August Wildlife Update

Sea otters

Bringing Back Oregon's Native Wildlife

Many efforts are underway in Oregon to restore populations of previously extirpated species. Not only is it a chance to right historical wrongdoings, but in doing so, will help improve ecosystem health and resilience.

Enough is enough! Earlier this week, another collared wolf was poached (likely shot) in Eastern Oregon. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! Wolf poaching in our state is out of control, and considering that law enforcement only finds out about incidents involving collared wolves, one can imagine how many more are being illegally killed without our knowing. Though we will continue to do what we can to curtail poaching in Oregon, it is clear that we need law enforcement and decision-makers to come up with a new approach to combat this growing problem. 

It’s a real tragedy that poaching always seems to overshadow positive wolf news. Because there is exciting wolf news to share! Last month, ODFW released information about a new wolf family in Deschutes/Klamath counties. Check out this photo (captured by trail camera) of the adorable pups! Let’s hope these wolves are able to avoid bad actors looking to poach a wolf. 

You’ve heard from us about the Yurok Tribe’s effort to reintroduce California condors (prey-go-neesh) back to their ancestral lands in Northern California. We’re happy to report that as of August, all four of the condors (from the first batch) have been released back into the wild. What does that mean for Oregon? Given the release site’s proximity to Oregon, it’s only a matter of time before Oregonians could see free flying condors in our skies. For more information on how to identify a California condor (besides its sheer size), check out our newly created condor identification guide

Speaking of the (potential) return of native Oregon species, the US Fish and Wildlife Service recently released a feasibility study underscoring the very real possibility of reintroducing sea otters to Oregon’s coast. That’s incredibly exciting and helps organizations, like Oregon Wild, who are working to restore this important keystone species in Oregon.

At the Congressional level, Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) remains poised to pass the Senate - if we can get Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to schedule a vote. Nearly ⅓ of all species in America are at risk of extinction. Passing RAWA, which would invest $1.4 billion into wildlife conservation across the country, would be monumental in combating the extinction crisis and helping states recover their most vulnerable wildlife populations. It’s critical we get this legislation passed now!    


Major roads and highways remain a barrier for wildlife migrating or dispersing to different habitats around the state. This new project in Southern Oregon is sure to help wildlife get to ‘greener pastures’ safely. 

More wolves and beavers in the western US? Yes please!

New technology may provide important information about one of the oldest species on the planet! 

Tickets are on sale for Oregon Wild’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Call of the Wild! If you live near Portland or are planning to visit in mid-October, we hope to see you at the camp-inspired event on Friday, October 14th. Thanks for your support to help us keep Oregon wild. 

As mentioned above, the best thing you can do to help us pass Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is to call Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer and ask him to schedule a vote! His number is (202) 224-6542 and a simple, “I’m calling to urge you to pass Recovering America’s Wildlife Act”, will suffice!