For Immediate Release

Majority of Oregonians Support Wolf Protections

PORTLAND, Ore – Today, Oregon Wild released polling data confirming that a majority of Oregonians, both in urban and rural communities, continue to support recovery for gray wolves. Support for continued protections for gray wolves was polled at 66% across the state, with 60% support in rural Oregon.



“The return of wolves is clearly something that unites Oregonians who appreciate native wildlife and value the natural world,” said Oregon Wild Northeast Oregon Field Coordinator Rob Klavins. “With the public’s support, Oregon has implemented the most successful wolf recovery plan in the nation - a plan that prioritizes preventing conflict and has allowed the wolf population to grow. But it’s too soon to declare 'Mission Accomplished'. Wolves still need protection.”

Wolves are currently protected in Oregon by the state as an endangered species. While there are only 77 known adult gray wolves in Oregon, their population has reached a threshold where the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission will consider whether to maintain protections or delist them later this year.

“77 animals of any species across a landscape as vast as Oregon is not a recovered population,” said Oregon Wild Conservation Director Steve Pedery. “Fortunately, while a vocal minority attempts to undermine gray wolf recovery, Oregonians across the state recognize the importance of wolves returning home.”

This poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. A total of 625 registered Oregon voters were interviewed statewide by telephone.

Another poll, conducted by Tulchin Research and released today, shows broad support for elected officials who vote to uphold species conservation and other environmental safeguards. Conducted in June for Defenders of Wildlife and Earthjustice, this poll shows that 90 percent of Americans support upholding the Endangered Species Act and are more likely to vote for elected officials who defend it and other key environmental laws. Read more about this poll here.