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Klamath Conservation Partners

Background and information on the Klamath Conservation Partners, co-founded by Oregon Wild.

Icy Lower Klamath LakeWith conservation allies Water Watch of Oregon and the California based Northcoast Environmental Center, Oregon Wild founded the Klamath Conservation Partners in December 2009. Faced with the ongoing controversy and shortcomings in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) and partner, Klamath Hydro Settlement Agreement (KHSA), Oregon Wild and others have responded.  

Take Action!

The need for an alternative

Sadly, the Klamath "settlement," initiated under the Bush Administration, with it's $1 billion price tag and plan to prioritize agribusiness over habitat on two of the West's most valuable refuges, continues to linger.  So too does the PacifiCorp scheme to delay any action on dam removal (including any measurable improvements to the river's water quality) until after 2020.     

Blue Birds on Klamath Basin refugesWith support from regional and local organizations, the Klamath Conservation Partners have crafted an alternative vision for dam removal in the Klamath. Without doubt, these antiquated dams are in need of removal, but the Partners agree that it should not be at the cost of other basin resources, salmon, or wildlife.  

The Klamath Conservation Partners look forward to working together, and with legislators on alternatives to both the KBRA and KHSA.  Links below provide information on the Partner's Guidance Statement, our alternative dam removal legislation, the December 2009 press release, and more.

Supporting documents:

The Klamath Conservation Partners list & Guidance Statement

The Klamath Conservation Partners Press Release (December 2009)

The Klamath Facilities Removal Act 2010:  An alternative to the KHSA

Exits and off-ramps:  Why the KHSA will not result in dam removal

Overall objections to the KBRA & KHSA

Need a quick review?  Briefing memo by Oregon Wild & WaterWatch regarding our concerns with the KBRA & KHSA.

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