Photo Walk: Exploring Oxbow Park

Fungus and moss in Oxbow Park

Join Oregon Wild and Pro Photo Supply for a photography walk in the ancient forests of Oxbow Park outside of Portland!

From layered forest canopy to river views, from mushrooms on the forest floor to draping moss, we’ll explore the colors and textures of nature at Oxbow Park in this workshop. After gathering for a short discussion about some of the most popular and widely used equipment for photographing this environment, and a brief lesson on the natural history of the area, we’ll set out for a walk that will lead participants through a shady ancient forest. Attendees will have a chance to photograph the river canyon from ground level, or from viewpoint after a short trek. Canon reps will be on hand to loan out and provide education on various Canon lenses and bodies, as well as join in with Pro Photo staff to provide feedback and discuss your images.

Registration is required and run through Pro Photo. Sign up here!