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*A note on executive director (CEO) salary - copied from our annual IRS 990 form filing. Employee compensation, including executive compensation, is reviewed every year as part of the budgeting process. Executive compensation decisions coincide with the Executive Director’s performance review, which is led by the Board President with the participation and feedback from the full Board of Directors. Annual performance is one factor in considering executive and other employee pay. Alongside performance measures, the Board of Directors uses a comprehensive salary survey guide to inform executive pay. The Executive Director and board use this same salary survey to inform compensation decisions for all other employees. This survey is conducted by Training Resources for the Environmental Community and encompasses data from across the environmental/conservation sector in all of North America. The data is broken down by size of organization, region, and focus area. Oregon Wild strives to compensate employees, including the Executive Director, within the 25th percentile to 75th percentile range based on our size, budget, and location.