Malheur Refuge Overlook #RefugeRally (photo by Jim Maloney)

#RefugeRally to Support Malheur and Public Lands

America’s public lands provide habitat for fish and wildlife, clean water, climate change mitigation, and places for our families to hike, camp, hunt, and fish. Unfortunately, the special places we love are under attack. The ongoing standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has emboldened those who wish to privatize America’s National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and other public lands. While those who are threatening violence at the Malheur are grabbing headlines, their backers are working in Congress and in state legislatures to dismantle America’s public lands system.

Join Us on Tuesday, January 19th at noon to Stand Up for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and National Public Lands!

We’re going to be rallying for the refuge across the state and beyond to express our appreciation for national public lands and their public servant caretakers. While we don’t always agree with the Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management, we do so respectfully and legally, not with guns and threats of violence. For more than a decade, conservationists, ranchers, Native Americans, and public land managers have worked together to restore the Malheur refuge.  Now we need your help to defend the progress that we’ve made, and the wildlife and wild places we all hold dear.

We care passionately about our public lands and natural heritage. Now is the time to stand up for them!

Events are listed below, with details and more events across the state currently being planned. If your community isn’t on the list, but you would like to organize something,let us know! We’ll try to put you in touch with others who are looking for speak up. However, due to the volatile situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, rally supporters are strongly discouraged from gathering in Harney County at this time.

Please see the cities below to RSVP and receive up-to-date event information, visit for updates, and follow the conversation using #RefugeRally.

While we are not able to organize rallies in every community, we would like to help others who want to take action. If you would like to organize your own rally supporting the Malheur refuge and public lands, or would like information from others in your community who might be organizing something, please fill out this survey.

PortlandTeddy Wants You (Design by Marielle Cowdin)

Holladay Park
NE 11th Ave, Portland
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Jan 18th sign making party hosted by Bark


Riverfront Plaza
Brooks St, Bend


Old Federal Building
211 E. 7th Ave, Eugene
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Jan 18th sign-making party hosted by Cascadia Wildlands


Salem State Capitol
Facebook event details


Rally to be held on public lands, February 1st, more information available on
To learn how you can take immediate action, contact: or call 541 488-5789

La Grande

Pro-Public Lands Potluck
105 Fir St Suite #327

Outside Oregon!

Boise, Idaho
Idaho State Capitol Building
700 W Jefferson St
(sidewalk below the south steps)

Seattle, Washington
Henry M Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Ave

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Thursday, Jan 21st at 2 PM

New Mexico State Capitol Building



Malheur NWR photo by Jim Maloney. Design and Teddy Wants You Poster by Marielle Cowdin.