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Support wolf recovery in Oregon

Ideas for writing a letter to support wolf recovery in Oregon

Oregon's wolf conservation plan requires the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to manage wolves with a goal of long term recovery. The plan sets extremely low recovery goals, and allows the state to kill wolves as an option of last resort. In the face of heavy-handed state-management, poachers, and a purposeful campaign of misinformation and fear, Oregon's fragile wolf recovery continues to struggle to gain a foothold.

A small group of vocal anti-wolf activists along with livestock industry lobbyists and their political allies continue to attack the already weak plan and undermine wildlife protections across the board.

Rather than stand with the majority of Oregonians who value native Wildlife by focusing on conservation, education, and recovery, ODFW has bent to political pressure. The agency has killed wolves and issued dozens more kill permits at the request of the livestock industry. 

Write a letter to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaer. Tell him that you support native wildlife and wolf recovery. Tell him to support full funding of ODFW's wolf recovery program and ensure the agency focuses on meaningful conservation - not killing.

Here are some ideas for your letter:

  • Wolves are just starting to return to Oregon. We need to give the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife the budget and direction to make sure they are back for good.
  • There is room in Oregon for wolves and humans. Make sure the state is dedicating resources to a broad-based wolf education campaign so Oregonians and wolves can coexist peacefully.
  • If anything Oregon's compromise wolf plan and weak wildlife protections should be strengthened. Encourage the legislature to resists attacks on the plan and wildlife recovery. Veto anti-wildlife legislation that makes it to your desk.
  • Ensure ODFW doesn't bend to political pressure by abandoning wolf recovery, research, and education any time anti-wolf activists succeed in making wolves the center of controversy or conflict.
  • Wolf recovery in Oregon is still largely dependent on healthy populations in neighboring states. Encourage those governors to fix their management plans to protect wolves.

Send you letters to:

Governor Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047

Call him at:


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