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Nearly 500,000 More Americans Speak Out Against Federal Plan to Strip Wolves of Protections - Mar 31, 2014 - WASHINGTON
Scientific Peer Review Questioning Wolf Proposal Prompts Many to Write Administration
Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Rare Coastal Plant in Oregon and California - Mar 07, 2014 - Portland, Ore
Silvery Phacelia Threatened by Off-road Vehicles and Development
Wyden-style Clearcut Causes Mudslide on O&C Lands - Feb 27, 2014 - Roseburg, OR
Neighboring landowners discover mudslide in Buck Rising clearcut; fear Wyden plan to clearcut public lands could cause many more.
State Announces Wolf Recovery Numbers - Feb 25, 2014 - Salem, ORE
Conservationists welcome news as recovery of endangered species stays on track in 2013.
Wyden O&C Hearing: Clearcut Plan Wrong - Feb 06, 2014 - Washington, D.C.
Highlighting past partnerships, Oregon conservation group says clearcut logging plan puts clean water, wildlife, and recreation industry at risk.
Roseburg BLM Clearcut Logging Plan Challenged - Jan 22, 2014 - Eugene, Oregon
Conservationists go to court to stop controversial clearcutting plan for White Castle forest; century old trees on the chopping block in sale that mimics Wyden O&C logging plan.
Oregon Wild Opposes Misguided Portland Water Initiative - Jan 08, 2014 - Portland, Oregon
Initiative will weaken accountability, transparency, and ability of Portland citizens to participate in critical decisions affecting Bull Run watershed.
Oregon Wild "Home of the Clearcut" Billboard Debuts at PDX Airport - Jan 01, 2014 - Portland, Oregon
Port of Portland fought to keep ad out of PDX Airport; court ruled port was in violation of state constitution's broad free-speech provisions.
"The 12 Clearcuts of Christmas" Video Skewers Oregon Politicians - Dec 20, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Satire highlights plans by Wyden, others to clearcut Oregon's public lands, clean water, and wildlife.
Eastern Oregon Forest Bill Loses Conservation Support - Dec 18, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Senator Wyden abandons previous compromise on Eastern Oregon forests, proposes logging of trees up to 200 years old.
Proposal to Strip Federal Wolf Protections Faces Strong Opposition - Dec 17, 2013 - Seattle, Wash.
Over 100,000 residents of western U.S. urge Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain federal protections for gray wolves.
Court Ruling Favors Free Speech on Portland Airport Clearcutting Ads - Dec 13, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Judge upholds Oregon constitutional protections for freedom of speech, bars Port of Portland from rejecting anti-clearcutting ads on political grounds.
Conservationists Urge Wyden, Kitzhaber to Protect Klamath Wildlife - Dec 04, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Klamath Basin Task Force concludes with tentative deal on water, but fails to address ongoing water crisis for Klamath National Wildlife Refuges.
Logging Plan Threatens Proposed Crater Lake Wilderness - Dec 03, 2013 - Eugene, Oregon
Conservationists file legal challenge to protect popular recreation areas and imperiled wildlife habitat in Umpqua National Forest.
Clearcuts and Controversy as Wyden Logging Bill Introduced - Nov 26, 2013 - Eugene, Oregon
Senator embraces logging while conservation groups representing tens of thousands members express disappointment.
New Proposals for Post-Fire Logging Fail to Protect Northern Spotted Owls - Nov 21, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Numerous scientific surveys and studies have catalogued the harm to wildlife and damage to ecosystems and the landscape in the wake of salvage logging in burned areas.
"Eco-Forestry" Isn't Quite What It Implies - Oct 25, 2013 - Eugene, Oregon
Sen. Ron Wyden may embrace controversial "eco-forestry" clearcutting to bail out O&C county governments.
Outdoor Photo Contest Winners Revealed at Sold-Out Call of the Wild Benefit - Oct 18, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Nearly 300 attendees enjoy photos of Oregon's wild places, mingle with area photographers and wilderness advocates, sample local food and drink.
Questions to Ask Regarding Impending Sen. Wyden O&C Logging Legislation - Oct 10, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
How will Sen. Ron Wyden's logging legislation stack up against his 2012 "Principles for an O&C Solution?"
Rally for Public Lands Demonstrates Support for O&C Lands Conservation - Oct 01, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Diverse group of Oregonains braves rainy weather, marches to Sen. Wyden's Portland office to rally for responsible O&C lands policy.
Portland Airport Faces Legal Challenge Over Clearcut Ad Rejection - Sep 27, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Conservationists and ACLU of Oregon take Port of Portland to court over rejection of advertising, violation of constitutional protections for freedom of speech.
Conservation Groups Call on USFWS to Hold Additional Gray Wolf De-Listing Hearings - Sep 26, 2013 - Seattle, Wash.
Pacific Wolf Coalition members seek additional hearings in Washington, Oregon and California.
Portland Airport Rejects Anti-Clearcutting Advertisements - Sep 19, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Conservationists and ACLU of Oregon urge reconsideration, highlight freedom of speech protections under Oregon Constitution.
Oregon Wild Call of the Wild Arrives October 18th - Sep 18, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Winners of the 2013 Outdoor Photo Contest will be revealed at this camp-inspired benefit event with food, drink, photography, and a "wild" array of silent auction prizes.
Logging Industry Loses Latest Attack On Threatened Seabird - Sep 05, 2013 - Washington, DC
Marbled murrelets, a unique coastal bird, and their old-growth forest habitat will remain protected.
Conservationists to Congress: O&C Logging Must Not Gut Water, Wildlife Protection Laws - Aug 28, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Coalition of 20 local, state, and national organizations signal solidarity on O&C logging, run Oregonian ads opposing weakening of environmental safeguards
Conservationists Launch "Oregon, Home of the Clearcut" Ad Campaign - Aug 27, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Spotlight on the continued problem of forest clearcutting in Oregon and the potential return of aggressive logging to public lands.
O&C Forests Top List of 10 Most Endangered Places In the State - Aug 26, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Logging and privatization schemes make BLM forests the clear choice as the most imperiled landscape in Oregon.
Reps. Hastings and DeFazio Call for Drastic Increase In Logging to Bail Out Counties - Jul 31, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Linked proposals would return to clear-cut logging and bypass environmental protections.
Conservationists Commend ODFW on Wolf Conservation Initiative - Jul 02, 2013 - Salem, Oregon
New website advances historic wolf settlement agreement; provides resources to prevent conflict.
Wolf Settlement Bill Passes Oregon Senate - Jun 27, 2013 - Salem, OR
Legislation codifies historic agreement between conservationists, livestock industry, and state
Devil's Staircase Wilderness Passes U.S. Senate With Unanimous Consent - Jun 20, 2013 - Washington, DC
Legislation will designate nearly 30,000 acres in the Oregon Coast Range.
Nine Wildlife Organizations Urge Wyden to Act on Klamath Refuges - Jun 20, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
National coalition of conservation groups highlight plight of Klamath National Wildlife Refuges; urge Wyden to re-introduce 2002 Klamath reform legislation.
Klamath Wildlife Refuges Face Severe Water Crisis - Jun 19, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Worst drought on record for Klamath Wildlife; man-made conditions increase risk of disease outbreaks.
Oregon Treasures Bill Passes Out of Committee Unanimously - Jun 18, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Legislation includes protections for the Wild Rogue Wilderness and Molalla Wild and Scenic River, among several others.
Settlement Reached In Wolf Legal Fight - May 24, 2013 - Salem, Oregon
Conservationists help craft a balanced plan that includes stronger legal standards, improved livestock husbandry, and greater public accountability.
Statement from Sean Stevens On Sen. Wyden's O&C Legislative Framework - May 23, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Oregon Wild urges Senator Wyden to pursue balanced approach to protect clean water, salmon, and Oregon's tourism and recreation economy.
Summer Hikes to the Proposed Crater Lake Wilderness - May 22, 2013 - Medford, Oregon
The Crater Lake Wilderness coalition celebrates the 111th birthday of the designation of Crater Lake National Park by announcing a series of outings designed to showcase the Crater Lake region.
Oregon Legislature Protects Waldo Lake - May 13, 2013 - Salem, Oregon
Passes law banning motorboats and sea planes on one of the purest lakes in the world.
State Legislature Votes to Protect Waldo Lake - May 13, 2013 - Salem, Oregon
Vote in the Oregon House of Representatives on SB 602-A the culmination of nearly two decades' worth of conservation work.
Oregon Wild Statement on Proposal to Strip Protections from Gray Wolves - Apr 26, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Oregon's leading conservation group opposes premature decision based on politics rather than sound science or conservation values.
Safeguards for Water Quality and Salmon Approved by Key Senate Committee - Apr 18, 2013 - Salem, Oregon
SBs 401 and 838 would curb destructive suction dredge mining in Oregon's iconic waterways.
Oregonians Highlight Recreation Areas On BLM-Managed "Backyard Forests" - Mar 26, 2013 - Eugene, Oregon
Western Oregon's BLM-managed O&C lands offer a tremendous array of close-to-home outdoor recreation.
Oregon Wild Presents Two Early Spring Wild Wednesday Events - Mar 22, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
We roll out the "Wild Four" finalists of Oregon Wild Madness in Portland March 27th, talk Crater Lake Wilderness in Medford with Russell Sadler on April 3rd.
Devil's Staircase and Molalla River See Another Day On Capitol Hill - Mar 16, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Legislation for proposed Devil's Staircase Wilderness, Molalla Wild and Scenic River in familiar territory in Congress, with help from Senator Wyden, Representative Schrader.
World's Most Famous Wolf, Journey, Returns Home to Oregon - Mar 13, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Also known as OR-7, wolf crossed into Klamath County the evening of March 12th.
Oregon Wild Spring Wildflower and Waterfall Hikes - Mar 06, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Join expert botanist Wendell Wood, other Oregon Wild staff in exploring Oregon's spectacular places and hard-to-reach corners.
Oregon Wild Launches Second Annual Oregon Wild Madness - Mar 01, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Competition aims to generate greater awareness and appreciation for Oregon's special, wild places.
Congress Feels Love for Oregon's Natural Treasures - Feb 14, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
The legislative box of chocolates includes protections for gems like the Wild Rogue and Devil's Staircase.
Statement on Gov. Kitzhaber O&C Timber Panel Proposals - Feb 07, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Oregon Wild provides context through which to view the governor's "menu of options" and position on increased logging on O&C lands.
Nomination of REI President Sally Jewell to Lead Interior Dept. Positive Step - Feb 06, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Conservation community cautiously optimistic with President Obama's choice for Secretary of the Interior.
One Thousand Wolves Killed In Western United States - Feb 01, 2013 - Portland, ORE
Landmark American conservation success story is taking a tragic turn
Conservationists Challenge Controversial BLM Clearcutting Pilot Projects - Jan 30, 2013 - Roseburg, Oregon
Despite "restoration" spin, the White Castle timber sale is still a destructive clear-cut that puts clean water and wildlife at risk.
Oregon Wolf Gunned Down in Idaho - Jan 24, 2013 - Portland, OR
Oregon conservationists lament killing, highlight contrasting approaches to wolf management and wildlife conservation.
Coalition Warns of County Payments Fallout - Jan 18, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
As the governor's county payment advisory panel considers options, conservationists warn of new restrictions on private lands and logging.
State Announces Wolf Recovery Numbers - Jan 16, 2013 - Salem, OR
With the state's wolf killing program on hold, conservationists celebrate recent success, express concern for the future.
Conservation Groups Challenge Crater Lake-Area Logging - Jan 02, 2013 - Portland, Oregon
Groups cite concern for vulnerable wildlife in opposing auction on controversial project which has generated conflict since 2009.
Anniversary of OR-7's Arrival In California Inspires New Wolf Alliance - Dec 21, 2012 - Sacramento, California
Coalition Formed to Chart New Course for Wolf Recovery in the Pacific States
Nineteen National and State Conservation Groups Respond to Wyden O&C Principles - Dec 17, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Oregon Wild, Sierra Club, Earthjustice, and others signal willingness to work with Wyden on legislation based on O&C principles.
Oregon Wild and Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center Launch "Our Backyard Forests" Campaign - Dec 10, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
The two conservation organizations look to the public to help identify special places threatened by logging on the state's BLM-managed O&C Lands.
Oregon Wild Wildlands and Wildlife Advocate Named 2012 Skidmore Prize Winner - Nov 07, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Rob Klavins becomes the second Oregon Wild staffer to win the annual prize, awarded to young Portlanders making a difference through area non-profit organizations.
Stop Gillnets Now Coalition Message to Oregon Voters Regarding Measure 81 - Oct 23, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Coalition ended active support for Measure 81 in September in favor of building public support for Gov. Kitzhaber's compromise.
Oregon Wild Talks Wolves On AM Northwest - Oct 11, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Wildlife and Wildlands Advocate Rob Klavins stopped by KATU-TV's AM Northwest to talk about Journey and Oregon's wolves.
Executive Director Sean Stevens Talks With KPOJ's Carl Wolfson - Oct 11, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
We got Sean out of bed early to catch up with 620 KPOJ Morning Host Carl Wolfson About Wild Exposure.
Oregon Wild Statement On Sen. Wyden's O&C Principles - Oct 09, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Statement from Sean Stevens, Executive Director
Photo Contest Finalists Now On-Line - Sep 25, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Oregon Wild's eighth annual outdoor photo contest heads into the home stretch with Wild Exposure.
35 Conservation Organizations Sound Alarm on Klamath Water - Sep 24, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Wildlife advocates urge Obama administration not to allow National Wildlife Refuges to go dry during critical fall migration.
Deadline for Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest Is This Friday - Sep 10, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Four Categories Highlight Oregon's Wild Places and Threatened Landscapes
Conservation Group Challenges BLM “Pilot” Clear-Cutting Projects - Aug 29, 2012 - Eugene, Ore
Oregon Wild files objection to Roseburg BLM plan to clear-cut 175 acres of century-old forest
Conservationists Call on Obama Administration to Protect Wolves - Aug 13, 2012 - Portland, ORE
Twenty-four Conservation Groups Call on President Obama to Maintain Protections for Wolves in the Pacific Northwest
Conservationists Call For More Logging - Jun 29, 2012 - Portland, Ore
New study finds non-controversial timber volume
Big Timber Manufactures Timber Volume Crisis in Western Oregon - Jun 20, 2012 - Eugene, OR
New logging data highlights inaccurate claims of gridlock by administration, politicians, and industry
Oregon Wild Unveils Forestry Handbook - Jun 14, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Publication outlines principles for restoration that could create jobs while improving forest health
Celebrate Great Outdoors Month with Oregon Wild’s Summer Hiking Series - Jun 11, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild Summer outings explore places in need of protection
Controversial Goose Logging Project Near McKenzie Bridge Challenged - May 07, 2012 - Eugene, Ore
Lawsuit filed to protect the cherished McKenzie River, Eugene’s drinking water, and endangered species
Is ODFW Supporting Wolf Poaching? - May 03, 2012 - Salem, ORE
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff to share stage with poaching advocates just days after another criminal incident announced
Oregon Wild Press Statement on Likely Wolf Poaching - May 02, 2012 - Cove, ORE
Conservation group expresses concern over poaching places responsibility on those who foster environment of fear and hysteria
Oregon Wild Announces New Executive Director - May 01, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Familiar face, Sean Stevens, takes the helm of pioneering conservation group
Oregon Wild Madness Narrowed to “Wild Four” - Mar 29, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Public vote declares final candidates for “Oregon’s Favorite Place” from a field of 32 special wild places
26 Organizations Sound Alarm on Klamath Water - Mar 27, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Wildlife advocates urge Obama administration not to allow National Wildlife Refuges to go dry, halt removal of endangered fish
Oregon Wild Statement on New Rules for National Forests - Mar 23, 2012 - Portland, ORE
Conservation group applauds modest gains for National Forests
Oregon Wild Launches Oregon Wild Madness - Mar 12, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Effort aims to generate awareness and appreciation for Oregon’s special wild places
ADVISORY: Wolf Kill Bill Dies as Legislature Winds Down - Mar 06, 2012 - Salem, ORE
State doesn’t buy wolf “emergency” after anti-wildlife interests “cry wolf”
Famous Wolf Taking a Wilderness Tour Through Oregon and California - Feb 28, 2012 - Portland, Ore
In travels, Journey (OR-7) shows a preference for protected and proposed wilderness areas
Hastings and DeFazio Call For Drastic Increase in Logging to Fund Counties - Feb 16, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Two proposals would return to clear-cut logging exempt from environmental laws
Group Challenges Federal Inaction in Protecting Threatened Rogue River Coho Salmon - Feb 07, 2012 - Medford, Ore
Years of delay in updating water diversion plan puts fish at risk
New Plan Would Solve County Payments Impasse - Feb 01, 2012 - Eugene, Ore
Local, state, and national groups unveil plan to replace federal subsidies without resorting to clear-cutting public lands
Government Delay, Drought Prompts Renewed Push for Protection of Klamath River Chinook Salmon - Feb 01, 2012 - Portland, Ore
Fears of looming drought make 2012 a pivotal time for Klamath Chinook protections
ADVISORY: Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Pushing Wolf-killing Legislation - Jan 28, 2012 - Portland, ORE
Measure Would Declare “Emergency” Conditions due to 29 Wolves in Oregon, Fast-track Killing of “Journey’s” Pack
Oregon Wild Statement on New National Forest Rules - Jan 26, 2012 - Portland, ORE
Conservationists offer measured praise for Obama Administration
Famous Trekking Wolf Gets Apt New Name – "Journey" - Jan 04, 2012 - Portland, Oregon
Contest ends with new name for OR-7, now the first wolf to return to California in 90 years.
Press Advisory - Conservationists to Kitzhaber: Require Balance on Wolf Compensation - Dec 19, 2011 - Portland, ORE
A Dozen Local, State, and National Conservation Organizations urge Governor Kitzhaber to ensure pro-wildlife voices included in wolf panels
Business Owners Applaud Bill to Protect Wild Rogue - Dec 15, 2011 - Grants Pass, Ore
Legislation vitally important for local economy
Oregon Wild Announces Series of Winter Snowshoe Outings - Dec 14, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Popular hiking series returns with Portland and Eugene area excursions
Conservationists, Sportsmen, Businesses Cheer Legislation Protecting Roadless Backcountry - Nov 17, 2011
Bipartisan legislation would make popular conservation effort permanent
Court Extends Ban on Killing Oregon’s Endangered Wolves - Nov 15, 2011 - Salem, ORE
State’s First Wolf Pack in 65 Years Out of Crosshairs — for Now
Devil’s Staircase Wilderness Passes Out of Senate Committee - Nov 10, 2011 - Washington, DC
Iconic Oregon Coast Range Forest Moves Closer to Permanent Protection
Oregon Wild Launches “OR-7” Wolf Name and Art Contest - Nov 10, 2011 - Oregon
Connect with the Wild encourages kids to track OR-7’s journey, promote wildlife conservation
Merkley Legislation on Klamath Falls Short - Nov 10, 2011 - Portland, ORE
Oregon conservationists frustrated by anti-wildlife provisions, lack of water for salmon
Conservationists Celebrate First Wolf in Western Oregon - Nov 01, 2011 - Oregon
After 500 mile journey, a young male known as OR7 returns to historic habitat in the Southern Cascades
Devil’s Staircase Gets First House Committee Hearing in 111th Congress - Oct 24, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Popularity of Wilderness legislation propels protections forward
Oregon Wild Press Statement on Roadless Rule Victory - Oct 21, 2011 - Portland, ORE
Conservationists savor victory in last legal challenge to one of the most popular, common sense conservation efforts in history
Oregon Wild Unveils 2011 Photo Contest Winners - Oct 07, 2011 - Portland, Oregon
Seventh annual contest highlights endangered places and beauty of Oregon's outdoors.
Governor Kitzhaber Nominates Oregon Natural Crown Jewels - Oct 06, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Oregon’s Governor pushes for Wilderness protection, hopes to add areas for national Crown Jewels list
Court Stays Execution of Two Oregon Wolves - Oct 06, 2011 - Salem, ORE
Court orders Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to suspend hunt for two of Oregon's 14 endangered wolves
Lawsuit Filed to Stop Killing of Endangered Oregon Wolves - Oct 05, 2011 - Salem, ORE
State Wildlife Agency’s Kill Order Likely Last Nail in Coffin for Imnaha Pack
Federal Judge Recommends Striking Down Illegal Oregon Logging Plan - Sep 29, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Big day for wildlife, salmon, clean water, old-growth forests, and the public
Klamath Wetlands Top 10 Most Endangered Places List in 2011 - Sep 29, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Agribusiness trumps eagles and pelicans as Klamath marshes return to “Most Endangered” list for third straight year
Governor Kitzhaber Helps Kick Off Oregon’s Great Outdoors Week - Aug 18, 2011 - Salem, ORE
Conservation, recreation groups join call to get out, enjoy, and protect our public lands and Wilderness
Pioneering National Forest Collaboration Celebrates 10 Years of Success - Aug 16, 2011 - Walton, Oregon
Restoration-based logging provides path to new model for public lands management.
ADVISORY - Pioneering National Forest Collaboration Celebrates 10 Years of Success - Aug 11, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Speakers, media tour, and more to celebrate a decade of restoration.
New Data Shows Unlogged Forests Fight Global Warming Better Than Industrial Forests - Aug 03, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Maps show stark comparison between private land clear-cuts and public old growth
Oregon Wild Statement on Wildlife Killing Fund (HB3636) - Aug 01, 2011 - Salem, ORE
Wasteful Legislation Does a Disservice to Oregon
Oregon Wolf Tourism Set For a Howling Success With Two Summer Trips - Jul 27, 2011 - Joseph, ORE
Conservation group leads first of two summer wolf-themed getaways this weekend
Sen. Wyden Introduces Bill to Weaken Clean Water Act - Jul 18, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Legislation would exempt logging roads from Clean Water Act, put drinking water, salmon, and streams at risk
Historic Accord for Old-Growth Conservation and Forest Restoration Clears Court - Jul 07, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Judge approves settlement overturning illegal Bush-era efforts to scrap "look before you log" safeguards
With Summer, Environmental Groups Turn Up Heat for Crater Lake Protections - Jun 30, 2011 - Portland, Oregon
Coalition Launches Expanded Campaign to Protect Crater Lake
Independent Science Review Faults Klamath Settlement Agreement - Jun 28, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Scientists say $1 billion plan unlikely to work; does not go far enough to restore wetlands, reduce water demand
Wildlife Advocates Call on State to Suspend Wolf Killing, Prioritize Recovery - Jun 06, 2011 - SALEM, Ore
Coalition critiques wolf management in Oregon, seeks immediate changes
Picture It, Protect It: The Seventh Annual Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest - May 27, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Popular contest returns with focus on capturing Oregon’s wild places, threatened landscape
Court Halts Logging of Pristine Forest Above McKenzie River - May 24, 2011 - Eugene, Ore
Decade-old timber sale rejected for violating basic law
Summer Hiking Series Explores Oregon’s Untouched Wilderness - May 24, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Outings led by Oregon Wild, state’s oldest conservation group
Coalition Calls on California Regulators to Enforce Clean Water Standards - May 11, 2011 - Arcata, Cal,
Saying the Klamath can’t wait, groups ask Water Board to halt delays in PacifiCorp relicensing
Oregon Wild Statement on Wolf Kill Orders - May 05, 2011 - PORTLAND ORE
Decision is a blow to recovery. Demonstrates threats, weakness of management plan
Billboard backers hope wolves, wildlife will stir Wallowa County tourism - May 03, 2011 - LA GRANDE, ORE
Advertising effort draws attention to Wallowa County’s unique potential as Oregon’s eco- tourism hotspot
Lawsuit Filed to Stop Unlawful Killing of Endangered Wolves in Oregon - May 03, 2011 - PORTLAND ORE
Conservation groups file a lawsuit to stop the unlawful killing of two of Oregon's 23 confirmed wolves. The kill order was announced by US Fish and Wildlife Services in response to livestock depredations
Feds Agree, Klamath River Chinook Salmon Need Endangered Species Review - Apr 11, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Decision comes in repsonse to petition filed by Oregon Wild and partners
Congress Introduces Protections for Oregon Natural Areas - Apr 07, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Wyden, Merkley and DeFazio introduce popular conservation proposals
Forest Service Brings Controversial Road Show to Pacific Northwest - Mar 24, 2011 - PORTLAND ORE
Public meeting on proposed forest rules generate controversy, disappointment
Settlement reached on wolf recovery in Idaho and Montana - Mar 18, 2011 - Missoula, Mont
Wolves to remain protected in Oregon and Washington
Bill Introduced to Protect Molalla River as a Wild and Scenic River - Feb 17, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Bill based on community effort from diverse coalition
Billboard Keeps the Heat on Wolf Poacher - Feb 14, 2011 - La Grande, Ore
Groups advertise $10,000 reward in hopes of catching wolf killer
Obama and Vilsack Disappoint With New National Forest Planning Rules - Feb 10, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Draft rules outline weaker protections than 1982 rules implemented by Reagan
Oregon Wild Press Statement on Whitsett Wolf Kill Bill Introduction - Feb 03, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Organization responds to bill aiming to pull state species protection from gray wolf.
Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Klamath River Chinook Salmon - Jan 27, 2011 - Portland, Ore
Recovery needed for salmon population reduced to a few thousand fish
Holiday ad asks Obama to protect national forests - Dec 15, 2010 - Washington, D.C.
Oregon Wild partners with Pew and allies to call for federal rules that “stand the test of time”
Conservationists Challenge Plan to Log Near Crater Lake - Nov 10, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Roadless timber sale has generated national attention, public criticism
Conservation Coalition Challenges Feds to Protect Forests, Streams, and Wildlife - Oct 26, 2010 - Medford, Ore
Controversial BLM timber sale wrong direction for agency looking for a path forward
Oregon Wild Unveils 2010 Photo Contest Winners at Open House Event - Oct 21, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Painted Hills, Cape Kiwanda, and Three Sisters among winning images
Conservation Organizations Challenge Decade-Old Logging Plan Above Renowned McKenzie River - Oct 14, 2010 - Eugene, Oregon
Trapper timber sale targets older forests important for rare wildlife, clean water, and recreation.
Northeast Oregon Residents, Conservationists Offer $7,500 Reward for Info on Wolf Poacher - Oct 08, 2010 - Enterprise, Ore
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service looking for tips to aid investigation into illegal killing
Oregon Wild Press Statement on Unconfirmed Wolf Poaching in Umatilla National Forest - Oct 06, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Group hopes for swift and successful investigation
Oregon Wild Announces New Executive Director, Scott Shlaes - Sep 21, 2010 - Portland, Ore
State’s leading conservation group hires sixth leader in 36-year history
Wild Rogue River Tops List of Threatened Oregon Places, Politics the Culprit - Sep 08, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Report identifies 10 Most Endangered Places in Oregon for 2010
Conservation Group Files Mining Claim, Highlights Outdated Federal Mining Law - Aug 10, 2010 - Grants Pass, Oregon
Effort shows 1872 Mining Law in desperate need of reform
Oregon Wild, Gov. Kulongoski Help Launch First Annual “Roadless Recreation Week” - Aug 06, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Outdoor activities start Saturday in Oregon national forests and across the country
Federal Court Reinstates Federal Wolf Protections - Aug 06, 2010 - Bozeman, Montana
Northern Rockies gray wolves win back their endangered status under the Endangered Species Act as result of a federal lawsuit filed by Oregon Wild and 12 other conservation partners.
Faith Leaders Stand Up for Mining Reform, River Protections in Southwest Oregon - Aug 03, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Over 150 sign on to letter urging protections for the Siskiyou Wild Rivers
WOPR One Year Later – Nine Logging Mills Still Stuck in the Past - Jul 22, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Some logging companies still think “no log is too big”
Wolves Earn Reprieve as Hunt Halted - Jul 02, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Wildlife advocates celebrate short-term victory for endangered wolves
Lawsuit Filed to Stop Federal, State-sanctioned Killing of Endangered Wolves - Jul 01, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Groups take federal government to court over illegal effort to kill endangered wolves
Primeval Coastal Forest Protections Move Forward With Senate Hearing - Jun 22, 2010 - Eugene, Ore
Committee mark-up sets stage for full Senate vote
Conservationists Decry Continued Efforts to Kill Endangered Wolves - Jun 18, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Oregon wildlife managers violate state plan in extending wolf kill order
Summer Hiking Series Kicks Off This Weekend - Jun 17, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Group combines outdoor adventure and activism
On Eve of Mining Season, State Legislators Push Reform - Jun 09, 2010 - Portland, Ore and Ashland, Ore
Elected leaders seek protections for Siskiyou Wild Rivers from outdated mining laws
Senate Committee Comes to Central Oregon to Hear Testimony on Wyden Forest Bill - Jun 04, 2010 - Bend, Ore
Conservationists and timber industry testify in support of forest restoration and protection legislation
New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Wyden Forest Legislation - Jun 03, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Restoration bill for 8.3 million acres of National Forest backed by statewide, 2nd District voters
ADVISORY: Senate Committee in Central Oregon for Eastern Oregon Forest Legislation Field Hearing - Jun 01, 2010 - Bend, Ore
Conservationists, timber leaders, scientists set to testify in support of Wyden legislation
Oregon Wild Announces Sixth Annual Outdoor Photo Contest - Jun 01, 2010 - Portland, Ore
“Endangered Places” category takes on twist, features people
Conservationists, Timber Leaders Strike Deal on Rogue River Protections - May 24, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Agreement removes last hurdle to Wild Rogue Wilderness protections moving forward
Conservation Groups Seek Endangered Species Act Protection for Imperiled Klamath Basin Butterfly - May 12, 2010 - Portland, OR
With only a single population and multiple threats, Leona's little blue butterfly is on the brink of extinction.
Oregon Wild Statement on Wolf Depredation - May 06, 2010 - Portland, Ore
As wolves begin to recover in state, conservationists put incident in context
Oregon Wild Statement on Colorado Roadless Plan - Apr 06, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Roadless Advocate Rob Klavins weighs in on potential harm to Oregon roadless backcountry
Oregon Wild Statement on NMFS Biological Opinion for Klamath Irrigation Project - Mar 18, 2010 - Portland, Ore
Reaction to the new biological opinion for coho salmon that reduces river flow as compared to prior, court-mandated BiOp.
Unlikely Allies Share Table at Senate Hearing on Wyden Forest Bill - Mar 10, 2010 - WASHINGTON, D.C.
Conservationists and timber industry testify in support of old-growth protection and restoration legislation
Citizens Propose Plan to Protect Homes, Backcountry Forests in Central Cascades - Mar 08, 2010 - CLACKAMAS, ORE
New thinning proposal steers clear of roadless forests, avoids controversial logging
Oregon, California Coalition Calls on Congress to Fix Klamath Deal - Feb 18, 2010 - ARCATA, CAL and PORTLAND, ORE
With the Klamath settlement negotiations over, wildlife and river groups push realistic restoration plan
Local, National Businesses Call for Protection of Siskiyou Wild Rivers, Mining Reform - Feb 09, 2010 - Grants Pass, Ore
As mining claims increase, local businesses fear for their bottom line
Conservation Groups Cheer New Wyden Forest Legislation - Dec 16, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Eastern Oregon bill builds on historic agreement between timber industry, state and national conservation leaders
Oregon, California Coalition Unveils Streamlined Plan for Klamath Dam Removal - Dec 15, 2009 - Arcata, Cal
Groups push for expedited timeline and overhaul of water deal
New Walden Logging Plan Drains Money From Community Fire Protection - Dec 08, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Plan would promote logging in undeveloped backcountry areas
Conservation Groups Bring Lawsuit to Protect Roadless Area from Off-Road Vehicles in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area - Dec 07, 2009 - Eugene, Ore
Legal challenge aims to limit further illegal encroachment into sensitive Dunes natural areas.
Oregon Wild Reaction to Oregon Wolf Video - Nov 20, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Reaction quote from Rob Klavins - coordinator of the Oregon Wild Wolf Pack advocacy group.
Oregon Wild Announces Outdoor Photo Contest Winners - Nov 19, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Photographs feature beloved, threatened Oregon landscapes
Wyden, Merkely, DeFazio Press for Enhanced Protections for Oregon’s Yellowstone - Nov 12, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Oregon elected officials push for mining moratorium in southwest Oregon
Oregon State Marine Board Proposes Protections for Waldo Lake - Nov 04, 2009 - Eugene, Ore
Rule would create largest gas motor-free lake in Oregon
Devil’s Staircase Wilderness, Molalla River Wild & Scenic Pass Key Committee - Oct 28, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Two Oregon gems continue to sail through Congress towards protection
Salazar Announces New Direction for Oregon Forests, Will BLM Heed Call? - Oct 14, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Conservationists hope increased cooperation between BLM and USFWS leads to better management
Protections for Primeval Coastal Forest, Wild and Scenic River Presented at Congressional Hearing - Oct 01, 2009 - Portland
U.S. House of Representatives committee looks to safeguard two Oregon gems
Congress Seizes Moment to Protect America’s Last Pristine Forests - Oct 01, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Bipartisan group pushes lasting legislative solution for nation’s roadless backcountry
Klamath Dam Deal Announced, But What’s on Deck? - Sep 30, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Dam removal still linked to settlement scheme harmful to fish and wildlife
Court Finds Wolf Delisting is Likely Unlawful; Declines to Stop Wolf Hunts - Sep 09, 2009 - Missoula, Mont.
Oregon Wild hears good news and bad on wolf injunction suit.
At Summer’s Last Outdoors Hurrah, a Cautionary Note - Sep 03, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Group releases 10 Most Endangered Places in Oregon for 2009
Press Statement on Wolf Kill Order - Sep 01, 2009 - Portland, Ore
ODFW Authorizes Lethal Action Against Two Gray Wolves
Conservation Groups Challenge Wolf Hunting - Aug 20, 2009 - Missoula, MT
Oregon Wild joins coalition of conservation groups challenging premature wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana
Oregon Wild Warns Legal Action on Crater Lake Helicopters - Aug 06, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Conservationists insist helicopter tours at the Park not consistent with law, wilderness experience
Court Reaffirms Roadless Protections in Oregon, Across the West - Aug 05, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Questions still linger over future of roadless timber sale in Umpqua National Forest
Conservationists Issue Report Card on Proposed BLM Timber Sales - Aug 04, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Group hopes to steer Obama administration toward non-controversial projects
City Council to Vote on Future of Portland Water - Jul 27, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Citizens and businesses called to testify for pure, clean and affordable water
Bush-Era Old-Growth Logging Plan Nixed by Obama Administration - Jul 16, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Conservationists see opportunity for more permanent protections
Klamath Restoration Delayed Again as Dam Removal Negotiators Fail to Meet Deadline - Jun 30, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild reacts to further delays, additional flaws in proposed settlement deal
Rep. DeFazio and Sen. Wyden Searching for “Treasure” With New Public Lands Bill - Jun 16, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Legislation taps Devil’s Staircase, Wild Rogue, Oregon Caves for protection
Will Oregon’s Roadless Forest Be Logged Despite Obama Directive - Jun 16, 2009 - Diamond Lake, Ore
Groups work to resolve Red Zone timber sale but roadless logging on doorstep of Crater Lake may move forward
Rep. Schrader Eyes Wild & Scenic Protection for Molalla River - Jun 10, 2009 - Canby, Ore
5th District Congressman takes first action on widely popular measure
Oregon Wild Summer 2009: Exploring New and Future Wilderness - Jun 08, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild kicks off the hiking season with over 20 hikes and outings
Conservation Groups Challenge Northern Rockies Wolf Delisting - Jun 02, 2009 - Missoula, Mont.
Oregon Wild joins with coalition to ensure sensible management of wolves
Outdoor Businesses Cheer Obama Roadless Announcement - May 28, 2009 - Portland, OR
Business leaders and conservation groups hail decision as a “critical first step”
Wolves Face New Threats as Federal Protections Stripped - May 04, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Plans to exterminate hundreds of wolves set to move forward, Oregon wolves at risk
Conservationists: New Wyden Forest Plan Falls Short - Apr 16, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Protection for some old-growth undermined by weakening of Northwest Forest Plan and science-based management
Biologists Investigate Possible Wolf Encounter - Apr 14, 2009 - La Grande, Ore
State Management Plan Ensures Fair Process
Clean Water Advocates, City to Host Public Meeting on Future of Portland Water - Apr 09, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Discussion centered on federal LT2 rule and threats to Bull Run system
Mount Hood Wilderness Protection Here at Long Last - Mar 25, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild celebrates decade of hard work, 202,000 acres of new Oregon Wilderness
New Oregon Wilderness Plan Sails Through Senate - Mar 19, 2009 - Portland
Senators again overwhelmingly approve protection for five Wilderness areas in Oregon, including Mount Hood.
Conservationists Ask Court to Block WOPR, Old-Growth Clear-Cutting - Mar 17, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Groups seek to overturn last minute Bush policy
Mount Hood Wilderness Protection Hits Snag in US House - Mar 11, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Despite overwhelming support, public lands bill that includes five Oregon Wilderness designations doesn’t pass House
Oregon Wild Press Statement on Gray Wolf Delisting - Mar 06, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery reacts to today's decision to pursue Bush delisting rule
Promise or Peril for Northwest Forests in Economic Stimulus Package? - Jan 27, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Regions forests could see increased restoration if funds are used wisely
Mount Hood Wilderness Protection among first bills to pass new Senate - Jan 15, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Legislation to protect the Mount Hood Wilderness passes biggest hurdle, moves to the House
Bush Administration Issues Parting Shot to Gray Wolves - Jan 14, 2009 - Portland, Ore
US Fish and Wildlife Service pushes forward with gray wolf delisting despite court ruling
Ninety Outdoor Businesses Call for Renewed Roadless Protections - Jan 12, 2009 - Portland, Ore
On roadless rule anniversary, recreation industry pushes to reverse harmful Bush policies, protect customers’ values
Mount Hood Wilderness Protection Gets Fast Tracked in New Congress - Jan 07, 2009 - Portland, Ore
Legislation to protect the Lewis and Clark Mount Hood Wilderness is introduced in the US Senate
Bush-led BLM Defies Public Opinion, Science, Oregon Governor, Approve Logging Plan - Dec 31, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Agency moves ahead with WOPR scheme that would clear-cut 100,000 acres of old growth
Oregon Wild Joins Chorus of Green Groups Backing Grijalva For Interior Secretary - Dec 08, 2008 - Portland, Ore
117 Groups Say AZ Congressman Is Right Person to Reform Troubled Agency
Conservation Groups Move to Rebuild Spotted Owl Population and Protect Old-Growth Forests - Nov 24, 2008 - Washignton, DC
Effort begun to reverse weak habitat protection and flawed recovery plan in Pacific Northwest
Bush Administration Unveils Another Risky Klamath Scheme - Nov 13, 2008 - Aracta, CA
Politics, not science, drives deal that could limit options for President-elect Obama
Bush Administration, Timber Industry Deal Challenged - Oct 29, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Conservationists ask judge to uphold law requiring public input on BLM logging plan
Oregon, Northern Rockies Wolves Officially Back on the ESA List - Oct 14, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Protections Back in Place as Wolves Continue Their Return to Oregon
Bush Administration Pushes Forward With Unpopular, Controversial Logging Plan - Oct 09, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Plan Targets Last Remaining Old Growth Forests in Oregon
Mount Hood One Step Closer to Protection with “Oregon Treasures” Hearing - Sep 11, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Pressure Mounts for Oregon Leaders to Seal the Deal for Mount Hood Wilderness
Gordon Smith Feeling Pressure to Support Popular Protections for Rogue River - Aug 07, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Oregon Wild Runs Radio Ads in Portland to Sway Senator
Oregon’s First Wolf Pack in 60 Years Discovered The Same Day Wolves Win in Court - Jul 22, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Breeding Pair and Pups Protected Under Federal ESA Thanks to Ruling
Link River Dam Shuts Down For Summer and Fall Months - Jul 17, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Temporary Halt in Hydroelectric Operations Comes After Deal Struck to Benefit Fish
Federal Protection On The Way For Oregon’s Old Growth Forests? - Jun 19, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Senator Wyden releases new old-growth protection and restoration proposal
Oregon Leaders Find ‘Treasure’ Along Wild Rogue River - Jun 18, 2008 - Portland
Earl Blumenauer, Ron Wyden and Peter DeFazio Introduce Legislation to Protect “Oregon Treasures,” Rogue River, Mount Hood and Oregon Caves
Conservationists, Timber Interests, Community Leaders Strike Landmark Agreement on Eastern Oregon Projects - May 22, 2008 - John Day, OR
Agreement Will Protect Roadless Wildlands and over 30,000 Acres of Old Growth and Allow Limited Post-fire (Salvage) Logging That Focuses on Hazard Trees near Existing Roads and Campgrounds
New Report Finds That Northwest Old-Growth Key In Global Warming Fight - May 16, 2008 - Portland, Ore
“Climate Control” Calls For Protection of Older Trees to Fulfill Carbon Storage Potential
“Ecological Wonder” Moves One Step Closer To Permanent Protection - May 07, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Unlikely Allies Join Together To Protect Soda Mountain In Southern Oregon
Twelve Conservation Groups Challenge Federal Wolf Delisting - Apr 28, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Dozens Of Wolves Killed In First Weeks Without Federal Protections
Copper Salmon Wilderness Plan Passes US House of Representatives - Apr 22, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Bill backed by widespread support from business community, government and conservation groups
Oregon Wild, PacifiCorp Reach Agreement on Link River Dam - Apr 17, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Conservation Group and Electric Utility See Benefit for Customers & Fish in Deal
Oregonians Invite Oklahoma Senator To See Mount Hood Up Close - Mar 20, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Business Owners, Conservationists and Elected Officials Join To Support Protections For Mt. Hood
Federal Protection On The Way For Northwest Old Growth? - Mar 13, 2008 - Washington, D.C.
Senate Hearing Highlights Values of Protecting and Restoring Old Growth Forests
Eleven Conservation Groups Challenge Federal Wolf Delisting - Feb 27, 2008 - Washington, D.C.
Groups from across the country file a 60 day notice of intent to sue the Bush administration over the decision to remove the Norther Rockies gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act.
Soda Mountain Wilderness Proposal Goes Before Senate Committee - Feb 27, 2008 - Washington, D.C.
Melting Pot of Biodiversity Moves Closer To Permanent Protection
A Wild Waldo Lake Gets Its Day In Court - Feb 25, 2008 - Eugene, Ore
Conservationists, Forest Service Back Protections For Pristine Lake
Conservationists See Step In Right Direction With Forest Restoration Bill - Feb 04, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Increased Funding For Restoration Needed; Must Come With Protections For Old Growth
Truce In the Woods Leads to National Award for Conservation Work - Jan 31, 2008 - Portland, Oregon
Two Chiefs' Award also a win for local communities and watersheds.
No Dam Deal In Klamath Settlement Talks - Jan 15, 2008 - Portland, Ore
Proposed Settlement Deal Lacks Guaranteed Dam Removal, Guaranteed Water For Fish
Wyden Senate Hearing Highlights Need For Restoration on Public Forestlands - Dec 13, 2007 - Washington, D.C.
Experts Say Old Growth Needs Protection; Conservation Based Thinning Is The Way Forward
Conservationists, Forest Service Agree on Eastern Oregon Timber Sales - Dec 12, 2007 - Eugene, Ore
Long term negotiations lead to settlement for Eastern Oregon timber sale. Oregon Wild pleased that old-growth trees spared.
NRC Reverses Course in Klamath, Says More Water Good For Fish - Nov 27, 2007 - Portland, Ore
National Academy of Sciences Panel Finds Increased Klamath River Flows Likely To Benefit Salmon
FERC Ignores Science on Klamath Dams - Nov 16, 2007 - Portland, Ore
Agency Tells Salmon To Hitch a Ride in the Back of a Truck
Klamath settlement talks long on promises, short on results - Nov 13, 2007 - Portland, Ore
Press Background
Bureau of Reclamation Proposes 10-Year Drought for Klamath’s Struggling Fish and Refuges - Oct 25, 2007 - Klamath Falls, OR
Too Little Water For Fish Once Again Jeopardizes Future Fisheries; Wildlife Refuges Still Starved for Water
Court of Appeals Prohibits Logging and Road-Building
Bill backed by widespread support from business community, government and conservation groups
Senator Smith, the Klamath Basin and Rural Oregon - Sep 06, 2007 - Portland, Ore
Conservationists Urge Senator to Base Decisions on Science, Not Politics
Conservation Groups Offer Reward for Killer of Endangered Oregon Wolf - Aug 16, 2007 - Portland, Ore
Illegal Killing of Wolves Is Major Obstacle to Recovery in Oregon; Shooting Highlights the Need for Continued Endangered Species Act Protection
Judge Upholds Endangered Species Protection for Wild Salmon - Aug 15, 2007 - Oregon
Developers and farm groups fail to convince judge that hatchery-bred salmon are legally identical to wild salmon.
BLM Set to Release Old-Growth Logging Plan - Aug 08, 2007 - Portland
"Western Oregon Plan Revisions" could put some of Oregon's last old-growth forests at risk.
Gov. Schwarzenegger Accuses Forest Service of Violating Roadless Commitments - Aug 03, 2007 - Sacramento, CA
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today sent the following letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns regarding the recent denial of appeals that the California Resources Agency submitted to the U.S. Forest Service in July 2006. The appeals were filed to protect roadless areas in four Southern California forests. Attached are letters exchanged between California Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman and two regional foresters between January 2005 and April 2006.
Bush Admin Uses Klamath Settlement Talks to Duck Responsibility - Jul 31, 2007 - Portland, OR
Conservationists call on Bush Administration to halt manipulation of dam settlement negotiations; urge Congress to act to restore balance to the troubled Klamath Basin
Mount Hood Wilderness Advances in US Senate - Jul 25, 2007 - Portland
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Acts on New Wilderness Protection for Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge
Judge refuses Wyoming Request to Scrap Roadless Rule - Jun 08, 2007 - Portland, OR
A federal court denies a request from the State of Wyoming
Businesses call for greater protection for the Wild Rogue - Jun 05, 2007 - Grants Pass, OR
A growing coalition supports Wilderness protection for Rogue River wildlands, opposes plans for old-growth logging
Senate and House Introduce Legislation to Protect National Forests - May 24, 2007 - Portland, OR
Oregon legislators co-sponsor bill that would protect 2 million acres in Oregon
Bush Administration Threatens to Derail Klamath Dam Talks - May 07, 2007 - Portland, OR
After Oregon conservation groups balk at trading wildlife refuges, Endangered Species Act changes, Bush administration and agribusiness interests start new group without them
Waldo Lake Protected from Noise and Pollution! - May 07, 2007 - Eugene, OR
Conservationists convince Forest Service to protect the pristine waters of Waldo Lake from gasoline motors.
US Senate Hears Testimony Supporting Mount Hood Wilderness Legislation - May 03, 2007 - Portland
Outdoor industry leader and conservation groups praise plan to protect Oregon icons, Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge
Bush administration sues to overturn roadless decision - Apr 09, 2007 - Portland, OR
Government to appeal judge’s ruling that Bush repeal of 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule was illegal
Federal Wolf De-listing Threatens Recovery in Oregon - Mar 07, 2007 - Portland
Bush administration plan to strip Endangered Species Act protection from gray wolves could kill recovery efforts, undercut years of work
New Mount Hood Wilderness Plan Unveiled in Senate - Feb 15, 2007 - Portland
Oregonians praise plan to preserve Oregon icons, Mount Hood and
International Global Warming Report Should Spur Action in Oregon - Feb 01, 2007 - Eugene, OR -
Press statement of Doug Heiken, Conservation and Restoration Coordinator of Oregon Wild
Counties Offer Flawed Proposal to Sell Off 1.2 Million Acres of America’s Public Lands - Dec 11, 2006 - Portland, OR
Oregon Wild opposes effort to tie widely supported county payments program to controversial old-growth logging initiative
BLM Old-Growth Logging Declared Illegal - Dec 04, 2006 - Medford, OR
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says the BLM ignored the impact of destroying old-growth habitat
Judge Orders Halt to Roadless Area Development - Nov 30, 2006 - Portland
In follow up ruling, Bush administration told to scrap plans to drill, mine, log, and build roads in pristine wild areas
US Forest Service May Close Hundreds of Campgrounds - Nov 27, 2006 - Portland, OR
Press statement of Steve Pedery, Conservation Director of Oregon Wild
Oregon Wild’s Erik Fernandez Wins Skidmore Prize - Nov 15, 2006 - Portland, OR
Award recognizes a decade of hard work to protect the wildlands and rivers around Mount Hood, and throughout Oregon
Senate Hearing Adds Momentum to Mt. Hood Wilderness - Sep 27, 2006 - Portland, OR
Senate Energy Committee holds hearing on Wilderness; witnesses praise Oregon plan to protect 128,400 acres of Wilderness, 81 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers
Habitat Protections for Threatened Marbled Murrelet Slashed: - Sep 12, 2006 - Portland, OR
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to reduce critical habitat by 94%
Conservationists Cheer Introduction of Senate Mt. Hood Wilderness Bill - Sep 07, 2006 - Portland, OR
Conservationists Cheer Introduction of Senate Mt. Hood Wilderness Bill

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