Stop the "Logging without Laws" bill!

Legislation moving through Congress would devastate Oregon Wilderness and environmental protections

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Lost Lake by Daniel Gomez

2017 Outdoor Photo Contest

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Protect the Marbled Murrelet!

Marbled Murrelets have been listed as a threatened species for two decades, but Oregon has no plan for their recovery. Urge wildlife officials to take action and protect these seabirds and their...

Say "No" to Corruption and Clearcuts

Demand an investigation of federal grant money that was intended for education, firefighting and other government services that was instead spent on pro-clearcutting propaganda and lobbying junkets.
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Hikes & Events

general event
Nov 29, 2017: Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at Edgefield (McMenamins) in Troutdale for the second in a series of educational public...
general event
Nov 30, 2017: Join us on Thursday, Nov. 30 at Bowe Theater at Hood River Valley High School for the conclusion of a series of...
Wild Wednesday
Dec 06, 2017: Oregon Wild, Territorial Vineyards, and Mountain Rose Herbs are hosting a happy hour for Oregon Wild supporters! What ...
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Oregon WildBlog

Nov 13, 2017 | Guest Writer
By Andy Kerr On January 16, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a proclamation to establish Pinnacles National Monument in California. TR’s successors Warren Harding, Calvin...
Trillium Lake by Joe Keller
Oct 27, 2017 | Guest Writer
A 'Wildlands' Winner By Joe Keller. At the start of the summer, I decided I wanted to explore and see more of what Oregon has to offer. After a daring (and unsuccessful) attempt...