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Legislation moving through Congress would devastate Oregon Wilderness and environmental protections

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Lost Lake by Daniel Gomez

2017 Outdoor Photo Contest

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Protect the Marbled Murrelet!

Marbled Murrelets have been listed as a threatened species for two decades, but Oregon has no plan for their recovery. Urge wildlife officials to take action and protect these seabirds and their...

Say "No" to Corruption and Clearcuts

Demand an investigation of federal grant money that was intended for education, firefighting and other government services that was instead spent on pro-clearcutting propaganda and lobbying junkets.
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Hikes & Events

benefit / fundraiser
Aug 01, 2017: Don't waste your apples - RECYCLE THEM! Bring Portland Cider your backyard apples to turn into a community cider for...
Hiking event
Oct 22, 2017: The Clear Lake Loop Trail hugs the edge of Clear Lake as it winds through old growth coniferous and deciduous forest....
Wild Wednesday
Oct 25, 2017: Join the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance & Plank Town Brewing to celebrate Oregon Wild's work to protect and defend the...
Wild Wednesday
Nov 01, 2017: Oregon Wild Ones Wednesday! The Heart Of Darkness Exploring and Defending The Ochoco Mountains of Oregon with guest...
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Oregon WildBlog

Oct 18, 2017 | Danielle Moser
Happy Wolf Awareness Week! Hopefully there are opportunities in your community to celebrate the role of wolves as a keystone, iconic species. If there aren’t any coordinated...
Oct 07, 2017 | Rob Klavins
Late Friday, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife issued additional kill orders for wolves. Oregon Wild put out an unequivocal statement, but it looks like we may have...