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Mount Hood Wilderness - Unfinished Business

A proposal to protect Wilderness around Mount Hood.

Boulder LakeIn April of 2009 President Obama signed into law Wilderness protections for parts of Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. While this historic accomplishment was a huge victory for conservation and quiet recreation, several key areas didn't make it into the final plan. It is vitally important that places like Boulder Lake and Salmon River receive the protection they deserve as we address this unfinished business and establish a lasting legacy for Mount Hood.

Write a letter to Oregon elected leaders today and urge them to pass protections for these unprotected Mount Hood gems.

The proposal for Wilderness protection would enhance protections for the drinking water supply for the city of Sandy, Oregon. It would also protect key wildlife habitat in Boulder Pileated WoodpeckerLake and Salmon River. Protection for these areas was previously supported by the City of Sandy, Clackamas County, Hood River County, and Wasco County as well as others.

These pristine landscapes are important sources of clean drinking water and recreational opportunities for people, but they're also necessary for wildlife to thrive. As climate change shifts our weather patterns it will create habitat challenges for wildlife. Having these Wilderness reserves protected will provide resiliency and much needed habitat as key species adapt to a changing climate.

For more information contact:
Erik Fernandez
P: 503.283.6343 x202
E: ef( at )

Wendell at McCall Point

Photos (from top to bottom): Hikers enjoy the views at Boulder Lake (Erik Fernandez), a Pileated Woodpecker (Evie Bull), a hiker scales the peak at McCall Point (Larry Jones).

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