Timeline of Mount Hood Protections

History of previous Mount Hood protection efforts

1964 Mount Hood Wilderness designated
1978 Mount Hood Wilderness expanded
1984 Wilderness areas on the Mount Hood National Forest designated
1994 NW Forest Plan establishes administrative reserves
2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule goes into effect
2004-2009 Numerous versions of legislation and public meetings, bill passes April 2009 expanding Wilderness areas. 

Current campaign public process timeline:
2010 - Oregon Wild begins campaign to protect additional Wilderness around Mount Hood
2014 October 7 - Blumenauer hosts Oregon Wilderness Forum
2015 July 1 - Wyden hosts Natural Wonders tour listening session at Timberline Lodge
2019 March 18 - Wyden and Blumenauer - Future of Public Lands Forum at the Mazamas.
2019 August 5 - Blumenauer and Wyden - Stakeholder Forum at Timberline Lodge
2019 March/April  - Wyden and Blumenauer - Future of Public Lands comment period
2021 December 6 - Blumenauer and Wyden  - Mount Hood/Gorge public input comment period
2021 December: Blumenauer rolls out a strong conservation vision for legislation. 
2022 May - Blumenauer introduces legislation that omits most meaningful conservation

* This chronology is just an outline, there were many notable additional related steps beyond these dates (think NEPA, Clean Water Act, etc). 
** Not to be overlooked: every year during this time frame has seen vast amounts of logging on the forest. Over the decades there have been more 2,600 clearcuts on the Mount Hood National Forest. 

Anatoliy Fyodorov