Introducing Vik Anantha - Oregon Wild board president

Vik Anantha doing what he loves - summitting an Oregon peak.

My name is Vik Anantha and I am the new Board President of Oregon Wild. It’s an honor and privilege to serve Oregon Wild. In my day job, I am a health care IT executive, but volunteering with Oregon Wild lets me care about the health of the planet.

When I spoke at our 2015 Call of the Wild benefit celebration I asked how many of the attendees were born in Oregon.

Dozens of hands shot up as evidence that many of us have moved from somewhere else and made Oregon, our home. It could be from a neighboring state, like my wife Anne-Marie, or somewhere much further away like me.

Musings on Wilderness and wild-ness

By Marla Waters, Eugene Conservation & Outreach Intern

Protect Mount Hood and Crater Lake

Travel Oregon’s enchanting “Seven Wonders” campaign is revving up once again, serving to not only showcase our state’s natural wonders to tourists around the world, but also to remind Oregonians of the treasures we have in our own backyard.

Olallie Mountain

By Cheryl Hill

‘Wild’ journey reminds us what’s worth saving

“Wild,” a film about the emotional and physical journey of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, debuted in theaters last month. It’s an adaptation of the book by Portland author Cheryl Strayed, and in it Reese Witherspoon plays a young woman struggling with her personal baggage, both spiritual (grieving the passing of her beloved mother) and physical (the overburdened backpack she affectionately names “Monster”).

Senator Wyden, Resolve to Protect Oregon's Treasures!

Let’s make Senator Ron Wyden’s New Year’s resolution a good one: protect Oregon’s natural treasures!

Sen. Wyden has scheduled Willamette Valley town hall meetings in early January to answer questions and receive feedback from Oregonians (click here to find information on the town hall nearest you). With the most anti-environmental Congress in history waiting to be sworn in, there is no more important time to tell your Senator to stand up for Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waters!

Good on Hood

Oregon’s most iconic mountain and widely used Wilderness got some great news this last month!

You may recall hearing from us earlier this year that the Forest Service was proposing to log over the Vista Ridge trailhead. Not only did this plan endanger an area that is proposed Wilderness, but Vista Ridge is arguably the most scenic alpine trail on Mount Hood – especially when the wildflowers bloom in mid-August.

Crater Lake: Investing beyond the caldera

Crater Lake attracts millions of visitors from across the country who make the journey to gaze at its strikingly clear waters, marvel at Wizard Island, and be treated to spectacular views of the surrounding glacially capped volcanoes.

The Steens Mountain Wilderness: 14th Anniversary

Hiking along the Donner und Blitzen River.

Fourteen years ago today, the Steens Mountain Wilderness was signed into law by President Clinton.

We celebrate today’s anniversary because this historic act permanently protected 170,000 acres of pristine wildlands around the crown jewel of southeast Oregon, Steens Mountain. And while the designation of Oregon’s fourth largest Wilderness area was a feat unto itself, it’s especially noteworthy that grazing is banned on 100,000 of the wilderness - making it the first congressionally designated cow-free Wilderness in the country!

Wilderness 50th Celebration Week in Eugene, August 30 - September 7, 2014

Events and activities celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act are planned in Eugene during the week surrounding the September 3rd anniversary. From Wilderness hikes, a happy hour at Ninkasi, a Wilderness film screening, and a Celebration Open House at the Obsidians Lodge, the Wilderness 50th Celebration Week has something for all Wilderness lovers! (See full schedule and details below.)


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