Alex Harris

phone: 503.283.6343 ext 203

Alex joined the team in December of 2016 to help defend Oregon's wild places as the Oregon Wild Public Lands Fellow. His work involves organizing against threats to public lands including logging projects, energy development proposals, climate change impacts, and legislative proposals to undermine public ownership.

Alex grew up in the beautiful Cascade Mountains outside of Ashland, Oregon, which inevitably engendered within him a deep passion for the natural world. He graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science and began his organizing work by helping build opposition to what would have been the west coast's first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal (Coos Bay). With the help of hundreds of amazing activists and landowners, Alex organized ​"​Hike the Pipe!​"​, a 5-week, 232-mile hike of resistance along the proposed route of the LNG pipeline, which helped community partners unite and defeat the project.

After ​Hike the Pipe!​ Alex moved to Portland ​and joined​​ the Sierra Club​ to fight against oil, coal, and gas proposals and​ mobilize resistance to​ the largest free trade agreement in history: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In his free time Alex enjoys playing the drums, biking around Portland, and hanging out with his nieces and nephews. Alex's partner, Rhiannon, is a farmer, food advocate, and ​aspiring naturalist​, and the two of them can commonly be found in their backyard gardening, in the backwoods hunting for mushrooms, or atop a nearby volcano.