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Explore Wild Oregon

Oregon is blessed with some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in America. From the majestic silhouette of Mount Hood, to the rushing whitewater and wild salmon of the Rogue River, Oregon is truly a special place!

Oregon has been home to Indigenous people for time immemorial and is currently home to nine federally recognized tribes. We encourage those seeking to recreate and explore Oregon to learn more about Indigenous peoples and their relationship with the land, their history and their current efforts. Learn more here. 

Oregon Wild works to protect our state’s wildlands and helps Oregonians get outdoors to enjoy them. The people who get to know Oregon's wild places can do so much to help keep them pristine! 

Suggested hikes and outdoor adventures:

Our list of suggested trails includes hikes of a variety of difficulties, locations, and landscapes, and are connected to our campaigns to protect ancient forests, wild lands, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and wildlife habitats. Trail conditions are constantly changing, and are not necessarily kept up to date here.

Additional information about the many hikes in Oregon can be found by exploring the US Forest Service’s webpages and the Oregon Hikers Forum and Field Guide or by seeking out any number of guides at your local library or bookstore. We also offer suggested guides and resources here.

If you're specifically interested in hiking in Oregon's ancient and old-growth forests, be sure to check out our book Oregon's Ancient Forests: A hiking guide by Chandra LeGue. Another great resource old-growth trails in the Willamette National Forest can be found here

     Our ranking system:

Easy Little elevation gain (less than 500 feet), well maintained trails, under 4 miles in distance.
Moderate More elevation gain (up to 1000 feet), more difficult trails, between 4 and 8 miles in distance
Strenuous Significant elevation gain (over 1000 feet), over 8 miles in distance, or trail for experienced hikers only (not well maintained, steep, stream crossings, etc.)

*Looking for accessible options? Check out wheelchair accessible destinations in Oregon (pdf) from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, this resource for Portland area accessible trails, and Disabled Hikers. US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management also make note of accessible trails on their recreation websites.


Northwest Oregon | Coast and Coast Range | Central CascadesNortheast Oregon | Southwest Oregon | Southern Cascades | Central Oregon

Northwest Oregon

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Boulder Lake*

Easy Early summer - fall Ancient forests and a beautiful mountain lake Unprotected wild area we’re still working to protect, Boulder Creek proposed Wild & Scenic River, important climate forests
Crabtree Valley* Moderate late spring through fall Some of the largest trees in Oregon Headwaters of proposed Crabtree Creek Wild & Scenic River, old-growth forest we have worked to protect
Larch Mountain Strenuous late spring, summer, fall Old-growth, close to Portland Partially protected as Wilderness, in an area we have been working to protect for decades
Lost Lake* Easy spring, summer, fall Family friendly, great view of Mount Hood Headwaters of proposed Lake Branch Fork of Hood River Wild & Scenic River
Salmon River* Easy Year round Ancient forest along beautiful river Along Wild & Scenic Salmon River, important climate forests
Tamanawas Falls Easy spring, summer, fall Beautiful falls on the East-side of Mount Hood Part of the proposed Mt. Hood Wilderness expansions we have been working to protect for decades
Vista Ridge Strenuous July and August Scenic views of Mount Hood, amazing wildflowers in August Borders Mt. Hood Wilderness and unprotected but proposed wilderness area we have worked to defend

Northeast Oregon

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Black Lake

Easy July to October Short hike with great views of Van Patten Peak near Anthony Lakes ski area Sandwiched between the headwaters of 3 proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers, in large Twin Mountain roadless area
Blue Mountain Trail Moderate - Strenuous Late spring - fall, depending on section Oreogn's newest long-distance trail linking diverse ecosystems and landscapes Numerous proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers, unprotected wild lands, and climate forests at risk
Imnaha River-Blue Hole* Moderate Summer and fall Forest recovering from fire, rocky cliffs, and a view into the stunning blue river Along the Wild & Scenic Imnaha River, accessed via forested corridor we have worked to defend from logging
Maxwell Lake Strenuous Late July - October Rock meadows and open slopes to one of the few alpine lakes in the Wallowas that doesn't require an overnight trip Accessed via the Lostine Wild & Scenic River corridor that we worked to establish and now work to defend from logging
North Fork Umatilla* Moderate spring-fall A lush riverside hike in the Blue Mountains Within North Fork Umatilla Wilderness area, adjacent to proposed South Fork Umatilla Wild & Scenic River

Oregon Coast and Coast Range

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Alsea Falls Easy All year A scenic drive and easy walk to a waterfall, with options for nearby adventures South Fork Alsea River proposed Wild & Scenic River
Gwynn Creek Loop* Moderate All year Old-growth forest, ocean views, and a pleasant creek Stream proposed as Wild & Scenic River, important climate forests and endangered species habitat
John Dellenback Dunes Trail Easy - moderate All year Hike over shifting coastal sand dunes Nearby stream proposed for Wild & Scenic River protection, unique ecosystem we advocate to protect and restore
Kentucky Falls Trail* Moderate Most of year, access depends on snow Old growth hike to three large waterfalls Proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers, important climate forests
Mary's Peak* Moderate-Strenuous May-fall Wildflowers and potential views of both the Pacific Ocean and Cascade peaks Important climate forests
Central Cascades
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Brice Creek/Trestle Creek Falls* Easy - Moderate All year Towering trees, swimming holes, and a walk-behind waterfall Brice Creek proposed Wild & Scenic River, important climate forests
Clear Lake* Easy - moderate May-October Huge springs, lava crossings, and a beautiful old-growth forest of Douglas fir and mountain hemlock Headwaters of Wild & Scenic McKenzie River, important climate forests
Crabtree Valley* Moderate late spring through fall Some of the oldest trees in Oregon Headwaters of proposed Crabtree Creek Wild & Scenic River, old-growth forest we have worked to protect
Lookout Creek Strenuous June-August Wander up and down through towering forests and into cool, mossy groves Important climate forests
Middle Fork Willamette Trail* Moderate Spring to late fall Wind through an old-growth forest, some recovering from fire, past multiple gushing springs Proposed Upper Middle Fork WIllamette Wild & Scenic River, important climate forests
Mount June and Sawtooth Ridge Moderate June-July Magnificent old-growth forest, grassy meadows bursting with wildflowers and impressive rock bluffs Important climate forests
Three Pyramids* Moderate-Strenuous June-August Take in a spectacular old-growth forest, trailside and cliff-top wildflowers, alpine meadows, and stunning a mountaintop view Pyramid and South Pyramid Creeks proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers, unprotected roadless area, and important climate forests

Southern Cascades
*Check out additional hikes in and around Crater Lake National Park here.

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Brown Mountain* Strenuous late spring-fall Beautiful wildflowers, Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, and impressive lava flows South Fork Little Butte Creek proposed Wild & Scenic River, unprotected roadless area
Indigo Lake Easy mid summer-fall (depending on snow) Old growth trees, high mountain meadows and beautiful views of intense blue waters Within large unprotected roadless area along the headwater divide between the Middle Fork Willamette and North Umpqua Rivers (both proposed as Wild & Scenic Rivers)
Natural Bridge and Rogue Gorge* Easy - Moderate spring-fall The trail gently rolls along the wild and scenic Rogue River through lava basalt featuring scenic river and waterfall views Along the designated Wild & Scenic Rogue River, near proposed Union Creek Wild & Scenic River, and in an area we work to defend from logging
Twin Lakes Moderate Late June - October Old-growth forest, wildflower meadows, mountain views, and serene lakes all in one hike! Headwaters of proposed Twin Lakes Creek Wild & Scenic River, heart of large unprotected roadless area we work to defend from logging 







Southwest Oregon

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Collings Mountain Trail (Bigfoot Trap)* Moderate All year Views of the Siskiyou Crest and Applegate Lake, passing inactive Big Foot Trap as well as a number of mine adits Surrounded by proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers and unprotected roadless areas in need of protection
Grizzly Peak* Moderate late spring through fall Outstanding views of the Rogue Valley, the Cascades, and summertime wildflowers along the trail Part of the expanded Cascade Siskiyou National Monument we’re defending in court
Soda Mountain Strenuous spring through fall A biological jewel - diverse topography and plant life Part of Wilderness area and Cascade Siskiyou National Monument we worked to support and protect 
Oregon Redwoods Trail* Easy All year Some of the last remaining Coast Redwood trees in Oregon, accessible to the coast Headwaters of the proposed Moser Creek Wild & Scenic River, forest we worked to protect in our early days




Central Oregon

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Lookout Mountain* Strenuous Summer and fall Ancient forests, wildflowers, and a plateau with stunning views in the heart of the Ochoco Mountains Headwaters of proposed Brush and Canyon Creek Wild & Scenic Rivers, unprotected wild area we have been working to protect, important climate forests
Malheur River Trail* Moderate May to December Traverse steep canyon walls before dropping to scenic river banks of the Malheur Wild and Scenic River, lined with old growth pine, larch, and fir trees Malheur Wild & Scenic River
Mill Creek and Twin Pillars* Strenuous May-November Travel along (and occasionally ford) Mill Creek, passing douglas fir, ponderosa pines, snowberry, and bunchgrass along the way Protected Wilderness
Snowshoeing near Bend and central Oregon Varies December-April There are several options for exploring winter trails near Bend on snowshoes.  
Strawberry Lakes* Moderate late spring - early fall Beautiful lake, trout fishing, waterfalls, and rugged cliffs in the Strawberry Mountains Wilderness Protected Wilderness
Walton Lake Loop Easy May-October Walk around Walton Lake, enjoying old growth ponderosa pine and mountain meadows Ochoco Creek proposed Wild & Scenic River, working to protect forest from aggressive logging and reduced protections for large trees
Yamsay Mountain Strenuous July-November Pass through coniferous forest on the way to a summit that offers views from the Three Sisters to Mount Shasta Headwaters of proposed Buck Creek Wild & Scenic River, large roadless area we’ve been working to protect for decades







Mount Hood photo by Cheryl Hill.