Hiking Crater Lake

Brown Mountain.jpg

Brown Mountain

Hike options from moderate to difficult intensity featuring wildflowers and lava flows.

9.3 miles shuttle hike, 820 feet elevation gain

Garfield Peak.jpg

Garfield Peak

Though fairly steep, this hike offers unbeatable views of Crater Lake, Wizard Island and the Phantom Ship.

3.4 miles round trip, 970 feet elevation gain

Grizzly Peak.jpg

Grizzly Peak

Outstanding views of the Rogue Valley and Cascade peaks.

5.2 miles round trip, 750 feet elevation gain

Indigo Lake.jpg

Indigo Lake

A quick and scenic hike that crescendos at the intensely blue waters of Indigo Lake and jagged Sawtooth Mountain.

3.8 miles round trip, 600 feet elevation gain

Mt. Bailey.jpg

Mt. Bailey

Features a crater, double summit and epic views of Cascade peaks.

5.4 miles round trip, 2330 feet elevation gain

Mt. Scott.jpg

Mt. Scott

As the highest point in Crater Lake National Park, this trail boasts unsurpassed views of the caldera and Cascade peaks.

5 miles round trip, 1200 feet elevation gain

Rogue Gorge.jpg

Natural Bridge & Rogue Gorge

A riverside hike featuring unique lava rock formations carved by the wild and scenic Rogue River.

Options for short leg stretch to 2.4 mile loop to 8 miles round trip, minimal elevation gain

Plaikni Falls.jpg

Plaikni Falls

This hidden gem is an easy and accessible trail in Crater Lake National Park that features old growth hemlock and a lush waterfall.

2.2 miles round trip, 135 feet elevation gain

Tenas Peak Photo.jpg

Tenas Peak

Great backpacking option for Pacific Crest trailers through red cedars and stunning views of Cascade peaks and Crater Lake peaks.

10.3 miles, 2,000 feet elevation gain


Toketee Falls

An easy trail offering glimpses of the North Umpqua River and a stunning view of an 80-foot waterfall.

1 mile round trip, 100 feet elevation gain

Rough Rider Falls.jpg

Upper Rogue Canyon and Rough Rider Falls

This trail features diverse fauna as it winds past two waterfalls.

4.5 miles shuttle, 400 feet elevation gain


Mt. Bailey by Peggy Day
Natural Bridge and Rogue Gorge, Garfield Peak, by Lindsay Warne
Upper Rogue River Canyon and Rough Rider Falls,
Brown Mountain by Wendell Wood
Indigo Lake by Jim Purscelley
Pelican Butte, Tenas Peak by Oregon Wild
Grizzly Peak by Forrest English
Mt. Scott by Robert Mutch
Plaikni Falls by Bill Sullivan