Wild Rogue Wilderness

Rogue River flows by

The Wild Rogue area is one of Oregon’s most pristine, scenic, and rugged landscapes. Located in Southern Oregon and nestled in the Siskiyou Mountain Range, the Wild Rogue area is home to the famous Rogue River. The area is one of the state’s premier recreational destinations, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year and contributing millions of dollars to the local economy. The Wild Rogue also provides important salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitat, providing the backbone for one of Oregon’s most important sport and commercial fisheries. Rogue River recreation accounts for 445 jobs and serves as an economic engine for a region that is transitioning into a more sustainable economy.

But the Wild Rogue is threatened.

Salmon on the Rogue

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had threatened to turn bulldozers and chainsaws loose in pristine old-growth forests in a portion of the Wild Rogue area called the Zane Grey Roadless Area. The BLM's reckless logging scheme, called the Kelsey-Whisky project, would have built new roads into the roadless area and clear-cut hundreds of acres of pristine wildlands. Fortunately we were successful in preventing this project from moving forward, for now.

That's why Oregon Wild is part of the Save the Wild Rogue Coalition, a diverse group of conservation organizations and recreation-based businesses working to a secure permanent protection for one of Oregon's wildest, most scenic, and most enjoyed landscapes.  We're proposing approximately 58,000 acres of new Wilderness areas. This map, created by Oregon Wild, shows the areas proposed for protection. 

Fortunately Congressman DeFazio and Senators Wyden and Merkley are working to protect the Wild Rogue multiple times over the past decade.  Take action below to thank them for their efforts thus far, and encourage them to do everything they can to protect the Wild Rogue. 

Take Action!

Please take a moment to urge your Congressional representatives to "Save the Wild Rogue."

Hiking along the Rogue


Photos (top to bottom): Rogue River flowing by (Greg Burke); salmon fishing on the Rogue (Ken Morrish); hiking the Rogue River Trail (Chandra LeGue).