Sky Lakes Basin

Sky Lakes Basin

Sky Lakes Wilderness


Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 13 miles
Elevation Gain: 300 feet
Best Time to Go: Late Spring through September 

About This Hike

Sky Lakes Basin is split into two sections- Lower Sky Lakes Basin and Upper Sky Lakes Basin. Between the two sections there are approximately 14 lakes, and a 13-mile journey will allow you to see all of them. The majority of this trail is flat, with minimal elevation gain. Begin at Cold Springs Trailhead and hike for 2.8 miles into the lower section. From there you can turn back for a shorter hike, or continue on the Sky Lakes Trail for 2.6 additional miles to see more scenic lakes. 

How To Get There 

1. From Medford, take OR 62 northeast for 6 miles to OR 140.

2. Turn right onto OR 140 and follow it east toward Klamath Falls for 41 miles.

3. At milepost 41 go left on FR 3651, following the sign for Cold Spring Trailhead. Continue 10 miles up the gravel road to the Cold Spring Trailhead.