Crater Lake Wilderness Fact Sheet

Protecting an Oregon Icon
Oregon’s only National Park is threatened and needs Wilderness protection

Roadless Fact Sheet

Wildlife need wild places.
After years of conflict and uncertainty, it’s time to protect America’s most pristine backcountry.

Old Growth Fact Sheet

Protecting Mature and Old-Growth Forests
Maintaining the Legacy of the Pacific Northwest

Mining Fact Sheet

What's mined is yours
Protecting Oregon’s wildlands and waters by reforming the 1872 Mining Law

Klamath Refuges Fact Sheet

Lower Klamath and Tule Lake: for pelicans or potatoes?
As Lower Klamath Refuge turns 100, these public lands continue to face environmental challenges with valuable wetland habitat used for commercial agriculture.

Global Warming Fact Sheet

How Pacific Northwest Mature & Old-Growth Forests Can Help Fight Global Warming
Northwest Forests: Capturing Carbon from Roots to Tree Tops

Common Sense Vision Fact Sheet

Protecting & Restoring our Natural Heritage
Oregon’s legacy of unsustainable logging practices gives way to a promise for the future

Gray Wolf Fact Sheet

Support Wolf Recovery in Oregon
Wolves are on the brink in the West.


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