For Immediate Release

Another Wolf Discovered Poached in NE Oregon

January 11, 2022

This morning, the Oregon State Police announced a wolf was illegally killed in Wallowa, County Oregon. This poaching comes after the recent disclosure that 8 wolves were poisoned in adjoining Union County last year. Those incidents prompted the creation of a reward fund of over $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the poacher or poachers responsible.

“When poachers get away with breaking the law it only leads to more poaching and lawlessness,” said Danielle Moser of Oregon Wild. “This is not just a result of wolves prematurely losing their endangered species protections. Poachers have been emboldened by those who excuse and celebrate their criminal acts in bars, coffee shops, commission meetings, and across online forums for some hunting and ranching communities. Those organizations and individuals didn't pull the trigger, but they have created a climate where the criminal perpetrator who killed this Oregon wolf felt they could do so without consequences.”