Testify for Wolves in Klamath Falls

On April 21st in Klamath Falls, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will finally unveil their revisions to the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, the document which determines how wolves will be managed in the state for the next five years.  Unfortunately, the Fish and Wildlife Commission is considering making it easier to kill wolves.  It’s imperative that we make our voices heard loud and clear that Oregonians do not support allowing any members of the public to hunt or trap wolves. 

It’s not every day that the Commission has a hearing in Southern Oregon on the fate of wolves.  This is a unique opportunity to show the Commission and ODFW that not only do Oregonians from all over the state oppose any efforts to weaken protections, increase conflict, and deputize members of the public to hunt and trap wolves, but we are also willing to speak out about it!

In preparation for this event, we'll be having a meet-and-greet the night before to answer any questions you may have about the wolf plan, provide you tips on giving public testimony, and help you get to know fellow activists in the area. RSVP for more information.