greater awareness to the state's BLM-managed lands.
Judge Upholds Roadless Protections On U.S. Forests - Mar 25, 2013 - Los Angeles Times
The decision essentially ends ongoing litigation over the Roadless Rule. According to Tom Waldo of Earthjustice, it is the "law of the land, and it's time to move on."
Oregon Senate Passes Ban On Motors, Seaplanes On Waldo Lake - Mar 25, 2013 - The Oregonian
State Senate votes 18-11 to ban motors and seaplane from Waldo Lake; effort now moves to the House.
Forest Service to Modify Appeals Process for Citizens to Challenge Agency Decisions - Mar 25, 2013 - Associated Press
Oregon Wild is monitoring a disturbing story on a potential change to the manner in which citizens challenge Forest Service policy and decisions.
Outdoors Big Business for Oregon - Mar 24, 2013 - Associated Press
New numbers from the Outdoor Industry Association demonstrate outdoor recreation is more economically valuable than even construction, transportation, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas.
Logging Group Vows to Fight Muddy Roads Ruling - Mar 21, 2013 - Associated Press
With a 7-1 decision, the Supreme Court has reversed a ruling which said active logging roads need Clean Water Act Permits.
Timber Industry Celebrates Supreme Court Decision On Logging Roads - Mar 20, 2013 - The Oregonian
The EPA acknowledges runoff hurts water quality and native fish, including salmon, but Big Timber receives a free pass from the Supreme Court.
Waldo Lake Bill Advances In State Senate - Mar 18, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
A Senate committee in Salem passes the proposal to ban all gas-powered engines.
U.S. Supreme Court Lets Ruling Stand Against Gold Miners - Mar 18, 2013 - Associated Press
A petition from suction dredge miners to have their case heard before the Supreme Court was denied.
OR-7 Faces Long Odds of Finding A Mate In Southern Oregon - Mar 18, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The world's most famous wolf trotted back into Oregon last week, and was most recently seen in Jackson County.
Is Third Time A Charm for Molalla River Wild and Scenic Designation? - Mar 15, 2013 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild once again extends thanks to Congressman Kurt Schrader for his efforts to secure Wild and Scenic River protection for the Molalla River.
OR-7: The Return of the Native Species to Oregon - Mar 14, 2013 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian Editorial Board joins in the celebration of Journey's return to Oregon and what it means for wolf recovery.
Oregon's Wandering Wolf Returns from California - Mar 14, 2013 - Associated Press
Journey's homecoming return to Oregon continues to make headlines.
Counties Must Realize Logging Isn't Their Salvation - Mar 14, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Executive Director Sean Stevens checks in with the Eugene Register-Guard over ongoing proposals to take O&C lands out of the public domain and put into a private timber trust.
OR-7 Returns to Klamath County Area - Mar 14, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
The famous gray wolf was spotted crossing the California border Tuesday evening.
Waldo Lake Motor Ban Debated - Mar 14, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
SB 608 would outlaw all motorized activity, from boats to aircraft, on Waldo Lake.
OR-7 Returns to Oregon - Mar 13, 2013 - Bend Bulletin
The world's most famous wolf has returned to his home state, and swam the Klamath River to do it.
Wandering Wolf Returns to Oregon After a Year In California - Mar 13, 2013 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
After spending most of the winter in the rugged country between Lassen Peak and Mount Shasta, Journey opts to return home.
Oregon Wolf OR-7 Comes Home from California - Mar 13, 2013 - The Oregonian
Journey has returned to Oregon, crossing back into Klamath County after more than a year in California, most recently in Siskiyou County.
Famed Wolf OR-7 Back In Oregon - Mar 13, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced OR-7's "change of address."
State Bill Would Ban All Motors from Waldo Lake - Mar 11, 2013 - KLCC
Doug Heiken talks about the values of Waldo Lake on the eve of a Senate bill which would allow the use of motorized floatplanes on the pristine Cascade lake.
Oregon Gives Tribes Top Claims to Water In Klamath Basin - Mar 07, 2013 - The Oregonian
Water rights have long been a contentious issue in the Klamath Basin, where the Bureau of Reclamation is forcing National Wildlife Refuges to drain marshes which wildlife depend on.
Wolves Need Protection - Mar 07, 2013 - Eugene Register Guard
With the story of wolf recovery in the Pacific Northwest not yet fully written, a major newspaper argues for a happy ending.
Oregon Considers Gold Dredge Ban On Salmon Streams - Mar 05, 2013 - Associated Press
The state legislature is looking to expand State Scenic Waterways, or place a moratorium on suction dredge mining.
Oregon Wild Begins Its Own March Madness Tournament With Voting for Favorite Wild Places - Mar 04, 2013 - The Oregonian
The second annual edition of Oregon Wild Madness runs through April 10th, with a stop along the way at Base Camp Brewing on March 27th.
Bill Would Limit Suction Dredge Mining On Waterways - Mar 04, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Miners have descended on some of Oregon's wildest rivers with motorized suction dredges to search for gold and other minerals.
Oregon Has Success With Non-Lethal Ways of Protecting Livestock from Wolves - Mar 02, 2013 - Associated Press
While the number of wolves in Oregon went up in 2012, livestock kills didn't, and Oregon Wild and other conservation groups hope Oregon can serve as a model for other Western states.
Wolf Kill Ban Spurs Non-Lethal Options - Mar 02, 2013 - Associated Press
In 2012 Oregon was the only state with wolves that didn't purposely kill them. The population increased while conflict decreased. Will lessons be learned? Is there a different path forward?
Snowshoeing For Beginners - Feb 28, 2013 - KATU-TV AM Northwest
Oregon Wild Wilderness Coordinator Erik Fernandez takes AM Northwest producer Janice Bangs on her first snowshoeing trip. There were no injuries.
Proposed Logging Sale Near Crater Lake "Crosses Line" - Feb 28, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The proposed Bybee timber sale would log a significant volume of mature forest in roadless areas along with the west side of the Crater Lake National Park boundary.
Pole Creek Fire Salvage Logging Plans Spark Early Concern - Feb 28, 2013 - KTVZ-TV
More than 1,000 acres of affected areas of the Deschutes National Forest could be logged within the next year.
Muddy Waters: Will Oregon Ban Suction Dredge Gold Mining? - Feb 28, 2013 - Corvallis Advocate
Suction dredge mining threatens fish populations in fresh water ecosystems by removing gravel, creating unstable gravel beds, and vacuuming up insects which serve as a critical food source for fish and other aquatic life.
Conservation Groups Turn Up Heat On Southern Oregon Timber Sale - Feb 27, 2013 - Roseburg News Review
The Bybee timber sale is shaping up to be an unseemly logging project on the doorstep of Crater Lake National Park, and in areas earmarked for potential Wilderness designation.
Coyote Trap Snares Imnaha Wolf Pup - Feb 27, 2013 - La Grande Observer
Wolf pup is collared, released relatively unharmed.
Visitors to Crater Lake, Oregon Caves Add $38.5 Million to Economy - Feb 27, 2013 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The state's two National Park Service units are significant components of Southern Oregon's outdoor recreation and tourism economy.
ODFW confirms new breeding pair - Feb 27, 2013 - La Grande Observer
Confirmation of a breeding pair doesn't change the state's confirmed wolf population, but provides another positive sign that Oregon's wolf recovery is getting back on track.
Proposed Logging Near Crater Lake Sparks Timber Wars Reprise - Feb 26, 2013 - The Oregonian
The proposed Bybee timber sale is the latest in a series of aggressive logging projects in the footprint of a potential Crater Lake Wilderness.
Mining Bill Might Curb Dredges On State Rivers - Feb 25, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
Coalition of conservations, outdoor recreation companies, anglers unite to protect scenic waterways from increasing suction dredge mining.
Wyden Pledges Renewed Timber County Payments - Feb 23, 2013 - Associated Press
Sen. Wyden moves to renew, and expand, the Secure Rural Schools Act. But will it keep cash-strapped Oregon counties from sharing responsibility?
Scenic Rivers Run Through It - Feb 22, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
Oregon, that is — and Bates' bill would protect some of them from being dredged.
Wilderness Bills — Again - Feb 16, 2013 - Eugene Register Guard
Sen. Wyden's chairmanship of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee could help win approval.
Oregon's Public Forests Get Thrown Over the Funding Cliff - Feb 16, 2013 - Special to The Oregonian
Oregon Wild Executive Director Sean Stevens tackles the thorny issue of O&C Lands, and urges decision makers to heed the call of Gifford Pinchot.
Sens. Wyden, Merkley Reintroduce Wilderness Protection Bills - Feb 14, 2013 - Associated Press
Popular proposals to protect natural features in Oregon as Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers have, at long last, been re-introduced to Congress by Oregon's two senators.
Tussle Over Timber Panel - Feb 14, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
Gov. Kitzhaber's panel of county leaders, timber executives and environmentalists couldn't reach a consensus on logging western Oregon's BLM-managed forestlands.
Shift from Timber to Carbon-Based Economy - Feb 13, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
If utilized for carbon storage, Oregon's west side federal forestlands could be worth up to 10 times more than they currently are for timber production.
Oregon's Geothermal Resources On Display In Interactive Map - Feb 12, 2013 - Associated Press
Geothermal is an excellent source of renewable energy, but care must be taken to keep from drilling wells in sensitive environmental areas, while the integrity of protected places like Newberry National Volcanic Monument are respected.
Put Waldo Lake Bans Into Law - Feb 12, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Waldo Lake needs protection from rule-making mischief.
Kitzhaber Panel Fails to Reach Consensus On O&C Lands Logging - Feb 07, 2013 - The Oregonian
Conservation members note property tax rates are particularly low in O&C counties, and Oregon's timber taxes are some of the lowest among western states.
Report Says Dam Removal Good for Klamath Salmon - Feb 04, 2013 - Associated Press
The facts and science are in, again, and all data points to the logical removal of Klamath River dams in order to restore salmon runs. But will Big Agribusiness keep Congress inert?
Tracking the Pack - Feb 03, 2013 - The New York Times
This GPS tracking collars piece could almost be about how the world met and fell in love with Journey, i.e. OR-7. Thankfully Journey is still with us, but the piece also details the perilous environment wolves still find themselves in outside of sanctuaries like a National Park.
In Klamath, Politics Defeat Science and Common Sense - Feb 03, 2013 - Special to the Klamath Falls Herald and News
Dozens of stakeholders within the Klamath Basin agree dam removal would be an enormous benefit to the Klamath River, but dam removal is tied to bad water agreement.
Waldo Lake Plan May Take Months - Feb 03, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
A decision about seaplanes on the lake is being discussed by the state Aviation Board.
Global Warming Imperils Wolverines - Feb 01, 2013 - Associated Press
Federal officials are proposing Endangered Species Act protections for the wolverine in the lower 48 states.
Most At Hearing Oppose Seaplanes On Waldo Lake - Feb 01, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Conservationists and Waldo Lake advocates from around the state attended the Oregon Aviation Board public hearing on Waldo Lake, with the overwhelming majority in favor of a floatplane ban except in case of an emergency.
Flying Ban at Waldo Lake On the Table - Jan 30, 2013 - Bend Bulletin
Conservation and Restoration Coordinator Doug Heiken says floatplanes and other machines shatter the serenity of Oregon's iconic, wild lake, known for it's crystalline waters.
Forest Service Supports Waldo Lake Floatplane Ban - Jan 29, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
An excellent, thoughtful piece from the supervisor of the Willamette National Forest on the "social expectations" of visitors to one of Oregon's most spectacular, special, and deservedly quiet places.
Oregon Wild Questions Wisdom of D-Bug Timber Sale - Jan 27, 2013 - Special to the Klamath Falls Herald and News
Executive Director Sean Stevens argues projects which are sustainable and seek to restore natural conditions protect tourism, recreation, and Oregon's timber industry.
Miner Faces $200,000 Fine for Trashing Southern Oregon Salmon Stream - Jan 25, 2013 - Salem Statesman-Journal
A federal magistrate in has recommended a illegal miner pay a significant penalty in fines and stop working a "claim" on a Southern Oregon salmon stream.
Second Oregon Wolf Killed In Idaho by Hunter - Jan 24, 2013 - The Oregonian
Wolf OR-16, who became known to Oregonians after he was affixed with a radio collar by ODFW in November, has been shot dead in Idaho.
Miner Fined, Ordered to Stop Placer Mining and Restore Creek - Jan 24, 2013 - Medford Mail Tribune
The latest in a string of mining-related convictions in southwest Oregon should lead to the restoration of a damaged creek.
Seaplanes Could Bring the End of Waldo Lake As We Know It - Jan 22, 2013 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
The great-grandson of Oregon pioneer Judge John Waldo, the "John Muir of Oregon" and namesake of Waldo Lake, expresses his concern at the State Aviation Board's intent to resume seaplane access to the pristine alpine lake.
New Lines In the Sand at Oregon Dunes - Jan 20, 2013 - Eugene Register-Guard
Off-roaders threaten to "go to the governor" because trails which they illegally created and have used with impunity for years at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are, at last, being closed off.
Oregon Wolf Population Grows In 2012 - Jan 16, 2013 - 89.7 KLCC-FM
Rob Klavins talks about the success of wolf recovery in Oregon over past year, which saw an increase in the number of animals and a decrease in conflict.
Klamath Politics Defeat Science and Common Sense - Jan 13, 2013 - Redding Record-Searchlight
To the detriment of an entire ecosystem, the lands of the Klamath, including public lands, are drained with little regulation for subsidized farmlands and agribusiness.
Will Senator Ron Wyden Take A Stand On the Chair? - Jan 12, 2013 - The Oregonian
Though a creature of the slow-moving processes of the U.S. Senate, it may be time for Sen. Ron Wyden to begin considering his environmental legacy.
Conservation Groups Oppose Crater Lake-Area Timber Sale - Jan 08, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
A proposed timber cut on the Umpqua National Forest abuts iconic Crater Lake National Park.
Bureau of Reclamation Biologists Fight for Jobs - Jan 08, 2013 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Bureau of Reclamation biologists claim their positions are being eliminated because their Klamath River research contradicts or complicates other agencies' findings.
One Year Later, Lone Gray Wolf Still Prowling Calif. - Jan 06, 2013 - ABC News
Journey, the world's most famous wolf, has traveled over 3,000 miles and continues to stir imaginations.
Gray Wolf Takes to California But Is Unlikely to Find A Mate - Jan 01, 2013 - Los Angeles Times
The young male from Oregon has remained in the Golden State since spring and covered about 3,000 miles. He's also shown exceptional homing abilities.
Forest Plans Made In Secret - Dec 27, 2012 - Eugene Weekly
Private citizens and watchdog organizations are concerned about decisions on O&C forests and variations of the DeFazio "timber trust" proposal being made in secret.
West Coast Conservation Groups Band Together to Help Wolves - Dec 24, 2012 - KLCC
Anniversary of OR-7's trip into California celebrated with renewed effort to recover wolves to the West.
Mount Hood Logging Disputes Shift As Clearcuts Decline and Thinning Projects Rise - Dec 20, 2012 - The Oregonian
The Jazz Timber Sale illustrates how Mount Hood's logging landscape has changed since the logging wars of the 1990s.
Environmental Groups Largely Back Wyden's Principles for Oregon Forests - Dec 18, 2012 - Greenwire
A coalition of environmental groups generally support the principles put forward by Sen. Ron Wyden regarding BLM-managed forests in Western Oregon.
Oregon Wild, Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Against Mt. Ashland Ski Area Expansion Plans - Dec 17, 2012 - Associated Press
Along with the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity, Oregon Wild has filed a new lawsuit against plans to expand the ski area at Mt. Ashland.
In Search of Wolverines - Dec 14, 2012 - La Grande Observer
Wolves grab headlines, but another elusive animal is attempting to stage a comeback in the northeast corner of Oregon.
Let's Celebrate the Return of Wolf Packs - Dec 13, 2012 - Portland Tribune
Wildlands and Wildlife Advocate Rob Klavins checks in with a Portland Tribune guest column on how media reports often sensationalize the true impact of wolves and other wildlife.
Feds Designate Critical Habitat for Klamath Sucker Fish - Dec 12, 2012 - Associated Press
Imperfect as the designation is, the federal government has established critical habitat for two endangered species of fish in the Klamath Basin, as well as coho salmon in the Klamath River.
Oregon Bans Gillnets On the Columbia River - Dec 07, 2012 - Associated Press
In a victory for wild salmon and river wildlife, the Department of Fish and Wildlife voted to ban the use of gillnets on the mainstem of the Columbia River.
OR-7's Biological Clock Ticking As He Moves to Lower Ground for Winter - Dec 06, 2012 - The Oregonian
Journey - the world's most famous wolf - covers new ground as his search for a mate resumes.
U.S. Supreme Court May Punt On Oregon Logging Road Pollution Case - Dec 03, 2012 - The Oregonian
The Supreme Court may pass on an Oregon logging road pollution case which has been bouncing around federal courts since 2006.
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Logging Roads Are Industrial or Agricultural Pollution Sources - Dec 01, 2012 - Washington Post
The health of Oregon's waters are in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.
What’s In The Ore. Governor’s Budget Plan: The Environment Edition - Nov 30, 2012 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
OPB takes a look at the environmental implications of Governor Kitzhaber's proposed budget through 2015.
New Owl Habitat Affects More Oregon Forests Than Neighbors - Nov 28, 2012 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
The new map of Critical Habitat appears to be good news, but the ability of agencies to substitute "ecological forestry" and other euphemisms in place of protected habitat remains to be seen.
Oregon's Wild Places Need Our Protection - Nov 25, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Congress needs to act on legislation to preserve more than 100,000 acres of the nation's most precious landscapes and ecosystems.
It's Time for Congress to End Bailouts for O&C Counties - Nov 24, 2012 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Former Lane County Commissioner Jerry Rust says the time has come for legislators and the governor to end "timber dependency" subsidies to Oregon counties which refuse to balance their budgets.
Obama Administration Increases Critical Habitat for Northern Spotted Owl - Nov 21, 2012 - The Oregonian
The acreage in Oregon won't be off limits to logging, but a heightened federal review of logging projects on lands owned by the Forest Service and BLM will be required.
DNA Confirms Oregon Wolf Packs Are Interbreeding - Nov 21, 2012 - OPB Ecotrope
Scientific advancement allows biologists to confirm a new first in Oregon wolf recovery.
Breakdown of costs involved in Washington's wolf pack kill - Nov 16, 2012 - KING 5 News
New information shows Washington taxpayers footing the bill to kill an endangered species for an industry already benefiting tremendously from government programs.
Ten Years After Fish Kill, Oregon and California Must Make Salmon A Priority - Nov 15, 2012 - Sacramento Bee
Ten years ago thousands of salmon died in the Klamath River when low flows ordered by the Bush administration created lethal conditions for fish.
Oregon State University Study Urges Massive Grazing Cuts - Nov 14, 2012 - Corvallis Gazette-Times
An Oregon State University professor says cattle and sheep should be barred from most public lands due to the level of environmental damage they cause.
Oregon Wild's Rob Klavins 2012 Skidmore Prize Winner - Nov 08, 2012 - Willamette Week
Oregon Wild Wildlands and Wildlife Advocate Rob Klavins becomes the second Oregon Wild staffer to win the prize, awarded to young Portlanders making a difference in their community via work with non-profit groups.
Bad News for Salmon: Streams Warmer and Lower - Nov 06, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Research of streams in Oregon and elsewhere around the west reveals warmer water temperatures, more often. Which is bad news for salmon.
The Battle of Rainbow Ridge In Benton County - Nov 04, 2012 - Corvallis Gazette-Times
Benton County timber sale is a test site for a controversial new forest policy.
Wildlife Officials Radio Collar A New Wolf In Union County - Nov 02, 2012 - OPB Ecotrope
Federal agency is surprised after accidentally trapping a wolf.
Op-ed: We didn’t have to kill the Wedge Wolf Pack - Oct 28, 2012 - Seattle Times
Wildlife scientist reflects on what led to the purposeful killing of an endangered species and what needs to change.
Boise Cascade Bounces Back - Oct 26, 2012 - Medford Mail-Tribune
Boise Cascade expects to add an additional 250 workers to their Western Oregon division by the end of the year.
Welcome Back, Wolves. Staying for Dinner? - Oct 26, 2012 - Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal explores the implications of recovering wolf populations.
Obama Administration Proposes Dropping Critical Habitat Protections for Marbled Murrelets - Oct 24, 2012 - The Oregonian
The Fish and Wildlife Service wants to drop all 3.9 million acres of "critical habitat" for the threatened marbled murrelet.
Governor's Timber Panel Deserves A Chance to Work, Seek Common Ground - Oct 24, 2012 - The Oregonian
David Dreher is a manager for the Pew Environment Group's wilderness campaign. Greg Block is vice president of conservation finance and external affairs for the Wild Salmon Center. John Kober is executive director of the Pacific Rivers Council. All three are members of the governor's panel.
Oregon, Washington Continue Talks to Ease Gill-Nets from Lower Columbia River Salmon Migration Lanes - Oct 22, 2012 - The Oregonian
A recent meeting of the Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife departments saw no decisions being made yet to act upon Gov. Kitzhaber's proposed gill-netting compromise.
State Denies Water for Mine Near Rogue River - Oct 18, 2012 - Associated Press
The Oregon department of Fish and Wildlife denies a permit for a proposed mine along a Rogue River tributary.
Measure 81 Prompts Gill-Netting Changes Before It Comes to a Vote - Oct 17, 2012 - The Oregonian
Big changes to gillnet fishing in the lower Columbia River are coming because of Ballot Measure 81, Gov. Kitzhaber's pre-emptive action, and a makeover of the Oregon commission which decides fish policies.
Will ODFW Tell Gill-Netters to Change Their Ways? - Oct 17, 2012 - Public News Service, Oregon
Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife officials meet Thursday to consider a plan to limit gillnet fishing on the lower Columbia River. Oregon Wild members are encouraged to attend and show their support for Gov. Kitzhaber's compromise.
Wyden Raises Sensitive Topic of Taxes As County Payments Talks Begin - Oct 15, 2012 - The Oregonian
Sen. Ron Wyden says Oregon's rural counties need to consider raising taxes, or find some other form of revenue, as part of any proposal to replace expiring direct timber payments.
Hunt for Water In Eastern Oregon Has Farmers Scrambling to Tap Columbia River - Oct 14, 2012 - The Oregonian
Eastern Oregon's water needs have long exceeded the supply of available water.
Executive Director Sean Stevens Talks With KPOJ's Carl Wolfson - Oct 10, 2012 - 620 KPOJ
We got Sean out of bed early to catch up with 620 KPOJ Morning Host Carl Wolfson about our upcoming Wild Exposure event.
Wyden Touts New Plan to Solve Budget Problems In Timber Counties - Oct 10, 2012 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Sen. Ron Wyden is touting a framework aimed at solving the budget problems of Oregon's timber-dependent counties.
Wolves Losing Ground State by Western State - Oct 08, 2012 - Environmental News Service
A look around the Western United States reveals a grave picture for recovering wolves as decades of conservation efforts are being undone
Supreme Court Rejects Roadless Rule Appeal - Oct 01, 2012 - OPB Earthfix
Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery celebrates the final chapter in the 12 year struggle to protect the nation's pristine roadless forests.
Industry Protest Over Timber Project Withdrawn - Sep 29, 2012 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The American Forest Resources Council has withdrawn its administrative protest of a restoration logging project on BLM land.
Conservationists Want More Water in Klamath for Migrating Birds - Sep 25, 2012 - Northwest Public Radio
Oregon Wild joins with partner organizations in a long-term effort to reform water management in Klamath Basin.
Doug Heiken: Oregon Wild Conservation and Resource Director - Sep 23, 2012 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
The Klamath Falls Herald and News talks salvage logging in this profile of Oregon Wild's Doug Heiken.
The War On Wolves - Sep 23, 2012 - Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune questions how and why wildlife can go so quickly from Endangered Species to being callously hunted for sport.
Governor Asks Panel to Find A Solution In Rural Oregon: Allow More Logging While Protecting the Environment - Sep 21, 2012 - The Oregonian
Gov. Kitzhaber convenes a panel of timber executives, conservation groups and county representatives to enable more logging on federal land. Oh, but the governor wants to protect the environment too.
Unusual Alliance Saves Malheur Lumber Company Sawmill - Sep 14, 2012 - The Oregonian
Joining local stakeholders and state officials, Oregon Wild helps keep an eastern Oregon sawmill integral to forest restoration and recovery projects open. In the process, some 70 jobs in cash-strapped and economically hard-hit Grant County are saved.
Timber Industry Group Opposes BLM Auction - Sep 13, 2012 - Medford Mail-Tribune
The American Forest Resource Council files an administrative protest to "undermine" an ecologically-based timber sale in the BLM's Medford District.
Oregon Wolf Population Now At 58 - Sep 11, 2012 - Sneak Cat
A year full of new pups means Oregon's fragile wolf recovery may be getting back on track.
Wolves in the wild: Room for livestock, too? - Sep 10, 2012 - Seattle Times
If some livestock operators refuse to coexist with wolves on public lands who should make way? Wolves or cows?
Wolves Are Returning to Oregon–but Not All Locals Want Them - Aug 31, 2012 - Smithsonian Off the Road
The Smithsonian looks at differing views of wolf recovery in Oregon.
New wolf pack confirmed in northeastern Oregon wilderness - Aug 30, 2012 - The Oregonian
Upper Minam River Pack makes the growing list of confirmed Oregon wolf packs now at 6.
Ore. and Wash. want to handle wolves on their own - Aug 27, 2012 - Seattle Times
Despite low numbers and continued threats, Oregon & Washington call on Obama administration to strip wolves of federal protection
Lone California wolf's fascination with a wildfire - Aug 25, 2012 - San Francisco Chronicle
Oregon's most famous wolf demonstrates interesting behavior in his new California home.
EDITORIAL: Pass a public lands bill - Aug 20, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Preserving wilderness should be a bipartisan priority
Carter Niemeyer urges Oregon wolf advocates to “get outraged, take action” - Aug 19, 2012 - Sneak Cat
Wolf expert visits Oregon
Measure 81: Fact and fiction about indiscriminate gillnets - Aug 08, 2012 - Blue Oregon
Facing a popular ballot initiative to ban gillnetting - an outdated practice that indiscriminately kills fish and wildlife - gillnetters are making inaccurate claims.
Suckers Face Extinction If Fish-Kill Mystery Isn't Solved - Aug 05, 2012 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
The population of Klamath Basin suckers is plummeting, in part because so many of the fish die during their first year of life, well short of the seven years needed for the fish to reach sexual maturity.
Video: Snake River Wolves Howling - Aug 01, 2012 - Ecotrope- Oregon Public Broadcasting
A video released by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife of one of our newest wolf pups.
Oregon Zoo's elephants elbow out wolves - Jul 26, 2012 - The Oregonian
The Oregon Zoo is giving up its three gray wolves to make room for a bigger elephant exhibit.
Gill-netting initiative: Oregon voters get opportunity to protect wildlife - Jul 23, 2012 - The Oregonian
Oregon voters may have the chance to ban gill-netting in the Columbia River
Family pulls award over Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's wolf policy - Jul 19, 2012 - The Missoulian
The Murie Family asks the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to remove their name from a conservation award based on the group's stance on wolves.
Kurt Schrader Goes Rogue on Public Lands Logging - Jul 13, 2012 - Blue Oregon
Steve Pedry, conservation director for Oregon Wild, discusses the legislation thata Schrader tried to sneak through.
Agencies say wolf was killed illegally - Jul 13, 2012 - Blue Mountain Eagle
The carcass discovered in Umatilla County belonged to a member of the Imnaha Pack.
Author, former trapper offers his take on wolves - Jul 12, 2012 - Blue Mountain Eagle
Oregon Wild brings Carter Niemeyer to Oregon to talk
Wolf poachers get more than slap on wrist - Jul 11, 2012 - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Three plead guilty to killing wolves from the Lookout Pack in Washington.
Retired wolf recovery coordinator Carter Niemeyer to speak in Portland - Jul 10, 2012 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild hosts wolf expert and author for a special presentation.
Oregon ranks No. 4 in 'deadliest state' list for killing predators: report - Jul 09, 2012 - The Oregonian
Malheur County is listed among the five "deadliest" counties in the West.
Lone wolf OR-7 returns to California, now in Butte County - Jul 09, 2012 - Redding Record Searchlight
Oregon's most famous wolf continues his historic trek deeper into California.
Wildlife Services meets with its critics - Jun 30, 2012 - The Sacremento Bee
Scientists and wildlife services meet to discuss predator removal methods.
Female wolf captured on trail camera - Jun 28, 2012 - The Oregonian
New photo is evidence that wolves are occupying new eastern Oregon territory.
A Timber Harvest without a Legal Battle? - Jun 28, 2012 - Oregon News Service
New report outlines 20 years of timber volume from restoration based thinning.
Timber industry hopes Supreme Court will find EPA can’t regulate mud runoff from logging roads - Jun 25, 2012 - Associated Press
Conservationists argue logging road pollution should be treated like pollution from any other industry.
Pups born to Ore. wolf packs as kill order weighed - Jun 20, 2012 - Associated Press
Imnaha and Wenaha Pack wolves produce pups in another milestone in wolf recovery in Oregon.
Wildlife groups put up new billboard - Jun 20, 2012 - Wallowa County Chieftain
On the road to Oregon's wolf country, conservationists promote protection of Oregon's shared wildlife heritage.
Fox thought extinct in Oregon possibly photographed on Mt. Hood - Jun 20, 2012 - Oregonian
Sierra Nevada Red Fox hasn't been seen in the state for decades.
New handbook recommends balance for managing Eastern Oregon forests - Jun 15, 2012 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild restoration-themed guide for foresters and policymakers points the way to the future for forest management.
Effort To Trap Mount Emily Wolf Hit Or Miss, But Mostly Miss - Jun 14, 2012 - East Oregonian
ODFW biologists believe lone Mount Emily wolf could be forming a pack.
Obama’s wilderness legacy remains uncertain - Jun 10, 2012 - Washington Post
Whether due to political realities or a lack of commitment, many argue President Obama's first term record on conservation is pretty thin.
How Many Sucker? - Jun 06, 2012 - Klamath Falls Herald and News
Because of the size of Upper Klamath Lake, the U.S. Geological Survey, says there's no way to count every Lost River and shortnose sucker, so instead the biologists count how the population changes every year.
On Oregon's rivers, there's a recreational gold rush in suction-dredge mining - May 19, 2012 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild's very own Steve Pedery and Rogue Riverkeeper's Lesley Adams discuss the increase of recreation mining in Oregon's rivers.
Gap in wildlife care is not OK - May 17, 2012 - Statesman Journal
Peter Buckley discusses ODFW's black bear management plan to address the agency's boarder issues
Elk populations survery finds calf ratio up in Union County - May 11, 2012 - The Observer
Elk and deer populations in Union County are up according to spring ODFW population surveys
Well-known Ore. wolf photographed in Calif. - May 10, 2012 - Idaho Stateman Journal
Oregon's most famous wolf makes news in first ever color photo
OR-7 is in California's Modoc County and doing well - May 09, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
Journey hasn't been making much news lately. That may not be a bad thing.
Suit challenges McKenzie logging - May 08, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Three environmental organizations sue to block the Forest Service’s 2,100-acre Goose Project timber sale
“Possible” wolf poaching in Union County was a crime - May 02, 2012 - OPB Ecotrope
Carcass found in March is now confirmed to be the latest illegal kill.
Migrating waterfowl die from lack of water - Apr 21, 2012 - San Francisco Chronicle
The Klamath's National Wildlife Refuges feel the crunch as irrigation demands continue to soak up the bulk of the area's water.
Forest Fight: Is There Room to Compromise On DeFazio's Forest Plan? - Apr 12, 2012 - Eugene Weekly
Outstanding cover story in the Eugene Weekly on Congressman Peter DeFazio's O&C "timber trust" proposal.
Oregon agency again says no to Waldo Lake motorboats - Apr 11, 2012 - Salem Statesman Journal
Partially upheld ban may lead to return of float planes to pristine Cascade lake.
Sparing pristine Waldo Lake the noise and spills from motorboats - Apr 11, 2012 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board stands behind the 2010 ban on gas motors at Oregon's purest lake.
Rare daisy-like flower fanning controversy over road-closure plan for Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest - Apr 10, 2012 - The Oregonian
Forest Service set to establish new motorized trail in area where rare plant was recently discovered.
Herbivores take toll on ecosystem - Apr 10, 2012 - Eugene Register Guard
Oregon scientists add yet more evidence demonstrating the important role of wolves and other carnivores in maintaining a healthy landscape.
Wild wolf OR7 is back in California - Apr 06, 2012 - Sacramento Bee
After a brief return, Oregon's most famous wolf returns to California and biologists share some insights into his life.
10,000 dead birds at refuges - Mar 27, 2012 - Klamath Falls Herald & News
As conservationists sound the alarm on Klamath Wildlife Refuge water issues, water shortage leads to the death of thousands of birds.
DeFazio timber bill slights water quality, recreation, salmon - Mar 24, 2012 - The Oregonian
A Lewis and Clark Law School professor takes a look at Rep. DeFazio's O&C forests bill and finds problems.
Guest viewpoint - DeFazio’s ‘timber trust’ removes protections - Mar 21, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild and the Sierra Club join forces to point out the shortcomings of the recently announced BLM forest legislation proposed by usual environmental champion, Rep. Peter DeFazio.
Celebrity wolf's hanging out in the Greensprings - Mar 16, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
Journey is back in Oregon and heading west.
Wolves to the Slaughter - Mar 13, 2012 - The American Prospect
After being shot out of existence, wolves in the western US have begun to recover. But old prejudices die hard. Will wolf recovery be among America's greatest conservation success stories, or will political power struggles lead them back down the path of extinction?
Editorial: Just do it - Feb 15, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is clearly dragging its feet over salmon opinion
County timber payments plan moving fast in U.S. House, generating conflict and worry - Feb 15, 2012 - The Oregonian
Bill put forward by Committee Chair Rep. Hastings (R-WA) would eviscerate environmental laws to fund part of county payments.
EDITORIAL: The gift of crater silence - Feb 10, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Bill makes it easier to ban flights over the national park
Idaho hunter shoots former Imnaha Pack wolf - Feb 09, 2012 - Wallowa Chieftain
Wolf from Journey's home pack becomes the 285th wolf in Idaho's quotaless wolf hunt. Though killed illegally, the hunter was simply issued a warning.
Wolves have been vilified - Feb 07, 2012 - Bend Bulletin
Oregon Wild and the Sierra Club team up to set the record straight on wolves.
Forest plan weakens wildlife protection - Feb 06, 2012 - Bend Bulletin
Conservationists and scientists concerned with new national forest planning rule that could take a step back on wildlife safeguards.
Waldo Lake engine ban back at hand - Feb 06, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
The long-running fight over using gas-powered boats on the lake may get another period for public comment
Seeing the forest for the trees - Feb 05, 2012 - Albany Democrat-Herald
Groups react to Toll Joe project on Willamette National Forest as Oregon Wild hopes for common sense thinning and protection of roadless areas.
EDITORIAL: Kill anti-wolf legislation - Feb 04, 2012 - Eugene Register Guard
Register Guard argues latest round of wolf kill bills pushed by the livestock industry undermines wolf recovery, wildlife conservation.
Environmental groups propose plan to replace federal forest payments to Oregon counties - Feb 02, 2012 - The Oregonian
Groups hope to avoid a return to clear-cut logging that once funded county governments.
Bill would make it easier to kill Ore. wolves - Feb 01, 2012 - Associated Press
Meanwhile, tracks of OR-7 found by locals in northern CA.
Poll shows support for protecting lower Rogue - Feb 01, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
Vast majority of respondents say the Rogue is special and deserves additional protections. Results cut across partisan lines.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Clear-cutting public lands not the answer - Jan 30, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild board member Shawn Donnille and his business partner at Mountain Rose Herbs, Julie Bailey speak out in defense of western Oregon forests.
Wolf apparently gives up search for mate in NV - Jan 29, 2012 - San Francisco Chronicle
OR-7 heads back west after brief flirtation with Nevada border.
County timber payments: Put public lands ahead of politics - Jan 28, 2012 - The Oregonian
Can we clear-cut our way to prosperity? Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery argues that we need a better solution for county funding.
The Terrifying Wonder of Journey, California's Lone Wolf - Jan 27, 2012 - TIME Magazine
OR-7 hits the pages of TIME Magazine as he continues to meander northern California in search of a mate.
Lone Wolf Commands a Following - Jan 27, 2012 - New York Times
OR-7 continues to attract attention and spill ink as he wanders the California backcountry.
Forest Service set to adopt planning rule governing operations on national forests and grasslands - Jan 26, 2012 - The Oregonian
Long-awaited rule debuts with high ideals but some work left on the details.
Environmental groups voice concerns about plan to replace county payments - Jan 23, 2012 - The Oregonian
Questions remain over how much public input will be considered in overhaul of western Oregon forest management as Rep. DeFazio readies plan.
EDITORIAL: Stick with motorboat ban - Jan 22, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Keep Waldo Lake pristine, quiet
Flip-Flopping on Waldo Lake - Jan 18, 2012 - Bend Source Weekly
The Bend Source takes the Oregon State Marine Board to task for moving towards revoking the two year old gas motor ban at Waldo Lake.
Oregon board may rethink Waldo Lake motorboat ban - Jan 15, 2012 - Eugene Register-Guard
Does Mount St. Helens Have Lessons for an Oregon Logging Experiment? - Jan 12, 2012 - OPB News
Conservationists urge caution in BLM pilot project effort that aims to clear-cut more forest.
A Mining Law Whose Time Has Passed - Jan 11, 2012 - New York Times
Two fisheries scientists argue in an opinion column that the federal mining law must be overhauled, in part to protect at-risk Oregon rivers.
Who's afraid of the lone gray wolf? Ranchers, families - Jan 11, 2012 - San Francisco Chronicle
California wildlife officials work to dispel myths and fears as lone wolf continues trek across state.
State report questions federal wolf investigations - Jan 05, 2012 - Associated Press
Controversy gains in importance as livestock industry pressure increases to kill wolves.
Lone wolf causes stir as it stays in California's far north - Jan 05, 2012 - Sacramento Bee
OR-7, newly named "Journey," prolongs his stay in California and prompts state to start wolf management planning process.
Gray wolf that crossed from Oregon into California likely caught on camera for 1st time - Jan 04, 2012 - Associated Press
OR-7 also gets new name in contest that includes art winner.
'Journey' wins popular vote for renaming OR-7, Oregon's elusive gray wolf - Jan 04, 2012 - The Oregonian
First wolf west of the Oregon Cascades in decades gets a new name.
Deer hunter's photo likely first shot of OR-7 - Jan 04, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
On the same day Oregon Wild announces winner in art and naming contest, the first ever photo of history-making wolf surfaces in local paper.
Wandering wolf subject of protection campaigns - Jan 04, 2012 - KVAL News
Naming and art contest winners announced days before ODFW commission meeting.
Wolf's entry into Calif. major environmental step - Dec 30, 2011 - San Francisco Chronicle
Oregon wolf wanders into California and make history.
Lone Oregon Wolf Wanders Far, Reaches California - Dec 29, 2011 - KTVZ
Oregon's loss is California's gain as wolf from the Imnaha Pack becomes the first in California in 87 years.
Story fires imagination - Dec 28, 2011 - La Grande Observer
Historic trek of Oregon wolf inspires imagination of students around the world, Northeast Oregon.
A lone wolf heralds the return of a mythic predator - Dec 24, 2011 - Los Angeles Times
A GPS collar tracks the journey of the male gray wolf known as OR7 as he meanders through Oregon and approaches the California border.
ODFW: NE Oregon Wolf Pack Has Pup - Dec 23, 2011 - KTVZ
Oregon's confirmed wolf population rises to 25 with dramatic evidence of a pup in the Wenaha Pack
Rename OR-7 - Dec 21, 2011 - The Oregonian
5 finalists for Oregon's wandering wolf, and some also-rans
Oregon wolf has no mate, but closing in on a name - Dec 21, 2011 - Associated Press
OR-7 naming contest finalists announced. Voting online through the New Year.
Winter walks - Dec 19, 2011 - Salem Statesman Journal
It's not just summer fun. Conservation group Oregon Wild leads snowshoe hikes to the places they work to protect for future generations.
Congress delays Clean Water Act regulation of logging roads through Sept. 30 - Dec 19, 2011 - The Oregonian
'Partial victory' as exemption from Clean Water Act for logging industry stopped and court-ruling is delayed.
Department of Fish and Wildlife says there have been no wolf-related deaths in the Rockies - Dec 16, 2011 - The Oregonian
Politifact digs into a basic wolf question - are wolves a threat to humans? - and comes up with a clear answer. No.
Senators back push for Rogue wilderness area - Dec 16, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Bill would protect 60,000 acres of pristine forest surrounding iconic Oregon river.
Senators propose Wild Rogue Wilderness expansion - Dec 15, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Conservationists, businesses cheer as protections for iconic river move forward.
OR-7 -- Oregon's wandering wolf -- captures imagination of worldwide audience - Dec 11, 2011 - Oregonian
The Oregonian catches up on the story of history making wolf
Will cry of the wolf return to California? - Dec 11, 2011 - Sacramento Bee
Dispersing Oregon wolf hints at possible return to southern neighbor.
Federal jury convicts gold miner on first count, acquits on second - Dec 10, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Cliff Tracy likely headed to jail after brief trial for illegal mining.
Klamath Basin water resources: Merkley's proposal unscientific and unsustainable - Dec 10, 2011 - The Oregonian
Our long time allies at WaterWatch call into question the effectiveness of recently released Klamath legislation.
How a B&B permit became a fight about wolves - Dec 09, 2011 - OPB Ecotrope
A more comprehensive look at controversy in Wallowa County as anti-wolf activists attack a successful local business embracing ecotourism.
The new war on wolves - Dec 08, 2011 - LA Times
As soon as federal protection ended, the slaughter began.
OR-7 now a media sensation - Dec 04, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Wolf back in Jackson County has generated international attention.
Conservation Group Objects to DeFazio Forest Plan - Dec 02, 2011 - KLCC
Conservationists fear plan could lead to industrial forestry on up to one million acres of public land.
Oregon to save Portland ratepayers $68 million, allow city to skip building water treatment plant - Nov 29, 2011 - The Oregonian
Water and forest activists celebrate as Portland water supply granted variance from federal rule.
Ore.’s wandering wolf has covered some hundreds of miles looking for love - Nov 28, 2011 - Washington Post
Journey of OR-7 has now covered over 700 miles, drawn worldwide attention on conservation success story.
Proposed bill expands Wild Rogue Wilderness - Nov 19, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Lower Rogue area expansion would include 58,000-acre Zane Grey roadless area
Rep. Peter DeFazio introduces bill to create Rogue River wilderness in southwest Oregon - Nov 18, 2011 - The Oregonian
Legislation would protect about 58,000 acres cradling the famed Wild & Scenic Rogue River.
Coming full circle — a wolf roams near Crater Lake - Nov 18, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
The Crater Lake Institute and Oregon Wild join forces to celebrate the arrival of the first wolf in western Oregon in 65 years.
Forest plans and county funding update - Nov 17, 2011 - Eugene Weekly
Rep. DeFazio's proposal for the O&C lands still shrouded in mystery while Oregon Wild advocates for solutions that don't jeopardize public lands.
Oregon Wild Launches Contest To Name A Wandering Lone Wolf - Nov 14, 2011 - KLCC
OR-7 in need of a new name to help foster awareness and appreciation.
Region's lone wolf OR-7 might receive a new name - Nov 11, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Oregon Wild launches naming and art contest to draw awareness to wolves in Oregon.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Set aside the guns and traps and let the gray wolf recover - Nov 09, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Josh Laughlin argues it's time for Oregon to stop killing wolves and start focusing on conservation of the endangered species.
Compromise reached on forest fuel reduction plan for Cove area - Nov 07, 2011 - La Grande Observer
Conservationists & Forest Service work together in Northeast Oregon to protect communities and public lands
On the trail of the wolf known as OR-7 - Nov 06, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
First wolf in Western Oregon since 1947 could blaze the trail for many more.
Roadless Rule Good for Oregon's Economy - Nov 05, 2011 - Oregonian
A much awaited court decision provides certainty for roadless area protections, outdoor recreation industry.
As A Federal Agent, Carter Niemeyer Killed Wolves For A Living - Nov 03, 2011 - Wildlife Art Journal
An interview with former Wildlife Services agent reveals the real story behind "the wolf wars"
State argues wolf kills will help pack - Oct 27, 2011 - Blue Mountain eagle
Oregon spins wolf killing as conservation. To save wolves the state must kill them. The conservation community disagrees.
Oregon has new wolf pack in Snake River country and 2 wolves from Imnaha pack roaming west - Oct 25, 2011 - Associated Press
Oregon confirms a fourth wolf pack as individual wolves are tracked dispersing from NE Oregon.
One Win for the Forests - Oct 24, 2011 - New York Times
New York Times celebrates a rare win for conservation during a time of unprecedented attacks on the environment
2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule To Be Enforced - Oct 21, 2011 - KLCC
Long legal battle settles fate of 2 million acres in Oregon, 58 million acres nationwide.
Oregon's wolves: still facing a firing squad? - Oct 14, 2011 - Crosscut
With Oregon's wolves safe (for now) from government hunters, Crosscut catches up on the Oregon wolf issue.
EDITORIAL: Oregon’s ‘crown jewels’ - Oct 13, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Kitzhaber proposes four new wilderness areas
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Timber payments: County can’t cut its way to prosperity - Oct 11, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
County Commissioner argues old problems need new solutions.
Kitzhaber recommends four areas for new federal wilderness protection - Oct 10, 2011 - Portland Tribune
Nominees include Rogue River, Devil's Staircase, Cathedral Rock, Horse Heaven
Gov. wants Wild Rogue listed as a 'crown jewel' - Oct 08, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Devil's Staircase and eastern Oregon gems also included in list to Secretary Salazar.
Oregon Wild photo contest winners capture state's beauty, and what's at risk - Oct 07, 2011 - The Oregonian
Seventh annual contest winners featured at unveiling event in Pear District.
Oregon's wolf population: Agency puts politics ahead of conservation - Oct 01, 2011 - Oregonian
Conservationists respond to Oregon's decision to bend to local political pressure and kill more endangered wolves
Wetlands top Oregon's most endangered list - Sep 29, 2011 - Sustainable Business Oregon
Klamath threatened by water quality and a lack of water quantity.
Magistrate recommends vacating Ore. logging plan - Sep 29, 2011 - Associated Press
Court deals first and biggest legal blow to WOPR plan.
Kill order means initial wolf pack may not survive - Sep 26, 2011 - Associated Press
State agency hunting two endangered wolves and threatening the survival of the first breeding pack in Oregon in 70 years.
ODFW Targets Two More Wolves in NE Oregon - Sep 26, 2011 - Public News Service
Concerns mount as state agency aims to kill Alpha male and one other member of Imnaha Pack.
A tug-of-war over a forest - Sep 25, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Trapper timber sale is emblematic of the unsettled state of forest management
ODFW to kill two more Imnaha wolves - Sep 24, 2011 - Blue Mountain Eagle
Order goes out Friday night after calf loss is confirmed as wolf predation
The Dollar Lake fire: Forest Service was right to wait - Sep 23, 2011 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild's Erik Fernandez tries to tamp down some of the hysteria around wildfire.
Study of logging's impact on Oregon streams - Sep 21, 2011 - The Oregonian
Research shows shows no water temperature increase on state forest lands, slight increase on private timber.
Siuslaw Forest Stewardship A Model for the Entire Region - Sep 19, 2011 - Special to the Eugene Register-Guard
Heads of local restoration groups extoll the virtues of collaborative forest efforts.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Oregon forests shouldn’t be used to pay the counties’ bills - Sep 15, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery argues that privatization schemes are losers for the taxpayer and for the health of public forests.
Snowy plovers show encouraging signs of recovery along Oregon coast - Sep 12, 2011 - Oregonian
Though a long way from recovery, efforts to protect the endangered shorebird produce positive results.
National forest survey gauges recreation's economic impact and who uses the forest - Sep 05, 2011 - The Oregonian
Recreation in Oregon's National Forests sustain thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Study looks at the who's and how's.
EDITORIAL: ‘Trophic cascade’ of effects Study says wolves play a role in saving other species - Aug 31, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Science provides yet another insight into the positive impacts of healthy wolf populations on the landscape.
Going 'wolfing' in Wallowa County - Aug 26, 2011 - Oregonian
Oregon Wild sponsored Oregon’s first ever wolf-based eco-tourism trips. It’s an idea that’s catching on.
Oregon's Great Outdoors, This Week and Beyond - Aug 24, 2011 - Public News Service
Oregon's Great Outdoors Week highlights values, threats of our big wild places.
Stewards all - Aug 19, 2011 - The Siuslaw News
The Siuslaw Stewardship Group turns 10.
Oregon Group Wins National Honors for Forest Collaboration and Conservation - Aug 19, 2011 - Public News Service
Stewardship in the Siuslaw National Forest has resulted in the awarding of the prestigious Two Chiefs Award from the Forest Service on the 10th anniversary of collaboration restoration work.
Forest Collaboration Celebrates 10 Years - Aug 15, 2011 - KLCC
Siuslaw group continues decade of pioneering work and picks up an award in the process.
Wallowa County wolves wandering into new territory - Aug 11, 2011 - The Oregonian
The Imnaha Pack continues its state of flux as young wolves travel to new parts of state and beyond.
Carbon sequestration and the role of forests - Aug 08, 2011 - The Oregonian
New reports from OSU and Oregon Wild cast more light on the helpful role of old-growth forests in mitigating climate change.
Wolf pup born to Imnaha pack this year - Aug 08, 2011 - East Oregonian
ODFW update reveals Imnaha Pack is raising another pup while other members disperse and the Wenaha pack continues to be elusive
Salmon habitat and water quality - Aug 05, 2011 - The Oregonian
Every Oregonian has a stake in stream protection.
New Maps Show Carbon Capture in Oregon - Aug 05, 2011 - KLCC
Woods Hole data put to use to show effectiveness of protecting old-growth forests when storing global warming pollution.
Professor challenges pilot project in Applegate Valley - Aug 02, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
'Their ideas don't match up with forests that were there'
EDITORIAL: Beware the budget riders - Aug 01, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Register Guard warns of further congressional attacks on key environmental safeguards.
Crater Lake wilderness expansion proposed - Jul 30, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Groups hope to create 90-mile stretch of protected forest in southern Cascades.
ESA Rider Averted, but Some Species Remain in Cross Hairs - Jul 29, 2011 - New York Times
A number of Republicans break ranks and help defeat anti-wildlife rider. However other congressional threats to the environment loom large
Oregon's federal forest lands deserve protection - Jul 28, 2011 - The Oregonian
A voice from rural Oregon calls for protection of our federal forests.
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden under fire from environmental groups for bills on logging roads, industrial pollution - Jul 27, 2011 - The Oregonian
Wyden bill would exempt forest logging roads from Clean Water Act, make it more difficult to prevent runoff pollution from entering Oregon streams.
It’s that time again: Wolf tourist season - Jul 27, 2011 - OPB Ecotrope
Oregon Wild leads second annual Wolf Rendezvous in Wallowa County: Oregon's Wolf Country
Study: Saving owls and salmon also stores carbon - Jul 26, 2011 - Seattle Times
A new study finds that court-ordered logging cutbacks to save spotted owls and salmon from extinction have also helped the climate by storing more carbon.
Obama Officials 'Strongly' Oppose Roadless Release Bill - Jul 26, 2011 - New York Times
Legislation would strip protections from tens of millions of acres of wildlands across the country.
The case for large predators - Jul 23, 2011 - Oregonian
Oregonian editorial argues that headline-grabbing debates about predators usually miss the point. Without wolves, cougars, and bears, landscapes suffer and "Oregon would not be Oregon"
Will Gov Ok Wildlife Kill Funds - Jul 21, 2011 - Eugene Weekly
As science shines a spotlight on the importance of predators, a stealth bill would set up a new wildlife killing fund in Oregon.
State forest clear cuts are not the future of forestry - Jul 16, 2011 - The Oregonian
Broad coalition argues for a more balanced approach to state forest management.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Forest management overhaul should include protections - Jul 16, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy argues for protecting values provided by our forests.
Study tracks effects of declining predator numbers - Jul 15, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Oregon researchers shine a spotlight on an often overlooked issue - the important role of predators and the consequence of their demise.
Klamath River Basin: Dam removal is only first step toward restoration - Jul 13, 2011 - The Oregonian
Recent scientific reviews of the Klamath settlement agreements have Oregon Wild's Ani Kame'enui thinking there is more to the restoration puzzle than dam removal alone.
Reducing fuel for wildfires not likely to be a ‘carbon offset’ - Jul 10, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
A University of Oregon global warming expert tackles the issue of wildlife emissions and the impact on climate change.
Judge signs off on NW forest protections - Jul 07, 2011 - Associated Press
Key wildlife protections enshrined in judge approved settlement.
Agreement requires surveys for listed plants and animals when federal agencies plan old-growth timber sales - Jul 07, 2011 - The Oregonian
Look before you log settlement goes into effect.
BLM's withdrawal of western Oregon logging plan resets the argument - Jul 06, 2011 - The Oregonian
Obama administration again recognizes legal shortcomings of BLM logging plan, intends to leave Bush-era scheme in the past.
A good session for wolves - Jul 05, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Register Guard makes the case that defeat of most anti-wildlife bills and passage of compensation program is a win for wolves.
Bull trout released in upper River Clackamas after 50 years' absence - Jul 01, 2011 - The Oregonian
ODFW works to restore native fish to a landscape still recovering from over-logging and erosion.
Groups Ask to Ramp Up Protections for Crater Lake Area - Jul 01, 2011 - Public News Service
Over 500,000 acres in the southern Cascades are worthy of the highest level of federal protection.
New NW spotted owl plan out; rival bird targeted - Jun 30, 2011 - Associated Press
US Fish and Wildlife Service puts emphasis on habitat conservation but opens the door for more logging in mature forests.
20 Years Later, Government Issues Plan to Save Northern Spotted Owl - Jun 30, 2011 - New York Times
New recovery plan still needs to be rounded out with critical habitat designation.
Water Quality May Stop Migrating Klamath Salmon Even If Dams Do Not - Jun 29, 2011 - OPB News
Science review panel worries that excessive water diversions and lack of wetlands that filter and store clean water may hamper restoration efforts.
Independent report questions Klamath Basin agreement's benefits to salmon - Jun 28, 2011 - The Oregonian
Settlement deals may not provide fish benefits promised due to shortcomings in water quality and quantity.
High -Tech Part Of Owl Plan Drawing Fire - Jun 26, 2011 - OPB News
Modeling proposal seeks to enhance habitat understanding but may leave out crucial areas.
Scientists find holes in Klamath River dam removal plan - Jun 25, 2011 - Los Angeles Times
$1.4-billion project — dismantling four hydroelectric dams to restore Chinook salmon runs in the upper Klamath River — amounts to an experiment with no guarantee of success, independent report says.
Southwest Oregon gold miner Cliff Tracy hit with second illegal mining charge - Jun 23, 2011 - The Oregonian
Illegal miner back in the spotlight and in the hot seat after alleged illegal activities on a southwest Oregon river.
Gold miner Cliff Tracy wants to dig in again on critical salmon stream in southwest Oregon - Jun 21, 2011 - The Oregonian
The specter of harmful mining raises its ugly head again in southwest Oregon.
Alaska Files Legal Challenge to U.S. Roadless Rule - Jun 20, 2011 - New York Times
Despite previous court rulings and 10 years of success, the state of Alaska challenges one of the most popular conservation efforts in history.
Conservationist advocates for increasing timber sales - Jun 18, 2011 - East Oregonian
Former Oregon Wild Executive Director Andy Kerr puts on his restoration logging thinking cap.
Pay up (and) the wolf gets it! - Jun 18, 2011 - Blue Oregon
At the request of the livestock industry, Oregon wolves are being shot at taxpayer expense. Now they want a new subsidy to pay the cost of tolerating the return of the endangered species.
Cutting trees no solution to slump - Jun 16, 2011 - Eugene Weekly
Finding a solution to a lagging economy isn't as simple as more clear-cuts.
Conflict Over Northern Rockies Delisting for Wolves Extends to Pacific Northwest - Jun 16, 2011 - New York Times
The New York Times follows the wolf issue as the native predator retakes its place on the landscape of the Pacific Northwest.
And Just What Products Does This Mt. Hood Inc. Produce? - Jun 15, 2011 - OPB News
In a special report, OPB take a look at the "business of Mount Hood," and finds out that carbon storage might be the mountain's most valuable asset.
A Last Resort? Groups Challenge Northeast OR Wolf Deaths - Jun 15, 2011 - Public News Service
Conservationists question killing wolves focus on positive benefits, agency defends its actions.
Water quality suffers as Congress dithers - Jun 13, 2011 - Redding Record Searchlight
Oregon Wild and Friends of the River point to the need for urgent action to help improve Klamath River water quality and the dangers of waiting for Congress to act.
Oregon Wolves Killed - Jun 09, 2011 - Eugene Weekly
State agency kills two wolves, plans to kill more. Actions leave conservationists questioning state's commitment to recovery.
Oregon’s wolf population shrinks from 23 to 17 - Jun 06, 2011 - OPB Ecotrope
An inquiry into the status of Oregon's confirmed wolf population raises as many questions as it answers.
Overcoming 'timber-itch' - May 25, 2011 - The Olympian
Former Forest Service Deputy Chief argues new forest rules are an opportunity for the Forest Service to measure its mission in more than board feet.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Devil’s Staircase just one oasis of nature that needs protection - May 23, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild's Chandra LeGue makes the case for protecting a few mountains (and streams and forests) as Congress works to trim our mountains of debt.
ODFW Officials Kill Second Wolf In Wallowa County - May 19, 2011 - OPB News
Agency officials shoot female sub-adult amidst four other members of Imnaha Pack.
Suction Dredge Mining Targeted By Lawmakers and Environmental Groups - May 17, 2011 - KUOW Radio
A California legislative panel has proposed action that would extend a ban on suction dredge gold mining for five years. The full legislature has yet to take final action. Amelia Templeton reports on what this could mean across the border in Oregon.
Forest planning rule, guide to managing 193 million acres, finds few friends - May 16, 2011 - The Oregonian
Conservationists hope final NFMA rule will include strong baseline protections for country's public forests.
National forest rules face controversial overhaul - May 16, 2011 - LA Times
Obama adminstration effort to overhaul forest rules finds little support
Environmental groups urge Klamath water quality regulations - May 15, 2011 - Eureka Times Standard
Conservationists hope California regulatory body can step in and force action where settlement deal currently falls short.
Wilderness bill has a chance - May 09, 2011 - Daily Astorian
Devil’s Staircase deserves protection
Gray wolves come off endangered list tomorrow - May 04, 2011 - OPB Ecotrope
Wolf delisting rider takes effect tomorrow, status of Pacific Northwest wolves to be reviewed.
Conservationists challenge plan to kill Ore wolves - May 03, 2011 - Associated Press
Federal wildlife authorities want to capture and kill two young wolves from the Imnaha pack in northeastern Oregon after another livestock kill.
Wolverine Confirmed In Oregon's Wallowa Mountains - Apr 22, 2011 - Sneak Cat Blog
Evidence of enigmatic predator in Oregon is first in over 20 years, and the first ever in Wallowa County.
EDITORIAL: Mining threatens parks - Apr 21, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Claims threaten to mar borders of national parks
A Hole in the Endangered Species Act - Apr 21, 2011 - New York Times
New York Times questions Pres. Obama's Secretary of Interior for surprising support of unprecedented attack on landmark environmental legislation.
Gold mining project in Ore hits clean water snag - Apr 19, 2011 - Associated Press
A Washington developer's plan to mine for gold on one of Oregon's most pristine salmon rivers has hit a roadblock.
OR Faces the Ultimate Challenge: Screen-Free Week - Apr 19, 2011 - Public News Service
Will Oregonians rise to the challenge and ditch the video games for hiking shoes?
Report: Lack of Modern Mining Law Chips Away at "National Treasures" - Apr 18, 2011 - Public News Service
1872 Mining Reform the primary culprit at putting special places in Oregon, across the country, at risk.
Conservation group cites mining threat in Siskiyous - Apr 16, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
A national report highlights the need to reform the outdated 1872 Mining Law and protect special places.
Q&A: Congress Puts States In Charge Of Managing Gray Wolves - Apr 15, 2011 - OPB News
OPB News examines the impacts of the Congressional delisting of wolves.
It's all meat to Congress: The sausage-making behind the U.S. budget deal grinds up health care policy, wolves and wilderness - Apr 14, 2011 - Oregonian
Oregonian argues that attaching policy riders to must-pass budget bills is no way to run a government
Proposed Zane Grey wilderness is safe from congressional rider - Apr 14, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
The rider would block plans to include millions of acres in the West to federal protection
Forests store almost half of U.S. carbon emissions - Apr 14, 2011 - KVAL News
Researchers discover an even greater role for local forests.
Local advocate testifies about wolf status in EO - Apr 14, 2011 - Wallowa County Chieftain
An interview with northeast Oregon wolf advocate, Wally Sykes.
New draft Colorado Roadless Rule draws immediate heat from conservation groups - Apr 14, 2011 - Colorado Independent
Roadless scheme started by Bush administration troubles conservationists, is defended by Obama administration.
If Congress Can Delist Wolves, What Else Might Be Removed? - Apr 14, 2011 - OPB News
Oregon Wild Conservation Director expresses fears over the implications of the recent Congressional delisting of wolves.
Budget's Wolf Delisting Opens Pandora's Box of Species Attacks, Enviro Groups Warn - Apr 13, 2011 - New York Times
Precedent setting budget rider puts all species at risk.
Groups petition for chinook salmon - Apr 13, 2011 - Redding Record Searchlight
Chinook salmon in the Klamath and Trinity rivers could be listed as threatened or endangered by federal fishery managers.
Feds looking at protection for Klamath chinook - Apr 11, 2011 - Associated Press
NOAA responds to listing petition from Oregon Wild and allies, initiates status review to determine next course.
Mount Hood National Forest adopts limits on off-road vehicle use - Apr 11, 2011 - The Oregonian
Culmination of travel management plan leads to balanced use of Mount Hood National Forest.
EDITORIAL: Climbing Devil’s Staircase - Apr 10, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon’s delegation reintroduces its wilderness bills
Forest bills right out of 1980 - Apr 09, 2011 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board admonishes the state legislature to stay out of forest decisions that should be based on science.
OR Wilderness Protections "Back in Business" in Congress - Apr 08, 2011 - Public News Service
Places tapped for protection include the last remaining intact forest in the Coast Range, the mythical Devil's Staircase.
Lawmakers Push for More Wilderness in Oregon - Apr 08, 2011 - KLCC
Popular conservation measures reintroduced in Congress.
Bills would protect Oregon river, caves, forest - Apr 08, 2011 - Associated Press
Three conservation measures reintroduced by Oregon congressional representatives.
EDITORIAL: Wolves in the crosshairs - Apr 06, 2011 - Eugene Register Guard
Legislation would undermine state’s recovery plan, public process
Groups ask Congress to steer clear on wolves - Apr 05, 2011 - Associated Press
Conservation groups are asking Congress to hold off on pending legislation that would lift federal protections for endangered gray wolves.
Judge tells Obama administration to give public chance to comment on yanking Ore. logging plan - Mar 31, 2011 - The Washington Post
A federal judge ruled Thursday the Obama administration has to go through a public comment period before it can yank a controversial plan to double the amount of logging allowed on some federal forests in Western Oregon.
Judge finds logging plan withdrawn illegally - Mar 31, 2011 - Associated Press
A federal judge ruled Thursday the Obama administration has to go through a public comment period before it can yank a controversial plan to double the amount of logging allowed on some federal forests in Western Oregon.
On wolves, legislative overkill - Mar 31, 2011 - The Oregonian
Five bills for 23 wolves, but just one needed change -- compensation for ranchers
Gray wolf debate lands in the Oregon Legislature; ranchers want compensation and right to shoot - Mar 30, 2011 - The Oregonian
Legislators consider measures that would undermine carefully crafted wolf management plan.
Oregon ranchers seek right to shoot wolves - Mar 28, 2011 - La Grande Observer (AP)
Proposed bills would undermine compromise wolf plan, make it easier to kill wolves.
Public Meeting on Federal Forest Rules - Mar 24, 2011 - KLCC
Only meeting in Oregon set for Friday in planning process for all 155 National Forests.
Hands off the Antiquities Act - Mar 22, 2011 - The Oregonian
Congress should not undercut the president's authority to establish national monuments
Crater Lake merits protection - Mar 18, 2011 - Bend Bulletin
Tim Lillebo responds to a Bend Bulletin editorial and makes the clear case for keeping helicopters out of Crater Lake National Park.
Did capture methods contribute to wolf’s death? - Mar 16, 2011 - OPB Ecotrope
Autopsy results can't pinpoint cause of death in wolf that had been in good health.
Forest Rules - Mar 15, 2011 - New York Times
New York Times Editorial says proposed new forest rules promise more than they deliver.
Poll Finds Strong Public Support for ESA… and Wolves - Mar 09, 2011 - Public News Service
Poll shows anti-wildlife rhetoric comes from a surprisingly small minority.
Judge reinstates Tongass roadless rule - Mar 05, 2011 - Anchorage Daily News
One more anti-environmental legacy of the Bush administration is thrown out in court, and the Roadless Rule takes another step towards becoming fully implemented.
Oregon lawmakers try again to secure wild and scenic designation for Molalla River - Mar 04, 2011 - The Oregonian
Reintroduction of legislation follows effort that fell just short last year.
Agreement on protecting rare forest species - Mar 04, 2011 - Associated Press
Conservation groups and the U.S. Forest Service have agreed to a new rule for protecting hard to find but ecologically important species in Northwest forests such as snails and mushrooms.
Former wolf hit man Carter Niemeyer an unlikely advocate - Mar 03, 2011 - The Oregonian
To those who hate wolves, holding the middle ground is an extreme position. Former government wolf hunter does his best. (Portland event on March 8th)
Wolf from Ore. pack fitted with collar found dead - Mar 02, 2011 - Associated Press
One of the young wolves from the Imnaha pack in Northeastern Oregon that was recently fitted with a radio-tracking collar has been found dead.
EDITORIAL: Protecting the silence - Feb 24, 2011 - Eugene Register-Guard
Bill would allow Crater Lake officials to ban air tours
Electrified, flagged fencing installed to deter wolves - Feb 24, 2011 - La Grande Observer
Conservationists, agencies, and some ranchers begin expanding efforts to prevent conflict with wolves in Wallowa County
Obama's new forest rules: Read the fine print - Feb 19, 2011 - Oregonian
Good intentions have fallen short in Obama's revision of Reagan-era forest rules.
Billboard seeks leads on OR wolf shooting - Feb 14, 2011 - Associated Press
Local wolf advocates and conservation groups back effort to publicize search for poacher.
Billboard Reminds Citizens Of Reward For Wolf Poaching - Feb 14, 2011 - OPB News
Conservationists and local advocates keep pressure on to find wolf killer.
Republican budget bill would lift wolf protections in Oregon, other states - Feb 14, 2011 - Associated Press
Removing ESA listing of wolves attached to unrelated emergency spending bill.
Oregon groups pan and praise Forest Service's new planning rule - Feb 11, 2011 - The Oregonian
Conservationists express disappointment at proposed rules that take a step back from Reagan-era regulations.
Wilderness, Wild and Scenic designations are important - Feb 09, 2011 - Bend Bulletin
The leaders of Oregon's two largest Wilderness advocacy organizations combine to extol the virtues of protected lands.
Q&A: Removing Wolves From The Endangered Species List - Feb 08, 2011 - OPB
A straight forward discussion about state & federal wolf legislation with OPB's Cassandra Profita
Fishing for white sturgeon in the lower Columbia River likely to be sharply curtailed - Feb 03, 2011 - The Oregonian
State agencies are expected to approve a plan to limit commercial sturgeon fishing on the lower Columbia.
Monuments and oranges - Feb 03, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
Salazar's order and a proposed Siskiyou Crest monument have little connection
BLM withdraws two timber sales - Feb 03, 2011 - Medford Mail Tribune
The Chew Choo and Remote Control sales were canceled this week
Wolf pack confirmed in Umatilla County - Jan 31, 2011 - East Oregonian
If true, Oregon would now be home to a confirmed 24 wolves in 3 packs.
Judge upholds Idaho Roadless Rule - Jan 31, 2011 - Lewiston Tribune
State-specific rule largely opposed by conservation groups is upheld by federal judge.
Environmental groups ask feds to protect spring chinook - Jan 28, 2011 - Contra Costa Times
Petition considers fall and spring runs distinct enough to be separate
Conservation groups seek Endangered Species Act listing for Klamath River chinook salmon - Jan 27, 2011 - The Oregonian
With numbers falling below 3,000 wild fish, Oregon Wild and allies look for ESA protections for spring chinook.
Groups seek protection for Klamath Chinook salmon - Jan 27, 2011 - Associated Press
Oregon Wild and partners hope to save imperiled fish from extinction.
Environmental groups want Klamath River salmon listed as Endangered Species - Jan 27, 2011 - KDRV TV
One of Southern Oregon's iconic symbols may soon receive more federal protection.
Bills, Bills, Bills - Jan 27, 2011 - Eugene Weekly
A summary of the good - and bad - environmental bills likely to be considered in the 2011 Oregon State Legislature.
Conservationists Seek Endangered Status For Chinook Salmon In Klamath River - Jan 26, 2011 - OPB News
ESA listing petition focuses primarily on the severely depleted spring chinook run.
For Obama, a mixed record on the environment - Jan 19, 2011 - The Oregonian
A Lewis and Clark law professor takes a look at an up and down two years for the environment with our 44th president.
Soggy weather stalls innovative project - Jan 18, 2011 - Sisters Nugget
Work goes in fits and starts as weather takes its turn.
Don't make Klamath dam removal harder - Jan 15, 2011 - The Oregonian
Scouting the congressional landscape for 2011, Oregon Wild's Ani Kame'enui envisions a new path forward for Klamath dam removal.
PacifiCorp warns removal of dam could be delayed - Jan 13, 2011 - Associated Press
Portland-based utility complains it was left out of federal process
2010 in review Wolves & Cattle - Jan 07, 2011 - La Grande Observer
Despite the headlines, cattle losses during the summer grazing season appear to be normal.
Populations - Wolves and Cattle in Oregon - Jan 05, 2011 - Populations
Oregon Wild's Sean Stevens discusses wolves and their impact on the livestock industry with Oregon Cattleman's Association President Bill Hoyt.
EDITORIAL: A wilderness bellyflop - Dec 31, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
The Senate fails to pass a public lands bill
EDITORIAL: Protecting the wilds - Dec 29, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Secretary Salazar reinstates a policy ditched by Bush
Our forests forever -- if only we go about it right - Dec 20, 2010 - The Oregonian
Doug Heiken makes the case for a common-sense, common-ground vision for Oregon's forests.
New Year, New Rules Underway for Oregon Forests - Dec 20, 2010 - Public News Service
Obama administration looks to update National Forest laws written in 1982. Conservationists express hope that protections for wildlands, wildlife, & water will be strengthened
Biologist sheds light on wolf behavior - Dec 19, 2010 - La Grande Observer
ODFW wolf biologist Russ Morgan talks with Oregon Hunters Association and dispels some common wolf myths.
Congress should fully protect precious, profitable Rogue River - Dec 18, 2010 - The Oregonian
Local business owners make the case for protecting Rogue River Wilderness.
Rocky Mountain Low - Dec 16, 2010 - LA Times
Action of three states and a handful of congressmen would undermine recovery of gray wolves. Even worse, they would set an appalling precedent for undermining the Endangered Species Act.
Dueling sides meet with Salazar on Oregon logging - Dec 08, 2010 - Associated Press
Conservationists, timber industry, and scientists discuss management of BLM lands.
Act now to protect Oregon's Rogue River and our jobs - Dec 07, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Local businesses urge quick action to ensure valuable Rogue River recreation economy is preserved.
Community consensus flows down the Molalla River - Nov 29, 2010 - The Oregonian
The head of the Molalla River Alliance explains why protections for the river are so important.
Timber!? Will cry echo again in Oregon? Yes - and no - Nov 22, 2010 - KVAL News
KVAL news takes a look at the near future predictions for Oregon's timber industry and Doug Heiken says the path leads towards restoration thinning.
GUEST VIEWPOINT: Our uncut forests are anything but ‘dead capital’ - Nov 21, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Future management of western Oregon forests should consider non-timber related economic benefit.
Ore. companies find growth in restoring forests - Nov 20, 2010 - The Oregonian
Forest restoration like the Glaze Meadow project spur economic growth in rural Oregon.
EDITORIAL: Pass public lands omnibus - Nov 20, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Proposal would create a Devil’s Staircase wilderness. Rogue still should be added to list.
Interest in county's agri-tourism grows - Nov 18, 2010 - Wallowa County Chieftain
As wolves return to Wallowa County so too does an interest in tourism
Study shows surprising rate of mule deer poaching - Nov 15, 2010 - The Oregonian
New study indicates legal hunting is the primary cause of death for Oregon's mule deer. An equal number may be killed by poachers - a problem that is "out of hand"
Oregon Wild Challenges D-Bug Logging Project on Umqua NF - Nov 12, 2010 - KLCC Eugene Oregon NPR
Insistence on commercial logging in roadless area threatens to derail project designed to protect homes and property
Conservation group objects to timber sale - Nov 11, 2010 - Roseburg News Review
Oregon Wild maintains public safety can be protected without logging the backcountry.
Measure 76: Preserving Oregon's legacy - Oct 21, 2010 - The Oregonian
Two former Governors speak out in support of Oregon's water, parks, and wildlife.
Study: Erosion threatens area's forests - Oct 19, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
It finds past logging and road-building could hurt forests in the Siskiyous more than fires
Lawsuit aims to halt logging - Oct 15, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Environmental groups say a planned timber harvest threatens endangered owls and the McKenzie watershed
Suit seeks to overturn Idaho Roadless Rule - Oct 15, 2010 - Idaho Mountain Express
Court case will determine if an illegal Bush scheme will be allowed to undermine federal roadless protections in Idaho and across the country.
Crater Lake Under Threat, According to New Report - Oct 14, 2010 - KLCC
Three logging projects threaten wildlands surrounding Oregon's only National Park.
New Report Outlines Threats to Crater Lake - Oct 14, 2010 - KTVZ TV
Environment Oregon Cites Under-Funding, Logging
Protection for bull trout habitat expanded in West - Oct 12, 2010 - The Oregonian
Many Oregon rivers and lakes included in new protections for embattled fish.
GOING DOWN with the DEVIL - Oct 12, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Photographer Tim Giraudier shares a glimpse of his trek to Devil’s Staircase waterfall
BLM warns of possible mine hazards - Oct 11, 2010 - Baker City Herald
Agency mailed letters to mining claim holders, but BLM can actually deal with just a small percentage of the problems each year
$10,000 in rewards offered in killing of Ore. wolf - Oct 08, 2010 - Associated Press
Local northeast Oregon residents raise money in community to help find party responsible for poaching an endangered wolf.
Forest Service cuts back logging in Oregon roadless area on fire safety project - Oct 06, 2010 - Washington Examiner
In response to public backlash, the Umpqua National Forest scales back the roadless DBug Timber Sale.
Conservation Group Suspects Recent Wolf Death was Poaching - Oct 06, 2010 - KLCC
Federal wildlife agency yet to confirm killing.
Male Wolf Found Dead In Northeastern Oregon - Oct 05, 2010 - OPB News
Wolf was member of Wenaha Pack that had largely stayed in the highlands and avoided interaction with livestock that led to trouble for other Oregon pack.
Protected Wolf In Tracked Pack Killed In Ore. - Oct 05, 2010 - Associated Press
Male wolf from Wenaha Pack found dead last week.
The Politics of Solitude: Wilderness Week in Oregon - Sep 27, 2010 - Public News Service
The new Executive Director of Oregon Wild talks about the importance of Wilderness and the campaigns that protect special places.
Dead trees equal big fires? New study says no - Sep 26, 2010 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle
A study published by NASA adds to the growing scientific consensus that pine beetles and dead trees don't increase fire danger.
Wolf-Watching Range Rider Quits - Sep 16, 2010 - OPB
Oregon's first range rider leaves behind his position and unanswered questions
New spotted owl plan unveiled - Sep 10, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
The draft, replacing a halted Bush administration recovery effort, invites the help of private landowners
Report Names OR's "Ten Most Endangered" Places - Sep 08, 2010 - Public News Service
Areas threatened by logging, mining, energy development, global warming, and political inaction.
Persistent drought dries up Klamath Falls bird sanctuaries - Sep 08, 2010 - Associated Press
Water heads to irrigation interests leaving refuge wetlands dry.
EDITORIAL: Honor wilderness legacy - Sep 07, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Expand the inventory of protected areas in Oregon
Where Dams Once Stood, Prospectors Spur Anger - Sep 03, 2010 - The New York Times
A surge in mining on Oregon's famed Rogue River has conservationists and local property owners worried.
Call of the Wild - Sep 02, 2010 - Portland Monthly Magazine
Brian Barker breaks down the wolf issue with Oregon Wild
Klamath Basin's water worries extend to wells - Aug 30, 2010 - The Oregonian
Report looks into connection between use of well water and Klamath River water and the many uses taxing limited resources.
Study first, mine later - Aug 27, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Until the effects of dredging are better understood, the state should call a halt
Mount Hood National Forest restricts off-road vehicles to four areas - Aug 27, 2010 - The Oregonian
Move comes as part of national overhaul of "travel management plans" for public forests.
Mt. Hood National Forest cuts off-road riding - Aug 27, 2010 - Associated Press
Travel management plan sets the rules of the road for off highway vehicle use in the popular recreation area.
EDITORIAL: Oregon must protect rivers from dredges - Aug 26, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Lawmakers should ban suction dredging temporarily
Game camera records alpha male - Aug 26, 2010 - La Grande Observer
Leader of Imnaha Pack returns after collar signal went missing for months.
The message Oregon should be sending dredge miners: leave - Aug 25, 2010 - The Oregonian
A Republican state senator takes aim at the harmful practice of suction dredge mining.
Delay revives logging debate - Aug 24, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Seneca Jones received an extension to log the Trapper sale, but some say the mature stand should remain
Two New Wolf Pups In Eastern Oregon - Aug 23, 2010 - Natural Oregon
The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife confirm two wolf pups in the Wenaha pack and that the alpha male of the Imnaha pack is alive and well. Oregon's confirmed wolf population now stands at 20.
Eastern Oregon wolf hazing experiment tries to keep the predators away from cattle - Aug 22, 2010 - The Oregonian
An old-fashioned range rider patrols the NE Oregon wilds on the look out for wolves.
On river dredging, California is right - Aug 20, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board thinks Oregon should follow California's lead and halt harmful suction dredge mining in state waterways.
Declaring war on dredging - Aug 20, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
State lawmaker Jason Atkinson wants to outlaw suction dredging on Oregon rivers
Range Rider Helps Eastern Oregon Ranchers Cope With Wolves - Aug 13, 2010 - OPB
A program funded by Defenders of Wildlife, ODFW, and the Federal Government helps prevent possible depredations on livestock.
OR Group Stakes a Claim for Mining Law Reform - Aug 11, 2010 - Public News Service
Oregon Wild files a mining claim on the Wild and Scenic Illinois River, showing just how easy it is to do so, and highlighting the need to reform the 1872 Mining Law.
Catch And Release. ODFW Captures Another Wolf In Northeast Oregon. - Aug 06, 2010 - Natural Oregon
ODFW captured and released a member of the Wenaha pack in northeastern Oregon after fitting it with a radio collar. This is the first member of the 4 wolf pack to be collared.
Wyden's Eastern Oregon forest plan could generate jobs, money, Ecotrust says - Aug 06, 2010 - The Oregonian
Legislation could get boost from new report highlighting positive economic impact.
Judge orders protections reinstated for gray wolf - Aug 05, 2010 - Forbes
The results of a federal court case, in which Oregon Wild was a litigant, were announced today. Judge Molloy ruled that the delisting of Northern Rockies gray wolves was illegal. Gray wolves, including those in Oregon, have been relisted as endangered.
Oregon issues new permit for suction-dredge gold miners - Aug 03, 2010 - The Oregonian
State fails to properly account for needed enforcement of harmful mining.
BREAKING: Feds Call Off Oregon Wolf Hunt - Jul 30, 2010 - Natural Oregon
Wildlife Services to conduct an Environmental Assessment, putting wolf hunt on hold.
Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? - Jul 28, 2010 - The Source Weekly
Wolf management in Oregon continues to be an issue of contention between wildlife managers, conservationists and ranchers.
Laissez-faire legacy - Jul 28, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Two stories recently illustrate the need to revisit the Mining Act of 1872
More miners in Oregon after Calif. moratorium - Jul 24, 2010 - Associated Press
Sensitive streams in Siskiyou Wild River area at risk from increased mining activity.
What Will It Take to Get Wild Rogue Bill Flowing? - Jul 23, 2010 - Public News Service
Coalition of conservationists, businesses, locals urge Congress to protect Wild Rogue.
New forest report satisfies no one - Jul 23, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
The latest attempt to outline a plan for logging on federal land is roundly criticized from all sides
Range rider program implemented to help reduce livestock losses to wolves - Jul 23, 2010 - The La Grande Observer
ODFW and Defenders of Wildlife fund a range rider program to minimize wolf-livestock conflict in eastern Oregon.
Report Recommends New Logging Plan For Oregon Forests - Jul 22, 2010 - OPB News
A long-awaited federal report is finally out, on how to cut more trees in southern Oregon without hurting the environment. The recommendations from the Western Oregon Task Force will be officially released Thursday. Rob Manning got a preview.
Western Oregon timber plan short on specifics and real solutions, many say - Jul 22, 2010 - The Oregonian
Obama administration task force straddles the fence with new BLM recommendations.
Bio Mess - Jul 22, 2010 - Eugene Weekly
Don’t judge clean energy by its cover
Task force finds obstacles remain to Ore. logging - Jul 22, 2010 - Associated Press
Report from Obama administration delays any major decision-making.
Forest Service proposes ban on new mines on Chetco River - Jul 20, 2010 - Associated Press
Proposal would seek to halt frivolous mining claims and allow legislative protections time to move forward.
Suit demands ODFW adhere to wolf plan - Jul 19, 2010 - The La Grande Observer
A state lawsuit against ODFW, in which Oregon Wild is a litigant, calls for a stricter adherence to wolf conservation plan.
Radicalizing the wolf issue doesn't benefit anyone - Jul 16, 2010 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild's Rob Klavins and Center for Biological Diversity's Noah Greenwald call for cooperation between all parties on the management of Oregon's native gray wolves.
PHOTOS: Four New Wolf Pups Born In Oregon - Jul 14, 2010 - Natural Oregon
For the third time since World War II, a litter of wolf pups is confirmed in Oregon. Photos released by ODFW confirm it. The alpha male of the state's only breeding pair remains missing.
Wolves in Oregon: Don't be so quick on the trigger - Jul 11, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian weighs in on the wolf issue - in the 21st century, killing an endangered species should be an option of last resort.
Collaboration on forests sets course for future - Jul 08, 2010 - East Oregonian
The East Oregonian weighs in on the Wyden forest legislation.
Environmental groups file federal suit in Portland challenging kill permits for gray wolves - Jul 01, 2010 - The Oregonian
Oregon Wild and allies head to court to halt state-sponsored hunting of 2 of 14 gray wolves in Oregon.
Conservationists try to stop Ore. wolf kill order - Jul 01, 2010 - Associated Press
Lawsuit challenges state and federal plans to eliminate 2 of Oregon's 14 confirmed wolves.
Get Wild and Hike - Jul 01, 2010 - Eugene Weekly
Oregon Wild hosts hikes that are not just fun, but connect people to the places they work to protect.
Groups Object To Wolf-Kill Rule Changes - Jun 30, 2010 - OPB News
Temporary rule change in Oregon's wolf plan has environmental groups like Oregon Wild concerned.
Eastern Oregon forest compromise deserves to be passed - Jun 29, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild Conservation and Restoration Coordinator Doug Heiken pushes the merits of the Wyden eastside bill.
OR Marks 20 Years of Spotted Owl Protection - Jun 25, 2010 - Public News Service
Federal Endangered Species Act listing shifted forest management paradigm in Northwest.
Losing the Owl, Saving the Forest - Jun 25, 2010 - The New York Times
An essay on the decline of the northern spotted owl and the benefits of old-growth forest protection.
EDITORIAL: Climbing Devil’s Staircase - Jun 25, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Senate takes a key step toward creating new wilderness
Oregon Caves, Devils Staircase Closer to Wilderness Status - Jun 23, 2010 - OPB News
The Oregon Caves and the Devils Staircase are one step closer to being permanently protected as wilderness. A pair of bills passed through the Senate Energy Committee this week. KLCC's Rachael McDonald reports.
Wild Oregon summer hiking series: Meander with a message - Jun 21, 2010 - Statesman Journal
Oregonians have a great lineup of Oregon Wild hikes to look forward to for summer 2010.
Up Sucker Creek in southwest Oregon, gold miners' rights collide with environmental realities - Jun 19, 2010 - The Oregonian
Conflict over mining continues as miner plans to dig for gold along same stream where he was caught mining illegally last year.
Wolf News: Hunt Extended Again, Alpha Male Is Missing - Jun 18, 2010 - Natural Oregon
Wolf advocates worried by extension of ODFW kill order and absence of alpha male.
Missing alpha male wolf concerns biologists - Jun 18, 2010 - The La Grande Observer
The absence of the alpha male of one of Oregon's two wolf packs continues to concern wolf experts and conservation advocates.
Advocates: Wolf case a test for endangered species - Jun 14, 2010 - Associated Press
A federal court hears a case, in which Oregon Wild is a litigant, against the delisting of gray wolves.
Crowds expected Tuesday as wolves return to court in Missoula - Jun 13, 2010 - The Daily Missoulian
Federal court to hear wolf delisting lawsuit in which Oregon Wild is a litigant.
The wrong place to drive a wedge - Jun 08, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board questions whether criticizing the Wyden eastside forest legislation is a wise election year gambit.
Oregon environmentalists worry about rush of suction-dredging gold miners - Jun 07, 2010 - The Oregonian
Siskiyou Wild Rivers area braces for summer gold dredging season, uncertain level of protection.
EDITORIAL: Support Wyden forest plan - Jun 07, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Delegation should push breakthrough eastside deal
WOPR's ghost still haunts Western Oregon - Jun 06, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
How do we move forward in southwest Oregon forests? Ditch old-growth logging and focus on the restoration economy.
Senate Bill Would Protect Oregon's Old-Growth Trees, Promote Thinning - Jun 04, 2010 - OPB News
The Senate subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests convened in Bend Friday. It took testimony on Senator Ron Wyden's bill that would protect old-growth trees and promote forest thinning east of the Cascades. Reporter David Nogueras reports.
Wyden Brings Eastern OR Forest Bill to Bend - Jun 04, 2010 - Public News Service
Senate field hearing explores all opinions on compromise eastern Oregon old-growth protection and restoration legislation.
Poll shows strong support for eastern Oregon forest plan compromise - Jun 03, 2010 - The Oregonian
Poll comes in advance of Bend field hearing on Senator Wyden's forest legislation.
ODFW gives OK to kill two wolves - Jun 02, 2010 - Blue Mountain Eagle
In response to calf depredations, Oregon authorizes the killing of two wolves and issues 7 ranchers permits to kill more. Oregon's only breeding pair is to be spared.
Out of a clear blue river - Jun 02, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board urges quick action to protect the Wild & Scenic Chetco from harmful mining.
EDITORIAL: Another roadless ‘time out’ - Jun 02, 2010 - Eugene Register Guard
The Obama administration took a good but temporary step towards protecting roadless wildlands in Oregon & across the country. The Eugene Register Guard argues that it's time to do more.
Wild about the Rogue - Jun 01, 2010 - The Oregonian
With broad support, Congress should expand wilderness protections along Oregon's Rogue River
Obama administration extends roadless moratorium - May 28, 2010 - Associated Press
Questions remain over what projects will be approved under the moratorium.
Don't stop now - May 27, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
A compromise on wilderness is a good start; both sides should continue talking
EDITORIAL: Going Rogue - May 26, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Compromise would add 58,000 acres of wilderness
Wilderness designation clears key opposition - May 25, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Area would include Zane Grey roadless area along the lower Rogue River
Timber group won't oppose Rogue wilderness - May 24, 2010 - Associated Press
Agreement between conservationists and timber lobby group leaves room for Congress to enact Wilderness legislation.
Feds: No major changes for Columbia Basin salmon - May 21, 2010 - Associated Press
The Obama administration continues to do very little to protect Northwest Salmon.
A Deal for the Devil? - May 20, 2010 - Eugene Weekly
Roseburg Forest Products considering land trade to push Devil's Staircase Wilderness closer to passage.
Honing the forest vision - May 19, 2010 - Blue Mountain Eagle
Groups take issue with revision affecting three national forests
Plan to open forestland for mine venting called ‘outrageous’ - May 14, 2010 - The Colorado Independent
President Obama's Secretary of Agriculture gives the go-ahead for over a dozen projects in roadless areas. Mostly for coal & other mines.
Groups look to preserve rare Ore. butterfly - May 12, 2010 - KATU News
Xerxes Society and Oregon Wild team up with local butterfly expert to petition for ESA protection for Leona's little blue.
Wyden's Eastern Oregon forest plan gets a public hearing next month in Bend - May 11, 2010 - The Oregonian
The eastside old-growth legislation, supported by Oregon Wild, would protect ancient forests and restore degraded ecosystems.
In My View: Senator Wyden's Forest Bill - May 10, 2010 - Bend Bulletin
Oregon Wild Eastern Oregon Wildlands Advocate and founding member Tim Lillebo opines on the East Side Forest Legislation - and a possible end to the timber wars.
House panel passes bill by Oregon - May 06, 2010 - Albany Democrat-Herald
House panel passes bill on Oregon Caves backed by DeFazio.
Backers suspend Bradwood Landing liquefied gas terminal near Astoria - May 04, 2010 - The Oregonian
Future prospect of Palomar pipeline now less certain. NW Natural vows to continue plans to construct pipeline across Mount Hood National Forest.
Oregon’s Yellowstone deserves congressional protection - Apr 29, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon Wild Conservation and Restoration Coordinator, Doug Heiken expresses concerns over imminent threats to southwest Oregon and explores the potential permanent solution.
Oregon proposes tighter gold mining regulations - Apr 28, 2010 - Associated Press
Rules come in response to expected influx of harmful suction dredge mining after 2009 California ban.
Judge sets hearing on wolf delisting - Apr 27, 2010 - Helena Independent Record
Oral arguments are set for a hearing to determine if the premature delisting of western wolves was also illegal.
The comeback of Oregon chub: no longer endangered species - Apr 23, 2010 - The Oregonian
A little fish makes a big comeback.
Lawmakers want to block gold rush in Oregon - Apr 22, 2010 - Associated Press
Wilderness remains the best long term protection against harmful mining.
Wilderness protection for Oregon's Yellowstone - Apr 19, 2010 - The Oregonian
Wilderness Coordinator Erik Fernandez makes the argument for protecting the threatened lands of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers.
EDITORIAL: Keep focus on roadless rule - Apr 16, 2010 - Eugene Register Guard
The Eugene Register Guard encourages the Obama administration to stand behind its commitment to the 2001 Roadless Rule and reject a state-specific Colorado Rule that undermines it.
Vehicular vandalism - Apr 15, 2010 - La Grande Observer
Four wheelers tearing up USFS land on Mt. Emily
Editorial: Metal fatigue - Apr 15, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Federal agencies should call a time out as Congress fixes outdated mining laws
Oregon's salmon and taxpayers pay the price for mining - Apr 15, 2010 - The Oregonian
Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center staff member Lesley Adams argues for enhanced safeguards against harmful mining in SW Oregon.
Profiting from wilderness means protecting natural treasures - Apr 14, 2010 - Roseburg News-Review
Oregon Wild board member Susan Applegate explores the value in protecting Oregon's wildlands.
Scientists blast Colorado roadless rule even as Udall backs wildfire provisions - Apr 14, 2010 - The Colorado Independent
Over 500 Scientists join the growing backlash against the proposed Colorado-specific Roadless Rule that removes federal protections from over 4 million acres of roadless wildlands.
Study: Forests hit by beetles can regenerate - Apr 12, 2010 - Fort Collins Coloradoan
Another study shows beetle epidemics are a natural part of the life cycle of western forests and don't need human intervention to recover.
Slow down the gold rush - Apr 07, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board weighs in for extra protections for the Siskiyou Wild Rivers in advance of mining season.
Senator Merkley rafts Molalla River - Apr 07, 2010 - Molalla Pioneer
Looking to experience the river that would benefit from a Senate bill he's sponsoring, Merkley made a trip down the Molalla River on Tuesday
Kitzhaber, Bradbury mix it up at environmental debate - Mar 30, 2010 - The Oregonian
Huge turnout as candidates discuss their conservation vision for Oregon.
Forest Service planning under way - Mar 28, 2010 - Eugene Register Guard
As the Forest Service charts it's way forward, the public will have an opportunity to give some direction. A public meeting will be held in Portland on April 6th.
Wolf film lures 100 to theater - Mar 24, 2010 - Baker City Herald
Community hears about the ecological benefits of top predators, discusses strategies for living with wolves
EDITORIAL: Safeguarding the silence - Mar 24, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Park Service should decide on Crater Lake air tours
Bill would give Crater Lake say over helicopters - Mar 23, 2010 - Associated Press
Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley push for more direct control for National Park Service in air tour decisions.
Some common ground found on "D-Bug" debate - Mar 21, 2010 - Roseburg News-Review
Conservationists pushing for additional protections for roadless backcountry so thinning near communities can proceed.
Water crimped to Klamath farmers; federal plan aims to protect threatened salmon in the Klamath River - Mar 19, 2010 - Eureka Times-Standard
New biological opinion supplies less water for fish than prior plan.
Oregon's new gold rush is not good news for the state - Mar 19, 2010 - Medford Mail Tribune
Oregon Wild Healthy Rivers Campaign Coordinator weighs in on the rising threat of mining in southwest Oregon.
EDITORIAL: Don't let eastside forest deal go south - Mar 18, 2010 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian editorial board urges elected leaders and public to galvanize behind forest compromise.
A great state of carbon caches - Mar 16, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon stands apart in ability to store greenhouse gases.
Developer lays claim to more than gold in Oregon wilderness - Mar 13, 2010 - The Oregonian
Governments and environmentalists work to solve mining threat in the heart of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers.
Northern Rockies wolf population grew in 2009, but slower than in recent years - Mar 12, 2010 - Missoulian
In what represents an expansion of range, the Northern Rockies population that includes Eastern Oregon grew by 56 wolves in 2009.
As the gray wolf recovers, who are its friends? - Mar 12, 2010 - Crosscut
Wolves are returning to the Pacific Northwest. Who cares?
As Wolves Move West, Oregon’s Wolf Plan Comes Up For Review - Mar 11, 2010 - Natural Oregon
ODFW begins a review of its relatively untested wolf management plan
The right time for forest restoration - Mar 10, 2010 - The Oregonian
Old foes Andy Kerr and John Shelk now share a vision for eastern Oregon forest restoration and protection.
Clinton-era roadless forests rule in appeals court today - Mar 10, 2010 - Denver Post
The Obama administration defends the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule in a court battle against mining and development interests.
Mine near Cottage Grove now on Superfund list - Mar 05, 2010 - Eugene Register-Guard
It will take up to five years to create a plan for cleaning up the toxic Black Butte mercury mine site
Logging beetle kill won’t reduce outbreaks, report says - Mar 03, 2010 - Aspen Daily News
A new report concludes that logging to reduce beetle outbreaks and fire risk simply doesn't work.
Special Report: The Klamath Agreements - Mar 02, 2010 - KDRV TV
A special television report examines the pros and cons of the Klamath Agreements and who stands where.
Why the Humboldt Watershed Council cannot support the Klamath settlement - Feb 19, 2010 - Eureka Times-Standard
California North Coast resident and head of local watershed council details why there is a better way forward in the Klamath.
Wildlife Officials Capture And Collar Three Oregon Wolves - Feb 19, 2010 - Natural Oregon
ODFW wolf biologist Russ Morgan captures and collars 3 of the Imnaha Wolf Pack in Northeastern Oregon.
Oregon, California sign deal aimed at ending Klamath water wars - Feb 18, 2010 - The Oregonian
Questions still remain over dam removal timeline, wildlife refuge protections, water for salmon.
Schwarzenegger Visits Salem For Klamath Agreement Signing - Feb 18, 2010 - OPB News
Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the Oregon capitol Thursday. Why? Because four dams along the Klamath River on the Oregon-California border are one step closer to coming down. More than 30 governmental, agricultural, tribal and conservation groups, along with PacifiCorp, signed a landmark agreement in Salem. But even the star power of the governor of Cali