"Climate Forest Friday" Hiking Series

Climate Hike Fridays - a man hikes through a mature forest with blue skies

We know that not only can Oregon’s forests be an important natural solution to the climate crisis, they are also some of the best places to hike and enjoy. 

Last Earth Day, President Biden issued an Executive Order calling on federal agencies to conserve mature and old-growth forests as a climate solution. This was a momentous step towards finally getting meaningful protections, but now it's up to us to ensure that this turns into real and lasting changes in how federal agencies manage  — and protect — older forests. To help forest advocates experience just what is at stake, we’re offering a series of Climate Forest Hikes this summer and fall to help you get out and enjoy some of these spectacular forests so you can help us advocate to protect them!

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All hikes are led by Oregon Wild’s Senior Conservation Advocate Chandra LeGue or Forests and Climate Campaigner Victoria Wingell. 

Friday, August 12 - Boulder Lake

Location: 1 hour 45 minutes from Portland in the Mt. Hood National Forest

Difficulty & Distance: Easy, 3 miles with 500 feet elevation gain

Boulder Lake lies on the southeast flank of Mount Hood, between two units of the Badger Creek Wilderness. A well-maintained half-mile trail through an old-growth forest takes you to the edge of the cliff-lined alpine lake. We’ll explore the forest and lake shore, and take a side trip to nearby Little Boulder Lake. 

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Friday, September 16 - Brice Creek

Location: 1 hour southeast of Eugene in the Umpqua National Forest

Difficulty & Distance: Moderate, 5 miles with up to 700 feet elevation gain

Brice Creek, easily accessible from Cottage Grove on the I-5 corridor, is a popular summer destination for those looking to swim in cold pools and bask on streamside rocks, but it’s also accessible year-round for forest, wildflower, mushroom, and waterfall lovers. The trail follows Brice Creek, proposed as a Wild & Scenic River in current legislation, through a mature and old-growth forest of Douglas-fir, bigleaf maple, western hemlock, and western redcedar, with a side-trail leading to Trestle Creek Falls.

Pre-registration is required for participation.

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Friday, October 7 - Salmon River Trail 

Location: 1 hour and 15 mins from Portland in the Mt. Hood National Forest. 

Distance & Difficulty: Easy-Moderate, 6 miles round trip with minimal elevation gain

The Salmon River is designated as a Wild & Scenic River, and it is also surrounded by the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, protected in 1984. The enchanting trail follows the river through massive Douglas-firs and redcedars, and a forest with all the classic and essential elements of an old-growth forest. This time of year, these healthy forest soils also sprout mushrooms and we’ll plan to learn about these fungi on the trip as well.

Pre-registration is required for participation. Led by Oregon Wild’s Forests and Climate Campaigner Victoria Wingell and Sean Jacobson with Sunrise PDX.

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